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Buckle up folks, this Internet Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice roller-coaster of speculation and rumor is just beginning to climb that first big hill. We certainly haven’t gotten to the twistiest turns yet, and just wait until the whole thing turns upside down while doing corkscrew turns. This time around it’s not about what additional hero might show up, it’s all about the biggest, baddest, that Killer-from-Krypton, the one, the only, Doomsday. (more…)

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As the production for Zack Snyder’s follow up to Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, trudges on, we watch the Internet for any and all hints of what the movie is looking like. We’ve already seen Ben Affleck all costumed up as Batman, but other than that there’s not much to look at. Now, as if to tempt fans without giving us anything really spectacular, Henry Cavill has released a sneak peek of himself dressed up as Clark Kent. Scroll on to check it out. (more…)


Once more into the breach dear friends, once more! That’s right, we’ve got more Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice rumors that run the gambit from Wonder Woman’s costume, to the Bat Cave and all those wonderful Bat-Goodies Batman uses finally ending with Lex Luther’s motivation for the movie. Potential spoilers ahead, click-through at your own risk! (more…)


We’ve all seen the Batfleck and Batmobile picture from Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Batman VS Superman production released just about everywhere the last couple of days. Details are hard to pick out in that picture and we’ve seen some great Photoshopped examples adding color and light, not to mention all those funny Sad-Batman memes, but many people wondered how much was suit and how much was Ben Affleck. Now we’ve got some pictures of how Affleck’s training for the role is going and a nice “In the Shop” picture of the new Batmobile. (more…)

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I know. Marvel’s kicking DC’s @$$, Warners is grapsing desperately to catch up, Zack Snyder is a hollow, talentless hack; all the talking points for why Man of Steel 2 (AKA: Batman Vs Superman) will be handing its lunch money to Captain America 3 on May 6, 2016. But let’s put all that aside for the moment and talk about expectations. Not yours or mine, but the director’s. Snyder is talking about his own ideas, how he struck upon the notion that led to the movie known to all Batman Vs Superman, and he’s also talking about those initial screen tests for the costumes on the holy trinity: Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. (Sadly, the above image is as close as you’ll get to seeing it for yourself… For nooooooowwwwwwww…) (more…)


To be fair, screenwriter David S. Goyer didn’t call you a chump, but he kind of implied it. In an interview with the Associated Press, Goyer says that fans would be “surprised” just how far ahead in the game that he and Zack Snyder are in the production of the Man of Steel sequel Batman vs Superman, and by the way, he isn’t really thinking about what you want to see in the film.

Now one would think that Goyer, who’s been involved in comic-based movie projects since he co-scripted the David Hasselhoff Nick Fury TV movie in the 90s, would know better than to say something so incendiary about fans, like implying that he’s more creative then they are, but… Well, let’s just go to the videotape:

From a fan point of view, we’re conscious of that when you’re working on these things, but you can’t let yourself be paralyzed by that. At the end of the day you still have to create something. And if you try and think, ‘Well what would the fans like’ then you stop being creative. It’s sort of like where does it end? You have to write the story that you want to write, and hope that people want to see it.

To be fair, Goyer has a point, opinions are like @$$holes after all, and you eventually just have to go with your gut. Goyer would later add though that in the case of Batman vs Superman, anyone hoping to have influence in how the film is developed maybe disappointed:

One of the things that has been fun for us, is we’re a bit a further a long than what I think people realize.

How far along? Well, /Film recently posted a story about a casting call for a crowd scene in France to be shot on October 18. Of course, since stars Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are currently busy with other projects, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Gone Girl respectively, chances are they won’t be suiting up for a mid-October start date. The more likely scenario is early 2014.

As for the film itself, and the potential outcome that the central conflict of the film that the title implies, Goyer has some thoughts about that too:

Most comic book purists would say Batman because he is the ultimate strategist. Even though it makes no sense whatsoever. If Superman just flicked his finger Batman would be done for.

There. That shouldn’t cause too much controversy.

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Source: /Film