Return of ‘Community’ Looks Grim as Hulu Opts Out

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When NBC decided that Community just wasn’t doing well enough to merit a season 6, fans everywhere were deeply saddened. We would not get the six seasons and a movie that Dan Harmon has been fighting for. But when news came down the pipeline of the Internetz informing us that Hulu might be picking the show up so that it could continue, a new era of hope dawned. Unfortunately, that hope may be short-lived. (more…)


Death is a natural part of life, but don’t tell that to fans of NBC’s Community, whose rabid support for the show went from admirable to stomach-turning overnight. When NBC announced that the sitcom wouldn’t be returning after Season Five, my Twitter feed was filled with enraged shouts, damning the network for taking away their precious baby and even (in some extreme cases) threatening boycott of all future programs belonging to the peacock. It was a filthy display of entitlement that showed how ungrateful its ‘cult’ supporters could be (the network did ignore terrible ratings and renewed the show four times over, after all).

Well, it seems that Dan Harmon, despite being courted by Hulu to bring the show to its streaming services for Season Six, shares my somewhat bleak outlook on going back to Greendale Community College. The series has survived so much at this point, maybe it’s time to just put a period at the end of its sentence. (more…)

Dan Harmon Talks ‘Community’ Season Six


It finally happened.

After five tumultuous seasons, Community was finally given the axe last Friday. After surviving disastrously low ratings, two major stars leaving, and its creator getting fired and then re-hired, the show was finally put to rest. It was a great run and fans were “outraged” (more on this in a second) that NBC would cancel the series, peppering Twitter with the now infamous #SixSeasonsAndaMovie hashtag and even threatening to boycott the network in some instances. The darkest timeline had finally arrived and it was an ugly day for avid fans and passive viewers of the show alike.

Like clockwork, talk regarding the show being picked by and continued on by another network was instantaneous. Could Netflix “save” the series, a la Arrested Development? What about Hulu or Netflix? Could it land on TBS, like Cougar Town did? Now recently rehired show-runner Dan Harmon is weighing in on the possibility of a sixth season and his words may shock the show’s rabid fan-base.



That’s them. While this is still a Jim Henson Company show–just like the Fraggle Rock I grew up with and adored–THESE Doozers are CGI, not Muppets. Plus online video streaming service Hulu, who will be featuring the new series, seems to have the preschool audience in mind pretty exclusively. See the trailer and hear more from the Ghost Of Children’s Programming Past after the jump.



Hello, my name is Sarah and I’m a television binger (that’s with a hard ‘g’). It’s nothing new, all my life I’ve binged on media whether it be books or video games, but with the steady increase of available television shows, often seasons at a time, television binge watching is an ever-growing epidemic. Some of you may be unfamiliar with television binge watching, others may be sufferers yourselves, but together, we can all help in raising awareness.

On Friday, Netflix premiered its new original series, House of Cards, and in what is beginning to become the trend they dropped all 13 episodes at once. That means as I’m typing this it isn’t out of the question for somebody to have by now watched the entire season. Consider what this means for a moment. Those Monday morning “water cooler chats” will have to be segregated by those who’ve only seen a handful of episodes and those who’ve binged on the entire season. The risk of spoilers has significantly increased. And a story that would normally take weeks, possibly months to enjoy has been compressed into a weekend marathon session.

We are at a point of television evolution.


BBC’s ‘Misfits’ Now Streaming on HULU

I’m sure some of you “Television Hipsters” out there are already tuned in to the glory of “Misfits” the award winning BBC show about British teens gaining super powers. For those of you who are not, grab on and hold tight. NerdBastards is gonna get you up to speed. Check out the trailer below to wet your appetite, then zip over to Hulu and check out the rest. There is also a great interview with one of the stars over at LATimes.

As you check out these videos pay close attention to the music. The sound track of “Misfits” will blow you away. It’s opened this NerdBastard to new and interesting bands and singers. Here’s the season one trailer to get things rolling.

SNL’s Kristen Wiig Emmy Nominated!!

This NerdBastard would like to take a moment to say congratulations to Saturday Night Live’s MVP Kristen Wiig. This picture above is a mystery to me for this funny lady. She doesn’t usually come off as sexy, but unless this is a masterwork photoshop, then this is one sexy pic, and I say, “Where’s the leaf blower?!?!”

With all her characters; Suze Orman, one half of the A–Hole’s, Target Lady, and Penelope it’s easy to see how she breathed new life into the series annual character shift. has her greatest clips, thank EW for that tip.