Pryde’s Picks 1/22/14 – Comic Book Reviews

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EDITORS NOTE: In partnership with Youtube personality Kelly Carlton (aka F’N Pryde), we bring you another weekly installment of badass, foul mouthed comic book reviews. So without further ado here’s F’N Pryde with her weekly comic book rundown. It’s  ”Pryde’s Picks!”

Holy video fail, Batman! I want to apologize profusely for this week’s video quality. There was an audio error in our first draft and then my video editor boyfriend was pulled out to the Bahamas for a work trip. Despite my lame excuses, I want ya’ll to rest assured knowing I’ll be back in HD next week. Anyhoozle…

Marvel found a way to pull at my heartstrings by bringing Wolverine & Cyclops together over a beer while my mouth dropped at the idea of Rogue taking her mutant powers OVER 9000! DC Comics delves a bit more into Commissioner Gordon’s shady past and then pours us a hot cup of Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy pajama party. Alyssa Milano teams up with Boom Entertainment to bring us the intriguing Hacktivist. Image comics won my week with The Walking Dead finally giving me much bloodshed and death in this week’s All Out War. (more…)

Interview: Tim Seeley on ‘Revival’, Not Being ‘Lost’, ‘Hack/Slash’, & More

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Recently, we had a chance to talk face to face with multi-talented comic book writer and artist Tim Seeley about his and Mike Norton‘s rural noir zombie thriller Revival, providing a contrast for The Walking Dead, becoming a highly sought after team with Norton, the status of the rumored Hack/Slash film, his interest in bringing his comics to TV or the big screen, and knowing where Revival will end thanks to Lost.


The BastardCast vs. ‘God Hates Astronauts’ Creator Ryan Browne

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This is a special edition of The BastardCast featuring an interview with God Hates Astronauts creator Ryan Browne. The regular, curse filled podcast’o shenanigans version of The BastardCast will come into your life over the weekend, and you will love it like a bear loves porridge and Young MC music. 

Some of the greatest fanbeing/comic series love affairs have been born from the magic of a word of mouth suggestion. That’s how I found God Hates Astronaut, a web-comic that will see a collected print release from Image Comics on October 9th (let your local comic shop know that you want this book NOW).

Weird and wonderfully hysterical, the book details the strange downfall of Star Fighter as he deals with infidelity, a ghost cow, an un-dead pugilist, magic bears, superhero bureaucracy, an asshole cowboy and a massive head.

Created by Ryan Browne (Blast Furnace, The Manhattan Projects) over the course of six years, Browne tells us about the future of God Hates Astronauts, the magic of Reginald VelJohnson (the cop from Die Hard and Family Matters, c’mon people…) and creating GHA’s world.

We also discuss the copious bonus content in the print edition, whether Browne would want to work for Marvel or DC and the creative cost that comes with such a job, his guest work on The Manhattan Projects, the long process from concept to web comic to print.

All that and more on the latest BastardCast Interview.

Pryde’s Picks 6/5/13 – Comic Book Reviews

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EDITORS NOTE: Attention readers of Nerd Bastards. We our proud to present our newest comic book column. Forgetting our past meager attempts at blogging the latest happenings in the comic-verse, we are now offering examinations via Youtube personality Kelly Carlton (aka F’N Pryde). ‘Ole Pryde here is a busty, foul mouthed comic connoisseur. She’s here to give you the run down of this week latest grabs in a segment called “Pryde’s Picks”.

Hi guys, Pryde here. I’m poppin’ my Nerd Bastards cherry with my very first entry. (Squee!) I’ve been doing “Pryde’s Picks” on my YoutTube page for a while now, but sharing myself on this platform, with this audience, is the coolest. So, yeah, I have boobs and read comics. Aren’t I the darnedest? From here on out, I’ll be your guide on the most topical offerings this side of the Marvel and DC universes and everything in between.  I’ll tell you what’s hot and what’s not, and be cursing like a sailor throughout. Enjoy.

We are gonna start with one book from DC (Batman Detective Comics #2) 1, do a butt load of Marvels (Age of Ultron #9, Thanos Rising #3, All New X-Men #12, Superior Spider-Man #11), and round it out with a few books from Vertigo Comics (Astro City #1, The Wake #1).

And… here… we… go…

WARNING: My reviews are spoiler heavy, so don’t feel butt hurt if I ruin something for you.

For more of me (and you know you want more), you can check out my YoutTube page and “like” me on Facebook. Remember, Keep Calm and Comic On.

Liefeld Casts the Image Movie with Effective Results

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Comic book creator Rob Liefeld gets a bad rap, some of it undeserved, but most fairly accurate. Of course, one of those things that makes him so misunderstood is an incredible sense of arrogance and self-aggrandizement, which is evidence at once by the fact that he’s not just working on movies based on his characters, but he’s working on a movie about his own life in the comic industry.

Sure, you may be saying, but people write about their own lives and times with incredible consistency, but there’s no money in writing a book until you sell it. Instead, Liefeld’s proposing that some studio or investor somewhere give him money to make a movie about himself. Now that’s the kind of hubris you can take to the bank. (more…)

Interview: Mike Norton on ‘The Answer’, ‘Revival’, and ‘Battlepug’

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In 2012, All-Star Marvel and DC artist Mike Norton further moved toward creator owned projects, continuining his Eisner Award winning Battlepug saga online (and in collected editions through Dark Horse) while also co-creating Image Comics’ rural noir zombie book Revival and Dark Horse Comics’ brand new costumed hero book, The Answer, which debuts today.

Here, Norton tells us about how he picks his projects, why he doesn’t hide from superhero tropes, how Revival isn’t your typical zombie book, battling zombie fatigue, and if he’d like to see Battlepug live on as a cartoon series.

Along the way, we also discuss the challenges of telling a slow burn story, the appeal of The Answer‘s female lead, and how a costumed hero fits in at Dark Horse.

All that and more with Mike Norton after the jump.  (more…)

Interview: Todd McFarlane Talks Marvel, Reboots, Spawn, Creating Image, and More

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Todd McFarlane is one of the true forces in modern comics. A rockstar artist and writer who left Marvel 20 years ago to take his pencil and create a new icon in Spawn and co-create a new company in Image Comics, McFarlane is now taking time to reflect on his career, the industry altering decision to help form Image, and the evolution of his signature style in The Art of Todd McFarlane: The Devil is in the Details.

I had the opportunity to speak with McFarlane a few weeks ago about the inception of Image, his new book, his thoughts on reboots, what Marvel and DC have become, the business side of toys, and Spawn. The result is an in-depth look inside the mind of one of comicdom’s most influential and opinionated individuals. Enjoy.  (more…)

So This is Real: McFarlane Sues Al Simmons For Being Spawn

- 10-02-12Comics Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

The headline is rather confusing, right? Al Simmons is the alter-ego of the superhero Spawn in the comic book of the same name, so how can Spawn creator Todd McFarlane being suing Al Simmons for being who McFarlane tells him to be? Interesting question.

The answer is that McFarlane came up with Spawn’s secret identity of Al Simmons by basing him on his friend who has also named Al Simmons. The real life Al Simmons was also once an employee of McFarlane Productions and his duties included making personal appearances as, you guessed it, Spawn. So the two of them were pretty close, right? What could possible make McFarlane want to sue the man he was so chummy with that he named his best selling comic book character after him?

In a word: book. Simmons wrote a book called The Art Of Being Spawn, in which he takes no small credit for being the inspiration for Al Simmons. According to McFarlane, writing the book has violated Simmons’ employment terms and breached his duty of loyalty. He’s also libel for damaging his reputation, and exposing trade secrets, false endorsements, false advertising and both trademark and copyright infringement. McFarlane is suing both Simmons and his wife for at least $75,000.

Further, the lawsuit claims that “Al Simmons, who was flattered and eagerly gave his consent to McFarlane in 1993 for his name to be a part of ‘Spawn,’ was not the inspiration for ‘Spawn’s’ central character and no one has ever confused the character with Defendant Al Simmons… Curiously, Defendant Al Simmons has, over the years, as ‘Spawn’ enjoyed popularity, remarked on how his association with Plaintiffs has provided him with some name recognition or notoriety, where he had none before ‘Spawn.’… Defendant Simmons has, in effect, traded on Plaintiffs’ fame, brand and copyright protected creation, and now is deliberately using falsities in the Book to further attempt to improperly capitalize and infringe upon the McFarlane Companies’ property interests and McFarlane’s name, likeness and identity.”

Of course, this isn’t McFarlane’s first turn at litigious endeavors, but it is his most recent. One wonders if McFarlane just misses the courtroom, and just what Simmons might have written to get the artist to hammer down so hard with the lawyers on his old buddy. Either way, it’s great press for Simmons’ book. Way to guerrilla market, Al!

Source: Bleeding Cool

Finally! Development Begins on Movie Based on Liefeld’s ‘Bloodstrike’*

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*Yes, this headline should be read sarcastically.

You’ll remember that post X-Men in 2000, a lot of production companies started buying up comic book properties in the hops of spinning newsprint into celluloid gold. Could we be looking at something similar happening now post-Avengers?

Exhibit A: Adi Shankar‘s 1984 Private Defense Contractors production company has bought the film rights to Rob Liefeld’s Bloodstrike, one of numerous titles Liefeld co-created under his Extreme Comics shingle at Image Comics in the mid-90s. Shankar and Liefeld will produce the film with Liefeld’s manager Brooklyn Weaver.

For those without long memories, Bloodstrike was about a top-secret government squad of super-powered assassins who are recruited after death and revived by Project: Born Again. But it seems that Liefeld is intent on adding a financially friendly twist on the team with its transfer to the big screen, according to Variety. This Bloodstrike will be “aimed at creating a franchise appeal, focuses on a Bloodstrike unit consisting of a team of super-soldiers who have secretly been imbued with vampire blood — making them an elite strike force feared by all enemies.”

Never let it be said that Liefeld doesn’t know the best way to pander to make a buck.

What are the odds of seeing a Bloodstrike film sometime soon? Well, Shankar’s for a proven track record: he’s the producer behind the all-female :Expendables” concept, he co-financed The Grey, Marc Forster’s Machine Gun Preacher and Andrew Dominik’s upcoming Killing Them Softly starring Brad Pitt. So the man means business. Now we see if Liefeld can deliver.

More news as it develops.

Source: Geek Tyrant


Updated: Aurora Comic Book Shop Looking to Help Victims

- 07-27-12Comics, Film Posted by Jason Tabrys

This article is going to be updated constantly as other companies and people get involved and as more details are firmed up. Scroll down for updates, the most recent one will be in bold.

For many of us, our local comic book shop is a safe haven, a hangout, and someplace special. I drive almost a half hour, past two other shops to get to mine, they know me by name, know my likes and dislikes. In harder financial times they’ve given me a little extra for things I had to sell, in good times they’ve taken a little off the price for things I got to buy. Mine is not a unique story.

All C’s Collectibles in Aurora, Colorado is the only comic shop in that town, the hangout and shop for some of the victims in the theater. One of their employees was in the theater and according to All C’s Jason Farnsworth, Tom Sullivan and his son Alex, who lost his life during the massacre on his 27th birthday, were regular customers with hold bins.

We’re all still reeling from the outskirts, all somewhat paralyzed by shock and grief, and battered by story after story on the killer — something that the media has become obsessed with, hounding the victims for interview requests (according to AJ Focht who is the All C’s employee that was in the theater) and Mr. Farnsworth with questions about the killer, who Mr. Farnsworth says was not a customer.

Through the sadness and through the onslaught of attention All C’s endures because they cannot stand still — they’ve got a community to service, and a lot of people who need the safe haven that a comic shop can provide. Comic book fans, professionals, and retailers are a family and in response to this tragedy, All C’s Collectibles is planning a fundraiser for the victims of the Aurora shooting called Aurora Rise and they’re asking for as much help as possible from the comic book community to help them help those most affected.

Two companies that have stepped up to help in this time of need so far, are Dark Horse comics and Image Comics — Dark Horse spokesman Aub Driver had this to say about the event which is tentatively scheduled for late August and which will benefit the victims and the families of the victims:

“I received a call from All C’s Collectibles in Aurora, CO [Monday]. They’re currently organizing a very large fundraiser for the families, survivors and victims of the Aurora shootings. They’re asking for support from all comics publishers, large and small.

It goes without saying that Dark Horse Comics will be showing full support for this fundraiser.

It’s very important to note that All C’s is the only comic book store in the city. This tragedy has rocked their community at large, as well as the rest of the nation. Some of their customers were present at the theater when tragedy struck, even one of their own employees. Showing your full support for the comic book shop and the comic arts medium is incredibly crucial during this dark time.

This is about community. This is about bringing the community of both Aurora and Comics together. This is about standing as one in the face of evil and knowing that one common factor, our love for comics, can unite us.”

Sarah deLaine from Image Comics has also been an early supporter of Aurora Rise, coordinating the donation for Image and it’s imprints. The goods that are being donated for the planned silent auction by Dark Horse and Image are listed below and more is expected from these companies and others.

[Update: All C's has just told me that Steve Niles will be involved and on hand for the event and that they are considering putting the auction on eBay. Mr. Niles joins Tim Daniel on the roster of comic pros who are set to be involved. Details to follow.]

[Update: Matt Fraction will be at the event which is scheduled to take place on August 25th and August 26th. In the time since this article went live, Comic Book Resources, Bleeding Cool, and others have helped to spread the word, please do what you can to do the same. More updates to follow. (7/30/12)

Right now Mr. Farnsworth is looking for any help he can get, so if you would like to know more or if you are able to help please reach out to All C’s Collectibles at (303)751-6882 or by Email, You can also visit their Facebook page or the page that has been set up for the event.

I will stay with this story and keep updating it’s progress, but I want to ask my peers in the comic book media to write about this as well so that we can use what power we have for the good work of educating our readers about this positive and helpful act of charity for the victims of this tragedy. These people need all the help they can get to cover medical bills, counseling costs, and living expenses going forward and they are what is most important now.

Dark Horse Items for Silent Auction: (More items will be included)

2 GHOST Lithos signed by Adam Hughes
4 AGE OF REPTILES Lithos signed by Ricardo Delgado
5 USAGI YOJIMBO Lithos signed by Stan Sakai
4 GRENDEL Lithos signed by Matt Wagner
2 BUFFY Lithos signed by Jo Chen
3 UMBRELLA ACADEMY Lithos signed by Gerard Way
3 ABE SAPIEN Lithos signed by Mike Mignola / Jason Shawn Alexander
1 ONE-SHOT WONDER Litho signed by Mike Mignola / Joss Whedon

Image Comics Items for Silent Auction: (More items will be included)

From Image Comics’ Skybound imprint:

The Walking Dead Walkers Watch signed by Robert Kirkman
Rise of the Governor HC
Invincible Compendium
Invincible Shirts
Super Dinosaur Vol 1 and 2
Super Dino Shirts
Thief of Thieves Shirt
Thieves of Thieves Image Expo Variant

From Image Comics’ Top Cow imprint:

Walking Dead #100 (Marc Silvestri cover) signed by Marc Silvestri
Darkness #100 signed by Marc Silvestri
Witchblade #150 (cover G) signed by Marc Silvestri
Cyber Force Issue #13 Page 17, which will be signed by Marc Silvestri before they send it.

Image has also secured a copy of the Robot Chicken: Star Wars III DVD signed by Seth Green for the auction. Again, we will keep updating this and let you know how you can participate in this fundraiser when that information comes available.