New Trailer for NBC’s Redux of ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Reveals a Barren Womb of Creativity

- 04-16-14TV Posted by Jacob Knight


Oh fuck off.

I’m sorry. It’s early (for me at least), I’m grumpy and Roman Polanski still stands as one of my all-time favorite filmmakers. He was an artist who could wring a moment for all of the dread and paranoia it was worth; a consummate cinematic purveyor of disquiet and angst. Now, in their infinite wisdom, some NBC Executives have decided that they should remake his seminal 1968 masterpiece into a two-part miniseries event! Starring Zoe Salanda (Avatar) and some bland white actor who isn’t the great John Cassavetes (Google tells me he’s Patrick J. Adams from Suits?)! Today we get a quick look at the redux, which promises a very polished and sanitized version of the icky weirdness Polanski perfected over thirty-five years ago.


Trailer For ‘The Purge 2: Binge & Purge’ Seems to Feature Actual Purging

- 03-28-14Film Posted by Jacob Knight


I apologize for the bulimia joke in that headline. I am a bad person.

The first Purge movie didn’t actually feature any of the “chaos in the streets” its premise promised, which was my main complaint with the movie as a whole. Other than that, I kind of enjoyed the Ethan Hawke centered home invasion tale, even if I couldn’t figure out why, if all crime is legal for twelve hours, his family’s attackers still felt the need to wear masks (answer: apparently producer Michael Bay thought they’d “look cool”). Thankfully, the second installment in this new franchise seems to be doing away with the single setting and is throwing none other than Frank Grillo (who can also be seen kicking ass and taking names as Crossbones in Captain America: The Winter Solider next week) out into this desolate landscape on a vengeful mission.


‘Phantasm V’ is Real (And There’s Even a Poster to Prove It!)

- 03-25-14Film Posted by Jacob Knight


Horror fans have been waiting YEARS for Don Coscarelli to finally put together the fifth Phantasm film, and now Quint over at AICN is claiming that it’s not only happening, there’s already a teaser poster for the surrealist terror picture that’s “100% legit”.


Coulrophobics Beware: American Horror Story’s Fourth Season to Be Set at a Carnival

- 03-17-14TV Posted by Jacob Knight


Ryan Murphy continues to atone for the sins of Glee, as its been confirmed by series writer Douglas Petrie that the fourth season of his horror anthology series will be set at a carnival.


Because You Demanded It (?) ‘Saw 8′ in Active Development

- 11-05-13Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

SAW 5 Photo: Steve Wilkie

And you thought they had tied everything up in a neat little package. Shoot, they even paid Cary Elwes enough to come back for a couple of days of work. Regardless though of what you may have thought, sources say that Lionsgate is looking to get back into the Jigsaw Killer business by putting an eighth Saw movie into active development. (more…)

The BastardCast vs The Night of the Living Podcast 2: The Outhouse of Horrors Halloween Special

- 10-31-13Featured, Nerd Culture Posted by Team Bastard


Is there anything scarier then five bloggers talking about scary movies and nugget covered candy apples? Of course there isn’t.

Welcome to The BastardCast Halloween Outhouse of Horrors episode!

On the show we’ve got Brad McHargue from Dread Central, Chris Cummins from Topless Robot/Geekadelphia/, Matthew Jackson from Blastr, and your hosts, Jeremy R! Hudson and Jason Tabrys! (more…)

‘Trick ‘r Treat 2′ On the Way

- 10-29-13Film Posted by Jason Tabrys

trick r' treat

It seems as though horror movies usually have too easy a time getting their sequels greenlit with studios running fresh concepts down through the soil and past the root in pursuit of the all-mighty dollar. Look at Saw, Paranormal Activity, and others for examples of that, but for Trick R’ Treat, nothing has ever been easy.

Bruce Campbell Says Yes to ‘Army of Darkness 2′, But Should We Remain Skeptical?

- 10-20-13Film Posted by Jason Tabrys


Apparently, in real life, the boomstick is his mouth.

Bruce Campbell took to the stage at the Wizard World Nashville Comic Con on Friday, answering a direct fan question about the possibility of an Army of Darkness sequel, prompting the 55 year old big-chinned cult icon to say…


A Breaking Bad Podcast/ Horror Radio Play

- 09-11-13Featured, TV Posted by Jason Tabrys


What you are about to listen to is not for the faint of heart. Discovered by Park Rangers outside a blood smeared cabin, this podcast is an account of a heinous BREAKING BAD podcast, recorded by three friends who did not make it out alive.

On the show, they discuss the latest episode, Todd’s messed up face, whether the flash-forwards were a mistake, common uses for cow brains, Martin Lawrence movies, and the desert stand-off between Jesse, Walt, Hank, Gomez, and a barrel full of badass biker dudes.

Throughout the recording, there are strange occurrences that may be troubling, so discretion is advised. As for the ending, well… while we have our foul, blood curdling theories, we don’t actually know what happened, as this recording is the only thing that survived the latest episode of HEISENBERG’S PLAYHOUSE.

Listen and share… if you dare.

Courtesy of RadioBastard and Screen Invasion

‘The Exorcist’ Could Soon Possess Your TV Screens

- 08-08-13Film, TV Posted by James Daniels


There’s a new fad in the horror genre: The “Novel Turned Film Turned TV Show”.

First Robert Bloch’s novel Psycho became Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Psycho, and is now A&E’s series Bates Motel.

Then Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter books were made into a vaguely connected series of films–about half of which were quite good. The first novel, Red Dragon, was adapted into two films: Michael Mann’s Manhunter, and Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon–and is now the basis for NBC’s new cult series Hannibal.

And it seems likely that William Peter Blatty‘s brilliant novel The Exorcist–which became William Friedkin‘s groundbreaking film The Exorcist, will now become somebody’s TV series The Exorcist.

The project is still looking for a network to call home. Little else is known except that Fantastic Four reboot scribe Jeremy Slater will be working on it, and Roy Lee of Bates Motel is attached to executive produce.

Source: Coming Soon