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First of all, “Emerald Knights” is a thing, right? I mean, I remember reading that in a comic book at some point in reference to the dynamic duo of Green Arrow and Green Lantern. Or maybe it isn’t. But if you intend on re-using it, please credit me.

Anyway, the reason for all that preamble is that in discussion on who from the DC Comics universe might find their way into the TV world of Arrow in the upcoming second season, the man who would be Speedy, actor Colton Haynes, let slip a possible answer.

While talking to Flicks and the City, Haynes said, “There’s going to be some new characters, I’m sure you guys have read, that are going to be joining, some very very well known characters that have been in prior movies so I think it’s going to be exciting to see.

Prior movies,” he says. Who could he possibly mean? Batman? Superman? Jonah Hex? Naw, the safe money’s on Green Lantern’s Hal Jordan, who, in the comics anyway, is Oliver Queen’s BFF. So the question then becomes, how, if at all, will Arrow, a very realistic take on the Green Arrow, approach the whole thing with the Green Lantern ring and space aliens and the like? Maybe Hal Jordan will just be a cocky fighter pilot that likes the cut of Oliver’s jib, that is to say if it’s Hal Jordan at all.

Maybe we’ll get some more hints at the upcoming Arrow panel at Comic Con, in the meantime, let’s get the lowdown from Haynes himself in the full interview from Flicks and the City.

Source: Comic Book Movie


This is the part of the job I hate….

Why do I have to be the one to tell you all this? Why does it fall to me to crush your collective hopes and dreams? 🙁

So anyway, yeah–it’s official: Green Lantern screenwriter Michael Green will be rewriting original Blade Runner writer Hampton Fancher‘s screenplay for Blade Runner 2, or whatever the hell they’re gonna call the thrice-damned thing…

Do you ever get the feeling Hollywood is in the business of taking terrible ideas, and figuring out ways to make them worse? I mean like on purpose? Just to see if it’s possible?

Can YOU come up with a better explanation for this?

PS: I know my news articles are usually longer, but I don’t want to think about this any more than is ABSOLUTELY necessary 😛

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CinemaSins Bashes ‘Green Lantern’

green lantern

It’s time for another round of pissing all over movies, courtesy of the kids at CinemaSins.  This time around, a film that arguably deserves it, that 2011 Ryan Reynolds-starring pile of feces known as Green Lantern.  And though the video claims to be 6 minutes or less, it actually goes on for more than 7 (which is, in my opinion, still an hour or so too little for this flick).  Check it out below:


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.


Damon Lindelof has a knack for dividing fandom, think Lost or Prometheus, but he’s also got a reputation for being a fixer, like he did with the climax issues around the upcoming World War Z. Well, if Lindelof is so smart, why doesn’t he tells us how he get Justice League in front of the cameras finally? Well, the Hollywood Reporter put that question to the writer/producer during a recent round of press for Star Trek Into Darkness.

“The Justice League problem? I think a lot of that depends on Man of Steel,” Lindelof explains. “The Justice League problem is not a problem of, who is the bad guy that Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, Superman, whoever you decide to pit them against. The problem is: What’s the tone of that movie? They’ve been struggling with launching their own tone.

Tell us more Lindelof, and cite specific examples.

“The tone of Green Lantern is very different from the tone of The Dark Knight,” Lindelof says. “They clearly inhabit two entirely different worlds. You want to feel like someone is establishing a world where the Justice League can exist, maybe Man of Steel is that movie. If Man of Steel works, and it’s great, I think it starts to make sense where Paradise Island is in that world. Because that’s an entirely different world than the one [Dark Knight director] Christopher Nolan introduced.”

He’s right, but I don’t think anyone was ever looking at Nolan’s Bat-films as part of a shared universe situation. It can be done, obviously, but the studio needs to ask itself: do they want to create good films whether or not they fit into a larger schism, or push hard for Justice League not caring whether they’re producing anything of quality or not. Lately, it’s seemed that Warners has been eying the latter and not the former.

Before signing off, Lindelof did talk about another matter concerning Man of Steel, its PG-13 rating. Let’s let the man himself explain:

“It should be PG,” says Lindelof. “In the spirit of not throwing stones from the glass house in which one resides, the same should be said of Star Trek. The limitation between PG and PG-13, particularly as it pertains to violence — there’s no sex in Star Trek. There are a couple of ‘s-words,’ but only because we already knew we were going to get PG-13. They are easily excisable. I always loved that moment in ‘Temple of Doom’ when Indy says, ‘s—.’ Because that’s exactly what he would say. You don’t use it to be gratuitous, but it’s what a character would say in that moment. Donner’s Superman is a very adult movie. It doesn’t feel like it’s being whitewashed or watered down in any way. It feels real, cool, fun, escapist and upbeat. The larger thing for Man of Steel is like, ‘Yes, we all are consuming darker stories.’ Again, glass house. But it’s like, ‘Is there any way we can get the word dark in it?'”

What do you Bastards think of Lindelof’s comments? Feel free to disagree, I know how much love there is out there for the man.

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DC hasn’t made too many impressive entries into the super hero media wars as of yet.  Sure, there’s the Dark Knight trilogy and a successful television adaptation of Arrow, but that’s about it for now.  Man of Steel is coming out in just over a month, so we’ll see how that one does.  Despite the hit-and-miss nature of DC properties on both the big and small screens, the Chief Creative Officer over at DC, Geoff Johns is hopeful about the future.  In a recent interview with Collider, he had a few things to say on more than a few subjects.  Check out the highlights after the jump.



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On with the dump!

ABOVE: Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning -and he’s taking it out on everyone. Just one of many “Hulk smash everybody!” pieces from Darren Rawlings has the gamma powered beast taking his rage out on everyone he can get his hands on. Guess this is what happens when you’re “always angry”. [Lado Inverso]

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With a lot riding on the finished film, it should come as little surprise that Warner Bros doesn’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to the Justice League film? Still, is the studio willing to throw out the script and start again from scratch with just two-and-a-half years till the release date? Well the latest rumor de jour answers that question with a possible maybe.

Badass Digest is reporting from its sources that initial reaction to Will Beall‘s script was surprise. Surprise that it was so terrible. Credit Beall’s inexperience (he has one season on Castle and the script for Gangster Squad as his sole credits), or the pounding studio pressure and what’s sure to be unhelpful develop process for a film this big, and you might be able to see how this project’s gone off track. Indeed, those same sources are saying that the nature of the script is what’s keeping the film from signing a director, and considering the movie in question is Justice League, that fact is doubling surprising.

So what’s going to happen? Two options are apparent, option one: the studio can start again from scratch immediately and try to keep the film on target for a 2015 release date with a possible miss; or option two: it can push ahead with the current script, hopefully get a good re-write in the next couple of months and stay the course for 2015. I guess they could always call the whole thing off until they get their ducks in a row (or more of a row), but that depends on how stubborn Warners wants to be in making sure Marvel doesn’t stay too far ahead of them. I doubt they’ll want to let The Avengers 2 come and go without having their own super-team in the bullpen. But all this may also be predicated on the success of Man of Steel. If that flick tanks, all bets are off.

Beall’s script will have seen Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash team-up to protect the Earth against Darkseid. No word on what, if anything, of Beall’s draft will survive.

More news as it develops.

Source: /Film

Say Hello to Your Cinematic Justice League

That is, if we’re to believe this latest scoop from Latino Review, and I do. Their track record on these kinds of leaks speaks for itself. It’s going to be five core heroes: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, and Green Lantern – though not Jon Stewart who I picture above, but likely Hal Jordan. I know, I know, I was hoping we could avoid Ryan Reynolds, too, but he’s still a possibility.

Fans of other Leaguers, like Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman, there’s still a chance you’ll seem them on the big screen. But if they were to appear it’d be in a supporting or cameo role. With the villain likely to be a cosmic threat, I’d bet it was Martian Manhunter. Though, this Aquaman fangirl would love to see the King of Atlantis, I just don’t think it’ll happen this round. And Hawkman, yeah, sorry, there’s already three heroes here who can fly and two who can lay a hard punch, he’d be redundant.

Thank Hera they’ve included Wonder Woman. She may be the token woman of the team, but it’s something. Plus there’s the Wonder Woman and Flash scripts floating around making them good candidates behind Supes and Bats – ’cause you knew they’d be on the team – and Green Lantern, who already had a movie.

What do you think of the lineup? It’s pretty traditional, no real shockers here. I wonder how they’ll stack up against The Avengers? That sequel is releasing in 2015 and it’s expected so will this Justice League movie. And well, before then we’ve got Man of Steel. Were that movie to flop you can kiss this Justice League movie goodbye.

Source: /Film

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Above: Leather-clad woman pays tribute to Peter Gabriel song. [Comic Book Movie]

Whether you want to cosplay as the Batman/Bane amalgamation known as “Batbane” or add some panache to your gimp costume, this latex face covering is the one for you.

Designed by crafty Etsy user Ministry of Masks, this mask can be yours for $163. Warning: This will not treat your sleep apnea. [Fashionably Geek]

A woman painted her preg-bell-bell to look like a Pokeball and then birthed a Pikachu (not a real one, that would be horrifying). Three cheers for starting the geekization process early. [Geekologie]

You’re not tired of Star Wars yet are you? Too bad. Here’s a Disneyfied musical diddy/training montage with a musical Yoda and Luke from the Clarkson Twins via Obvious Winner

And now your daily Brony Ponygasm: Lord of the Rings Pony Style via Geeks are Sexy

Remember when the most annoying side effect of our descent into techno-reliance was douchebags who text-walked into you and bluetooth users who look like Rhythm Nation tour castoffs that were indistinguishable from twitchy sidewalk Jesus talkers? We’re goona file that under “Good Old Days” because “Augmented Reality” is the Philip K. Dickian phrase that keeps popping up and Google — the masters of giving us things we aren’t looking for —  decided that we need to pretend that we’re walking through a World of Warcraft-like MMORPG with the aid of our Android phone.

The game is called Ingress, the trailer is above, and there is no word if you will one day be able to use it with your Google Internet Glasses, though I personally can’t imagine that that won’t be a thing and that we won’t have to deal with people running into traffic chasing after a fleeing pedestrian that may also be a necromancer or a mystical troll. Ah well, natural selection. No word on a release date but I didn’t really try hard to find one. Via Geekologie

Oh SNL, why must you suck so hard in-between the bi-monthly Stefon bits? On Saturday, the Governor of my state (Chris Christie) embarrassed himself, but not nearly as much as Jeremy Renner, who let himself star in a sketch lampooning The Avengers. Yes, Hawkeye’s quiver was empty and his worthlessness was even more pronounced in a sketch that seemed like an excuse to trot out a Hulk costume that seemed to have claws (are we reusing a giant alligator costume from the Farley era?) and the remnants of the Party City post-Halloween clearance bin.

Is this the best that the SNL writers can do? Does SNL even have writers anymore? I saw the sin against humanity that was “The Californians”, so I’m not entirely sure. Also, Keenan Thompson is awful on SNL, isn’t it time that we give Kel Mitchel a shot?

Via Nerd Approved

Alright, enough shenanigans. The way this works is, I’m supposed to tell you about some nerdy clothes to put on your body and then I’m supposed to seamlessly glide into a whorish bit of self-promotion for our tee shirts, so above is a Joker sorta-snuggie from SuperHeroStuff. Does the design make Snuggies and pseudo-Snuggies slightly less sad? Maybe a little.

Alright, onto a group of tee shirts I would buy if these companies ever respected the style tendencies of bitch-tit havers who like their KFC. In order they are: the shirt I want to be buried in (many years from now), the Dinosaur I want to kill, stuff, and put in my Batcave, and an old school Green Lantern tee, cause I’m an OG.

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Every day the internet produces an astounding amount of goodies and gems. Most hilarious, some amusing, but all worth at least a few seconds of your time. We here at Nerd Bastards try to bring you the best bits of news and nerdery the webz has to offer, with a bit of snark thrown in. But sometimes not everything makes the cut. Monday through Friday we’ll be bringing you our inbox leftovers, our forgotten bookmarks, the nerdy bits that simply slipped through the cracks. You can submit items to Nerdy Bits by emailing us at

ABOVE: Le sexy Wolverine costume that’s all paint! ” Hey bub, my eyes are up here” [Geek x Girls]