First Look at Jonathan Nolan’s ‘Westworld’ for HBO


Jonathan Nolan may be better known for penning screenplays like The Dark Knight, The Prestige and Interstellar, but he’s been doing damn fine work on TV too as the creator and showrunner for Person of Interest. A series monstrously overlooked, likely because it’s on CBS (where the dishonored go when they die), POI deal serious with issues involving privacy, the surveillance state and artificial intelligence in ways that big screen movies like Transcendence and Chappie only wish they could. Well, Nolan’s getting a broader pallet to explore these issues in a new series called Westworld for HBO. The show’s been delayed until 2016, but San Diego Comic Con gave us a good, long initial look at the show. (more…)


Season five of Game of Thrones has come and gone leaving behind a host of revelations, plot twists but mostly bodies in its wake. Where were you when Tyrion met face to face with Daenarys, when Ramsay and Sansa were wed, or when Hardhome fell to the forces of evil? Lets talk shop about last night’s finale, and reflect on season five overall. This post is so spoilery it’s not even funny. Valar spoilghulus! (more…)


The ninth episode of Game of Thrones season five goes there. It goes there so hard that it eclipses almost every other atrocity thus far. This show might just be about how brutal Weiss and Benioff can be to the HBO audience, but rumor has it that it was actually G.R.R. Martin himself that sealed the fate of this latest victim in a long line of screaming-at-your-TV-moments. There is nothing but spoilers after the jump, so please unless you have seen the episode, and for a more in depth discussion have read the books, click wisely.   (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Game of Thrones’ – S5E7 – “The Gift”


The seventh episode of Game of Thrones season five is so obvious it hurts. Its called The Gift and it’s about gifts. (In Oprah voice) – everyone get a gift! Sam Tarley, Ramsay Bolton, Stannis Baratheon, hell even Daenarys Targaryen! They say its better to give than to receive, but in Westeros that depends on who you ask. Spoilers after the (shark) jump! (more…)


Sunday night HBO aired the Game of Thrones episode titled “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” to a wash of controversy on the continued violence against women in the show. The audience is taken down a dark path as Sansa experiences first hand the disgusting truth about Ramsay and the depravity of House Bolton. With a history of problematic depictions of incest, rape and infanticide (to name a few), has your favorite television program finally gone too far?  Major spoilers, and possible trigger warnings for sexual assault after the jump. Keep it classy internet, these are tough times in Westeros.   (more…)


The sixth episode of Game of Thrones season five takes the viewer on a wild ride across Braavos, Dorne, Volantis, Kings Landing and Winterfell – there is literally action in every corner of the known world! Arya begins to learn how the game is played, Tyrion Lannister starts to bond with his captor Jorah Mormont, Dorne explodes with competing attempts to capture Princess Marcella, and the Faith has all but put House Tyrell in checkmate thanks in no small part to the Queen Mother. Oh, and then there’s Sansa (face palm, shakes head) – tons of horrible shit after the jump. (more…)


The fifth episode of Game of Thrones season five is a bittersweet departure for longtime fans of the show that have been resting on their Song of Ice and Fire book knowledge. All of sudden everyone who saw the Red Wedding coming two seasons ahead are finding themselves actually surprised! This of course makes those same viewers realize just how much this show is all about set-up, and payoff. In this episode we see Daenarys Targaryen dole out justice to Yezzan and the Yunkish noble houses, Jon Snow make some surprising decisions regarding his wildling prisoners, and Tyrion Lannister realize just how far away from home he is. Major spoilers and fan theories after the jump! (more…)


The fourth episode of Game of Thrones season five is like a pressure cooker of budding conflicts across the map. Kings Landing is knee deep in political warfare as Cersei stacks her house of cards, Stanis Baratheon’s armies prepare to march against Winterfell, and the Dornish plot a war to avenge the death of their beloved Red Viper. Meereen is facing a threat from within, yet somehow Khalessi finds time to give a riveting interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Want to know what her favorite food is? Major spoilers after the jump! (more…)

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The third episode of Game of Thrones season five wrestles with complex notions of religion, power, spirituality, virtue, and service. The titular plot is the introduction of the High Sparrow (also the name of this week’s episode), whose story is about returning the Faith of the Seven to a devout and holy state in King’s Landing, and bringing penance to the sinners of the Seven Kingdoms. If all this is true, why the hell would Twin of The Year Winner Cersei Lannister align with them? Forget Bruce Jenner, someone tell Diane Sawyer to interview Cersei! (more…)


The second episode of Game of Thrones season five picks up some familiar story lines from last year, most notably Arya Stark’s journey across the narrow sea to the House of Black & White (also the title for this week’s episode). Thematically it sets the tone for the entire episode, presenting characters throughout the story with seemingly dichotomous plot options – do you take one path or another? By virtue of this storytelling device, it also highlights the road often travelled in our favorite HBO program, the morally ambiguous grey path where incest, feticide, and most other concepts of right and wrong are so often blurred and thrown out the window. Oh G.R.R. Martin, what exactly happened to you as a child? (more…)