Hugh Jackman

Well, this is it – Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine. He’s played the character in nine movies starting with 2000’s X-Men. It is in this, his last hurrah, that blows them all away. Logan is a powerful, contemplative film that perfectly ends Jackman’s run with the character. It’s a family drama, an action thriller, and the boldest, if not most affecting superhero flick in years.

Here are 5 reasons why Logan will be remembered fondly.



From the first, ultra-violent, gory confrontation between a drunk, alcoholic Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett (Hugh Jackman) and three of the unluckiest gangbangers ever put on film, Logan, Jackman’s second collaboration with writer-director James Mangold (The Wolverine, 3:10 to Yuma, Night & Day, Cop Land) and reportedly his last time out as the title character, announces itself as a new, different superhero movie and not just because it’s R-rated (we saw plenty of ultra-violence last February with Deadpool) but because Mangold, his screenwriting partner, Scott Frank (The Lookout, The Interpreter, Minority Report, Out of Sight, Get Shorty), and Jackman, every bit a co-equal partner, go where no superhero genre movie has gone before: Into exploring the long-term physical, mental, and emotional consequences of living above and beyond what we otherwise consider normal or natural with depth, nuance, and genuine emotion. All this achieved with stakes – saving a life, saving a handful of lives – would be considered marginal, tangential, or even irrelevant in the typically overblown, bombastic superhero entries from Marvel, DC, or the X-Men universe prior to Logan. (more…)

Ever since the first time we got to see Hugh Jackman (The Prestige, Prisoners, and Chappie) pop his claws in X-Men, fans have been asking the obvious question: where’s his iconic yellow costume? It has been referred to and even shown in a short scene at one point over Jackman’s career as the Weapon X, but he has never worn it. With Logans release just around the corner, we may have finally learned why the original costume for Wolverine just doesn’t work thanks to comments by the film’s director.


It’s just two weeks until the March 3rd opening for James Mangold‘s Logan and there’s already positive buzz about the film and its young star Dafne Keen. Mangold is ready to take on an X-23 spinoff if one is in the cards. FOX will be looking for something to fill the void of Hugh Jackman‘s exit from the very profitable X-Man movie franchise. Here’s what Mangold has to say about a spinoff. (more…)

There’s an interesting viral style video making the Internet rounds today. Posted by 20th Century Fox the video shows X-23 (Dafne Keen) getting her claws installed by a pair of scientists. Correction make that mad-evil-scientists because they’d have to be pretty damn evil to do that to a kid and she’s not the only kid going through these treatments. The “R” rating on Logan means we’re going to see some disturbing images throughout the film. This scene is definitely one of them. (more…)

The latest trailer for Logan had all the bells and whistles that left Wolverine fans salivating for more. One interesting tidbit from the trailer were the X-Men comic books Logan finds in X-23’s backpack. Fans quickly figured out that those comics weren’t actual X-Men comics, but something made specifically for the movie. Now, thanks to Marvel‘s Joe Quesada, we’ve got a much closer look at the pages created for the trailer. (more…)


Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds crossing paths on the big screen as their characters in the Marvel Universe, Wolverine and Deadpool, respectively, has been a hot topic ever since the release of Deadpool. Of course, fans reached fever-pitch that the possibility was soon upon us last week, when rumors surfaced of Reynolds shooting a scene with Deadpool 2 director David Leitch for March’s Logan. This was immediately shot down by Logan director James Mangold, Reynolds, and Jackman. But they are definitely cooking something else up, according to other sources, and recent comments from Jackman and Reynolds discussing the possibilities and the desires to be X-characters on in the movies together has us all rather suspicious. Find out what they said after the jump.



There’s an old Western tradition of the hero riding off into the sunset. It’s an apropos image for the upcoming superhero movie Logan, which, as seen in the trailer, clearly has an Old West flavour, and will definitely see its hero riding off into the metaphorical sunset; Logan, as you know, will be Hugh Jackman‘s final appearance as everybody’s favourite mutant hero. A new image shared by Jackman himself played into the metaphor, a poster featuring the actor advertising the new movie, which is a culmination of 17 years and nine previous films. An epic run that deserves an equally epic poster. (more…)


As far as those of a certain age group are concerned, Wolverine is Hugh Jackman. Even in the most lacklustre X-men outings, Logan’s bursts of frenetic action tend to be highlights. Although not always blessed with the best scripts, Hugh Jackman always does his best to capture the gruff demeanour, fierce loyalty and feral intensity of a character he’s got to know pretty well over the last 16 years. Comforting to know, then, that he intends to see the character off in appropriately bloody fashion, even if that means losing a decent share of his hefty fee.



Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine for over 16 years now, with Logan being his eighth, and supposed final, time he puts on the claws. Jackman has said on multiple occasions that it’s been getting increasingly difficult to get into Wolverine shape, stating that Logan felt the perfect way to end his reign. So that’s that end of an era, right? Not if Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds gets his way. (more…)