Green Arrow


After 18 episodes of teasing and speculation, tonight’s Arrow revealed finally the occupant of the grave we saw in the flash-forward in episode one. How soon does flash-forward become the present? But no matter how you feel about the character that met their creator tonight, you certainly can’t say that it wasn’t bold and impactful, nor was it any of the likely suspects that have been pondered about all year. It will be curious to see where the story will go from here, but one thing’s assuredly obvious, and that is the Arrow writers arranged the deck in such a way that everyone left at the end of the hour will be scared by its events. (more…)


This week’s episode of Arrow was fun. I know, you thought Central City was the fun one, and it’s interesting to evoke that line of Felicity’s from the last season of The Flash when both that episode, and this one, featured the same villain, Brie Larvan, AKA: The Bug Eyed Bandit. Either as a direct response to last week’s overwrought melodrama, or an unintentional response to the dour and dark reception of Batman V. Superman, Arrow delivered a “Die Hard with bees” that put the emphasis on the gang cracking wise, while dealing with this week’s threat with a zaniness that would make the S.T.A.R. Labs gang on Tuesday night say “Take it down a notch.” (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S4E16 – “Broken Hearts”


After a brief hiatus, Arrow was returned with a lesson that maybe if your show’s on a roll you shouldn’t yank it off the air for a month. Many of the winter episodes of Arrow showed a life and narrative flare that the series hasn’t seen since its season two heyday, in fact almost everything up to the silly and contrived reason for Oliver and Felicity’s break-up was pretty good. (Even the flashbacks!) But with the prospect of the unearned, and frankly torturous, prospect of watching the “Olicity” soap opera in full effect this week, all I can say is “Thank God for Cupid!” (more…)

Maybe just saying this is going to jinx the whole thing, but Arrow has been on a roll. After last week’s epic finale to the League of Assassins story arc, the show proved this week that by returning to the main plot of season four, and the villainy of H.I.V.E. and Damien Darhk, it lost none of the momentum its been building up over the last couple of entries. Even the unusually heavy does of relationship drama, not to mention the focus on Oliver’s mayoral campaign, didn’t dull the energy in what was, essentially, a set-up episode. (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S4E10 – “Blood Debts”

Since Arrow signed off for a month-and-a-half holiday hiatus, there’s been a persistent, dangling rumor that fans have been desperate to have addressed: can Thea make it work with her brother’s campaign manager Johnny Handsome? Of course, that’s not what has our interest. It’s that grave. That grave! The one that the Arrow writers are using to poke our spoiler-filled anxiety. Who is in that grave is a question we don’t get answered tonight, but we do find out who isn’t in the grave, and that’s progress because it’s the most frequently mentioned candidate for the coffin that we learn is alive and well in four months. (more…)


Ash Williams: Groovy S-Mart employee with a penchant for boomsticks and mad DIY prosthetics skills. Also, unlikely hero from the sky, fated to stop the Deadite invasion. Pretty much the spirit of the 80’s b-horror movie flick. Lobo: Space biker with a short fuse, and an anti-grav motorcycle. Hangs out with a school of space dolphins. Has fought Wolverine and made it to the second round. Functionally immortal, with the capacity to infinitely reproduce from each drop of his own spilt blood. Each of them is a smug anti-hero with an almost fanatical cult following among the most gung-ho nerds.

Once, they were separated by vast gulfs of time and space, each occupying his Universe of origin. That is, until Brian Rosenthal, the director behind the 2013 fan film Marvel Zombies VS Army Of Darkness thought otherwise. After  holding his own against zombie-Wolverine and narrowly escaping a super-zombie infested New York,  Ash Williams has broken into a brand new universe, also overwhelmed by the undead and filled to the brim with horror-themed cameos!

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S4E9 – “Dark Waters”

On the one hand, last night’s Arrow was a festival of cloying Christmas holiday episode cliches, on the the other hand though, it was one of the strongest entries in the fourth season of the show so far. Getting back to the Darhk main story of the season after last week’s diversion through the Legends of Tomorrow and Central City, the big bad Damien was put back on the front burner in a big way just in time for some end of the year mayhem. The end leaves us in a precarious spot, as the team behind Arrow shrewdly dangled the Grim Reaper’s scythe over the show, and the cast, for the whole hour. (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S4E7 – “Brotherhood”

“Even death’s not permanent anymore.” Famous last words in Star City these days. Sara Lance has come back from over a year in the ground, Ray Palmer didn’t die in an explosion but merely got shrunk, and now Andy Diggle has rejoined the land of the living. This week’s Arrow was another tale of resurrection, and offered further strange insights into the world that Damien Darhk’s arrival has ushered in. Although another back-from-the-dead tale should strain the credulity, especially in Arrow’s once grounded universe, this episode actually offered some interesting insight into the character of the man they call Dig. (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S4E6 – “Lost Souls”

This week’s episode of Arrow re-introduced two elements from season three that didn’t, to be generous, necessarily work. One is Ray Palmer and the other is Donna Smoak. The former is a necessary evil, a pre-arranged dangling thread that needs to be tied off before Legends of Tomorrow can begin at midseason. The latter, well, has some kind of fascination either because we’re supposed to enjoy the ironic genealogy of Felicity’s mother, or because Charlotte Ross looks good in a cocktail dress. It’s a pretty thin line. Ray and Donna took their places in the A and B plot of this week’s Arrow, the question is whether they would ruin the show’s still wobbly season four momentum? (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S4E5 – “Haunted”

Signs of the expanded universe created across Arrow and through to The Flash and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow is now seen in just about every episode of the show. In the first four episodes of the season there’s always been some reference or callback to past, present or future events in the DC Comic TV universe, but even at that, tonight’s Arrow was special. Although Constantine is gone, John Constantine and his portrayer Matt Ryan were not forgotten, and on this week’s Arrow, the master of magic and the dark arts helped Team Arrow solve a very serious supernatural problem with tremendous results. (more…)