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While it’s pretty much been a given that Will Smith had no interest in reprising his role in the Independence Day sequel, people’s hopes and dreams persist. Now, we here at Nerd Bastards can proudly crush those dreams with the official news that Smith will not be involved in ID2 in any way, shape or form. And no, it’s not more speculation – this info comes from the mouth of Smith himself. (more…)

‘Independence Day’ Sequel Makes a Move on 2016


Twentieth Century Fox was so eager to get a new Independence Day in front of our eyes that they crammed it into an already busy summer schedule by wedging it in to open on July 3rd, 2015. But now, perhaps sensing that they were rushing things, or perhaps sensing that opening somewhere between Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman Vs Superman was a miscalculation, Fox is pushing back the long-in-the-works alien invasion sequel to 2016. (more…)


This time on The BastardCast, Jason and Jeremy board the Botany Bay and find Matt Jackson, naked, alone, and full of evil intent. Together, they crash the serene quiet of the cosmos with a ghetto blaster, a crappy but lovable star cruiser, and a mission to punch at the heart of this week’s nerdy news with acid wits and embarrassing bitch tits.

WHAT WE TALKIN BOUT BRUCE WILLIS? We talkin bout nananana Batman! Is Wonder Woman going to crash DC’s upcoming spandex sausage fest and will anyone care about a Batman-less Jim Gordon/Gotham City TV show? We’re also talking about the upcoming Constantine TV show, and whether DC is building it’s own wide universe on the small screen.

More Batman? But of course, we’ve got EXCLUSIVE and surprising audio from casting sessions all throughout Batman’s long on-screen history. Eion Bailey ain’t got shit on the Godfather in spandex!

Alright, maybe you’re an acolyte of Marvel. Part of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. For you, we have our views on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and later, we discuss Avengers 2: Age of Ultron in TRAILERGASM (and also Need for Speed, bitch!)

We also realize that the name Michael Jordan is somewhat common, that Alan Moore is not a clown (sorry, Grant), why Dumb and Dumber makes us sad now, the Firefly comic, our Halloween plans, and what the world’s worst rap battle looks like.All that and MOAR (We’re contractually obligated to spell more like that. Please help.)
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It’s been seventeen years since aliens invaded America and were welcomed to “Earf” by the fist of Will Smith and the computer talents of Jeff Goldblum in Roland Emmerich‘s Independence Day. With a sequel, the brilliantly named sequel Independence Day 2, announced this past June you would expect the starring cast to return, but right from the start Emmerich confirmed Smith would not be coming back.

Well, it now appears that Emmerich might have convinced Smith to return. In an interview with Digital Spy, the ID director said he’s arranged a meeting with Smith about hopefully reprising his role in the sequel saying:

“I sometimes say no, Will Smith will not be in it because he didn’t want to do it at first. Now we have a meeting planned, we want to talk about it again. Anything can happen,”

He’s not lying there. Independence day ensured Will’s credit as an action star after his work in Bad Boys and it would be a bit of a shame not to see him return for the sequel. Even if he were to return in a smaller, possible cameo role towards the middle or end of Independence Day 2 it wouldn’t feel right to not have him included.

What do you think of the possible return?

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After nearly twenty years, Independence Day, the 1996 blockbuster that–love it or hate it–helped define the big budget effects driven popcorn sci-fi flick subgenre, is set to begin filming.

Cameras will begin rolling next year, according to the L.A. Times. Roland Emmerich will return to direct, along with production partner Dean Devlin (Robin to Emmerich‘s Batman). And while Will Smith will apparently not be reprising his role as Captain Steven Hiller, Emmerich has confirmed, in an interview with, that both Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman will be returning. Both actors have previously expressed interest in doing an Independence Day sequel, and although Will Smith has not, Emmerich still hopes he can convince him to at least do a cameo. This seems reasonable, as his character’s stepson apparently has an important role in the new film.

The plot seems pretty straightforward: It’s 20 years later, Humanity has managed to rebuild after the devastation caused by the invaders, helped by alien technology scavenged and engineered from the wreckage of their ships. All seems well, until a new mothership shows up, looking for a little payback…

But that’s just the beginning: Emmerich has stated previously that this sequel will be only the first chapter in an entire series of at least three films–possibly more.

Um…good luck with that, I guess.

Anyhoo, Independence Day 2 is scheduled for release on July 3, 2015.

We’ll see if anyone even remembers it’s coming out once Star Wars: Episode VII opens.


It’s too late to stop it now, but here’s 7 minutes (why they say 6 or less, I don’t know) of very good (and hilarious) reasons why a movie like Independence Day should NOT get a sequel.

If we’re lucky, they might at least put a stop to Emmerich‘s pipe dream of a film series:

Sources: /Film, Laughing  Squid


‘Independence Day 2’ Set for July Long Weekend 2015


Maybe we naysayers need to walk back some of our previous comments about an Independence Day sequel never happening because Twentieth Century Fox has gone and penciled in a release date of July 3, 2015 for Independence Day 2, exactly 19 years to the day of the release of the original alien invasion hit.

Well played, Fox. You’ve been building up the hype for this for a couple of months now with announcements that Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin have had a breakthrough on the script and were looking to begin production soon. The announcement of a release date can be taken a couple of ways, either production is close to getting underway, or the studio hopes to light a fire under the production team with the pendulum doom of a release date. Of course, Fox might just be staking out real estate. For a film called “Independence Day,” setting up on the July 4th long weekend is a no-brainer.

No word on who might be involved cast-wise, but the rumor mill says that Bill Pullman will be back as President Tom Whitmore. The mill is somewhat less firm on the possible return of Will Smith as Air Force Captain Hiller and Jeff Goldblum as computer hacker David Levinson.

What do you Bastards think, looking forward to another Independence Day barbeque, so to speak?


Emmerich’s Got Story Ideas for ‘ID4’ Sequel(s)


Can you believe that it’s been almost 20 years since Independence Day taught us the value of American patriotism in the face of near global extinction of the human race? Neither can I. Still, some people seem to think that two decades later, people are still dying to know the rest of the story, and one of those people is ID4 co-writer and director Roland Emmerich.

After telling a more low key story of White House demolition in the upcoming thriller White House Down, Emmerich seems eager to revisit that first time he wrecked the Executive Mansion, and get going on a sequel to Independence Day. While out and about at a film festival recently (and overheard by /Film), Emmerich says that there is a plan for Independence Day 2, and maybe Independence Day 3

“That’s actually what we talked a lot about. The mythology of why did the aliens come in the first place, what is the bigger story of this whole thing? And we talked a lot about swarm intelligence. And [the humans] are individual intelligence. Even though we kill each other and have wars against each other, we have something special. We have this domino human spirit to believe in good and over coming enemies. And it’s a little bit about that and when you get a bigger mythology going, I think then you have the chance to do not only one or two or three but you can create a series and that’s what we want to do.”

Of course, I’m more or less sure that the point of ID4 was famous landmarks exploding, and not the underline motivations and differences between the humans and the aliens, but hey, maybe Emmerich’s got something good cooking. Like in 2012 when the whole Earth is destroyed and everybody dies except all the rich people and John Cusack and his family.

No word on who might star, but look for Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum to be made lucrative offers to return if this thing ever gets past the being endlessly talked about stage.

More news as it develops.

Source: Blastr

independence day ships

Because there were so many unanswered questions at the end of the original Independence Day, there’s a serious outcry from the masses for a sequel to that 1996 blockbuster.  Or there’s also the possibility that execs just want to rake in huge piles of cash like they did before.  Either way, they’re working on more – two in fact.  The new flicks are tentatively titled Independence Day Forever, Parts I and II.  In a recent interview, director of the first movie and the sequels, Roland Emmerich dropped some knowledge on what to expect from these new additions to what will now be a franchise.

The general gist of it is the aliens that humankind thrashed in the first flick sent out a distress call to their buddies back in alien-homeworld-land.  The movie starts 20 years later and this new wave of baddies has shown up to mess shit up yet again.

According to Emmerich:

The humans knew that one day the aliens would come back. And they know that the only way you can really travel in space is through wormholes. So for the aliens, it could take two or three weeks, but for us that’s 20 or 25 years.

He also talked a bit about the new Earth and how it’s changed over the years:

It’s a changed world. It’s like parallel history. [Humans] have harnessed all this alien technology. We don’t know how to duplicate it because it’s organically-grown technology, but we know how to take an antigravity device and put it in a human airplane

And mentioned some of what to expect from characters and casting:

It’s still some of the same characters, but also new younger characters; it’s a little bit like the sons take over. The first one ends on a little success, but only enough to give the humans hope. And then in the second one they free themselves again [from the aliens].

So far it looks like Bill Pullman is ready to return, though Will Smith hasn’t said anything yet.  The scripts are both done and undergoing a rewrite courtesy of Amazing Spider-Man writer, James Vanderbilt.

So is there anyone out there who is actually eager to see Independence Day make a return to theaters?  Or is it just a case of Emmerich and friends smelling the money at the end of the rainbow?


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

Way back in the year of 1996, a little film by the name of Independence Day came to theaters.  Some you may remember this oft-forgotten flick, mostly because it made freakin’ millions of dollars and was one of the biggest movies of its time.  Featuring a tried-and-true formulaic script involving aliens trying to take over the world and human beings subsequently beating them, a sequel to the film, Independence Day Forever, has been rumored almost since the original was first released.  And it looks like they may finally be about ready to get started, at least if Bill Pullman is to be believed.

Pullman, who played the U.S. Prez in the original flick, had a few things to say about the upcoming project in an interview with Crave Online.  In addition to confirming his involvement, he also talked a bit about…

When it should begin production:

Within a year, yeah, something like that I guess.  I worried about taking this part because it’s heating up. I thought, ‘I don’t know if I should do the comedy’ and I talked to Dean [Devlin] and Roland [Emmerich] and they said, “No, do it. We’ll work around it. If it goes, we’ll work around it.”

Whether he’ll have to take some time off from his current 1600 Penn television paycheck:

Well, I don’t know if it needs to be hiatus.  I think they’re willing to work around shooting.

And about his and Will Smith’s (potential) involvement:

The Will Smith part of it may be ongoing but I think there’s strategies for both. I like what I have to do in both of them. I’m not in an old age home in a wheelchair being wheeled out for one more moment. It’s a very interesting conception of what happens to Whitmore between then and when it picks back up.

I can’t say I was a fan of the original, but there will certainly be plenty of people happy to hear that ID2 is finally looking like a real thing.  So prepare for yet another dose of alien vs. human action-packed mid-grade cinema!


Thanks to ScreenRant for the heads-up.

Can you believe it’s been 16 years since Independence Day came out? Watching it on AMC last week it seems so quaint now, so innocent. Of course, it was probably the fact that AMC was running the flick ad nauseam last week that gave writer/producer Dean Devlin the idea to start stirring up sequel talk again.

Devlin recently talked to The Hollywood Reporter about re-uniting with ID4 director Roland Emmerich, who he hasn’t collaborated with in 10 years, about getting back into an alien invasion frame of mind. The genre’s never been hotter, so maybe they want to strike while the iron’s hot. But seriously, why now, Dean?

“We resisted doing the sequel for years because we still wanted to honor the first one,” says Devlin. “The first one gave us all careers and we really love that movie and loved the experience. We didn’t want to make a movie because it was financially a good idea, we only wanted to do it when we had an idea and a concept that creatively felt like it honored the first one–that it felt like an organic sequel as opposed to ‘let’s just go make some more money.'”

I suppose that makes sense, Independence Day grew organically from Star Wars, War of the Worlds and disaster movies of the 70s, so Devlin’s assertion that the sequel idea just kind of happened makes sense.

“I feel like we got it. I think it took a long time, but I feel like we finally got something that really feels like, ‘that’s worth seeing as a sequel to Independence Day.'”

So when might this sequel start getting underway. Ain’t nobody from the first film getting any younger you know…

“We’re beginning a long process of talking to everybody,” Devil said. “We’ll just have to see what happens.”

And apparently, 3 TV spin-offs and 2 TV movies isn’t enough to drown Devlin’s interest in doing his own sequel to Stargate, the 1994 movie he co-wrote with Emmerich that spawned nearly 400 hours of television beloved by fans the world over. Since only Devlin knows what’s best of Stargate he’s still like to go full speed ahead and realize his Stargate trilogy.

Stargate has always had this empty hole,” Devlin said. “When we made the first one, we always intended on doing part two and three, and we were prevented for years. And our hope is that we can get another chance at Stargate and tell the entire story we wanted to tell.”

Funny, you never heard Robert Altman talk about going back and undoing all the damage wrought by Alan Alda and his ilk.

More news as it (or if it) develops.

Source: Blastr