LOTR News – Legofied Character Posters and Police Called for Hobbit Control

- 01-31-12Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

How many Hobbits does it take to hobble the City of Wellington in New Zealand? No joke, it’s actually about 3,000.

Yes sir, an open casting call for Hobbit extras in Peter Jackson’s still shooting Hobbit prequels brought in over 3,000 people, which, According to the Guardian, was about 1,800 more people than the production company and casting agents were expecting. The police then came out and shut the casting call down, citing issues of motorway safety and probably too damn many people walking around without shoes on. Instead, the Hobbit team says that they will find their Shire-folk online, and thus avoid any further potential mob scenes. And for the record, the total population of Wellington is 393,000 people, so 1 in every 131 Wellingtoners came out for the casting call. No wonder the police were called, it was literally like half the city was shut down. (Source: Blastr)

In other Lord of the Rings related news, new posters for LOTR Lego sets have hit the web today, and if they look familiar, it’s for a very good reason. You can click through each of the various posters, and see the bigger version. (Source: Geek Tyrant)