In the world of Gotham, they are the prototypical dynamic duo. David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee were the first celebrity guest panel on Saturday at Toronto ComiCon, and the pair got to be significantly more light-hearted then they’re allowed to be on their TV show. Mazouz gave a hearty “Hello. Toronto,” far from being the broody pre-Batman Bruce Wayne, as he and Pertwee dug in and answered questions about the show and offered a couple of hints about what’s to come as season three draws to a close.  (more…)

Alexander Siddig is about to add another nerdy franchise to his acting belt as he has been cast to play Ra’s Al Ghul in Gotham. Best known for his role as Julian Bashir on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and lately as Doran Martell on Game of Thrones, Siddig is a fantastic choice for Batman’s greatest enemy/frenemy that keeps coming back thanks to the Lazarus Pit. Check out the casting announcement below. (more…)


Cameron Monaghan, who plays Jerome Valeska in the Gotham series, just posted a photo of himself looking like a ‘certain someone’ on Twitter and the internet can’t stop talking about it. The actor shared an image of himself online looking eerily similar to the Joker, before the photo was deleted only a few hours later. The Joker has yet to appear officially in the series, though fans have been teased by the Joker-like mannerisms of Jerome throughout it, although in a bizarre twist, he was later supposedly killed off. However, his upcoming return to the show has been teased heavily too, but now the big question is: who exactly will he be returning as? (more…)

Could Jerome Still Be The Joker On ‘Gotham?’


One of the more memorable villains of Gotham was Jerome. He captured many of The Joker’s mannerisms and displayed psychosis very well on the show. The producers threw us a major curveball when they actually killed the character as he was made a sacrificial lamb for Theo Galavan’s rise to power. Jerome’s impact was made though as his psychosis seemed to infect people on many of its citizens. This led many people to believe that whoever the “real” Joker is, will be inspired by Jerome. However, with the release of the inmates from Indian Hill, we heard Jerome’s infectious laugh signifying that he is one of those who escaped and now at large.


Wait… Superheroes Don’t Work On TV?!?!

Jim Gordon

Pretty much on most network television channels (and some streaming) we have a superhero show. ABC Television has Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and previously had Agent Carter, shows tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Netflix has been churning out shows (and will continue ever six months going forward) like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders. Syfy is developing a superman spin-off titled Krypton. Freeform is developing a Cloak and Dagger show which will also be affiliated with the MCU. Hulu Prime is developing Runaways after the famous Marvel series. Of course, The CW has a superhero show on almost every night of the week with Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. Last but not least, Fox has Gotham based on characters from Batman and features many DC Comics characters.



Gotham will premiere next month to introduce the last few major villains that it has yet to roll out in the long years (decades?) prior to the Batman’s emergence in Gotham City. The Court of Owls will be a big part of season three, some form of Tweedledee and Tweedledum and Solomon Grundy will also appear, but as we wait for the two-parter featuring Mothman and KGBeast, we will have to make due with the next major reveal: the Mad Hatter. Fans have been teased at this characters arrival all summer, and now Fox is offering a first look at the character above. Whether or not this can double as a promo photo for Doctor Who is a question you’ll have to answer for yourself. (more…)

batman villains

One of the chief complaints that even fans of Gotham have about the show is the seeming desperation of its writers to cram in as many iconic Batman villains as possible. While we’ve seen certain villains work out rather exceptionally (Riddler and Penguin in particular), others have been less-than-stellar. Still, the need to keep bringing in more baddies is not something that will be subsiding anytime soon. In fact, according to producers of the show, we’ll be getting the chance to see at least three incredibly familiar faces as the show goes on – Harley, Killer Croc and Solomon Grundy. (more…)


Of course, you’ll recall that this time last year, when Fox was promoting season two of Gotham, it was billed as “Rise of the Villains”; for the third season, Fox might as well bill Gotham as “Monsters Unleashed!” In preparation for the season premiere next month, the network has announced the synopsis of the new season of the show, and if you like the Court of Owls, Poison Ivy, and freaky clones of beloved Gotham characters then you’ve got a lot to look forward to. So what will the Gotham City Police Department and Bounty Hunter Jim Gordon – yes, you read that right – be facing when season three kicks off? (more…)


In Gotham‘s two seasons so far, only a handful of Batman’s most famous bad guys have yet to receive a proper, convoluted origin story in the prequel series, but one of those villains is finally going to get the spotlight in the upcoming third season of the Fox series. In advance of San Diego Comic Con, in which Gotham will, as usual, be a participant, the show is announcing that they’ve found a Mad Hatter, the Lewis Carroll-inspired rogue that first appeared in Batman comics in the 1940s and has been one of the most constantly evolving of the Batman villains over the last seven decades. Now he’ll be played by a familiar face from The Walking Dead. (more…)