‘Trans4mers’ News – Details from Bay & First TV Ad

- 04-14-14Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


With just over two months to go until the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction (AKA: Trans4mers), it strikes us to think just how much we don’t know about the upcoming sequel to 2007′s Transformers. But now it looks like the production is trying to close that knowledge gap by promoting the heck out of the film, which is both a continuation of the Transformers saga from the previous three films, and a launching pad for a brand new trilogy of films with a new cast, new story line and everything. So what’s in store? Franchise filmmaker and originator of the Bay-hem aesthetic, Michael Bay, recently shared some thoughts… (more…)

‘TMNT’ Posters Contain a Whole Lotta Fisting (Bonus Comments From ‘Turtles’ Co-Creator Peter Laird!)

- 04-08-14Comics, Film Posted by Jacob Knight


The marketing machine for the Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot rolls on, with four posters hitting the web today. They’re simple and evocative; featuring the weapons that each reptilian ninja wields in the face of Shredder’s faceless onslaught. Those looking some super weird visual slash fic may want to move on, as I only used that headline as a means to lure in the bigger weirdos who read NB on a daily basis. I’m like the Chris Hansen of comic book movie news. Have a seat…and let’s talk about your bizarre need to see green martial arts experts violate each others’ orifices.


‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Screenwriter Andre Nemec Ain’t Buying Your Indignation, Bro

- 03-28-14Film Posted by Jacob Knight


This week, one of the biggest geek stories has been the release of the first full-length look at the Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. For whatever reason, thirty and forty-year-olds began weeping about the “molestation of their childhood” (Jesus guys…), while those of us who can recognize the detriments of over-indulging in nostalgia simply shrugged and went about our day. Ignoring the infallible maxim “don’t read the comments”, the screenwriter of the latest take on everybody’s favorite pizza-chomping reptilian ninjas is speaking out about Bay & Co.’s  ”vision” for the upcoming film.


Emilia Clarke Talks About the One Thing Scarier Than Nudity

- 03-06-14TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


A lot of guys, and some girls too, would agree that Emilia Clarke is a pretty stunning woman, which is why the actress, better known to millions of fans as Game of Thronesdragon queen Daenerys Targaryen, is sometimes called upon to “bare it all” on the show. Of course, taking all your clothes off in front of the camera can be nerve-racking for even the most confident of actresses, but in a new interview Clarke says that there is one thing more disconcerting to her that being in her all-together in front of a film crew. (more…)

Conroy Reflects on 20-Plus Years as Batman

- 02-25-14Comics, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


He’s played Batman longer than anybody, and he hasn’t had to spent even one day in the costume (unless, of course, he did so recreationally). Actor Kevin Conroy has been THE voice of Batman since Batman: The Animated Series first premiered in the fall of 1992 on Fox. Conroy’s voiced the Caped Crusader and his alter ego Bruce Wayne in roughly 10 series, seven movies and eight video games, and recently he did an interview with DC Comics to recount his nearly quarter of a century (?!?!?!) in the Batcave. (more…)

Interview: Jimmy Palmiotti on DENVER, PAINKILLER JANE, and DC COMICS

- 02-20-14Comics, Featured, Film, Interviews Posted by Jason Tabrys


Jimmy Palmiotti is the co-creator of Painkiller Jane and the writer behind Harley Quinn, All-Star Western, and Batwing. Recently, Palmiotti announced that a Painkiller Jane feature film was in development off of a script that he co-wrote. His company, Paper Films, also embarked on their sixth Kickstarter campaign, successfully funding Denver – a post apocalyptic mature original graphic novel from Palmiotti, co-writer Justin Gray, and artist Pier Brito – in just six days.

In an exclusive interview with Nerd Bastards, Palmiotti takes us through some of Denver‘s details and explains why he chose Kickstarter over more traditional methods. Palmiotti also talks to us about the future of the Painkiller Jane comic at Icon, why the time was right for a film adaptation, his happy relationship with DC editorial and what he thinks about some of the public breaks from the company that others have experienced.  (more…)

Singer Debunks ‘Apocalypse’ Rumors

- 01-30-14Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


X-fans were very excited by the news that director Bryan Singer would be sticking around after the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past to make a follow-up featuring fan-favourite bad guy, Apocalypse. Less exciting was the idea that the Apocalypse to be featured in the creatively titled X-Men: Apocalypse would be some kind of alien that comes down and infects Magneto – the young version played by Michael Fassbender – and that a teaser at the end of DOFP would set the whole thing up.  Singer says this is not the case, and he is setting the record straight in a new interview. (more…)

Dillane Not Turned on By ‘Thrones’ Nudity

- 01-16-14TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


What isn’t there to love about Game of Thrones? Epic scale, a huge cast, beloved source material, amazing actors, glorious violence, and one other thing, hardcore nudity! The, um, relaxed standards of HBO are indeed a – ahem – beautiful thing, but Thrones actor Stephen Dillane says it’s par for the course, because you might come (ban pun) for the nudity, but you stay for one of the most compelling and lively series currently on TV. (more…)

Moore Blames Morrison for Terrible State of Modern Comics

- 01-10-14Comics Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Sometimes I think we should just have a scrum with Alan Moore and keep repeating the same question over and over again, “Who else do you hate?!” In a new (and lengthy) interview, Moore talked about a great many things, but what stuck out was the revelation of the one man who he blames, more than any other, for all the terribleness that has befallen the modern comic book industry. And this devil’s name, is Grant Morrison! (more…)

Spider-Man to Celebrate New Year’s in Times Square Too

- 12-30-13Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Thousands of people gather in New York City’s Time Square every year for the New Year’s celebrations every December 31, but joining Ryan Seacrest and a cavalcade of celebrity entertainers at the “crossroads of the world” this year is a very special guest in the form of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He’s not there to celebrate though, Spidey will be there to do some promotion for his upcoming new film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. (more…)