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The key creative mind behind a lot of Marvel‘s most interesting and complex twists and turns in the cinematic universe, there is no shortage of cool new surprises coming from James Gunn. He is still, slowly, through all kinds of interviews, appearances and social media, revealing deeper and deeper levels that have gone yet unnoticed in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy. An incredibly intricately created movie, Guardians of the Galaxy is swollen with Marvel lore and pop culture references and, as audiences have come to expect from their big movies, tons of Easter Eggs. (more…)


Word is making the Internet rounds that the first teasers for James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and James Mangold‘s Logan are only days away from making their way to the World-Wide Web. Trailer Track is reporting that both have been classified, or given a rating, and will soon make their way onto the Internet. Logan‘s production has been posting a lot of pictures lately, building up to the teaser release? (more…)


After they flew like leaves on the wind and before they were Con-men, Nathan Fillion and Allen Tudyk took some time to do a little adult screen work under the supervision of pre-Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn in a little web series known as James Gunn’s PG Porn. Everything you love about porn movies… without the sex. Check out their porn-tastic performances below. (more…)


It doesn’t take much looking around to find someone who makes one wonder if there might be aliens from other planets living among us. Patrick Stewart stopped aging 30 years ago, Keith Richards can’t be killed be it drugs or fire, then there’s Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler who would fit right in an alien police line up. Combine that with Tyler’s recent comments while promoting the independent film Happy Birthday, in which he has a role, and it’s no wonder Tyler would want to appear in James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy III, if there is one. (more…)


As writer and director of that smash hit film Guardians of the Galaxy and powerhouse creative talent behind the impending sequel, James Gunn has been the target of some serious nerdsphere attention recently. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 gets closer and closer every day, but that doesn’t stop the eagerly awaiting legions of fans from being something of an impatient rabble. Admittedly, there has been a lot of cool sneak peeks to keep us occupied – Nathan Fillion has talked about his character in the new movie, the concept art looks awesome and the lucky fans who made it to SDCC16 were treated to a teaser trailer that made Vin Diesel himself well up. (more…)


It was almost two months ago that James Gunn went to San Diego Comic Con and revealed the first footage from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Everyone in Hall H that got to see it enjoyed it very much; everyone else, meanwhile, have been stewing in their juices about missing out. Okay, so we know that fans aren’t the best at waiting in the first place, and with most of the major videos from Comic Con having made it online now, the absence of Guardians is all the more glaring. Well, Gunn has heard you, he understands your frustration, but please, stop asking him about it. (more…)

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Guardians of the Galaxy is a perfect comic book movie! It truly is one of the most unique and delightful films Marvel has created to date. It has all the heart, humor, heroics, and a dash of unhinged weirdness every good superhero movie needs. Its success is quite a marvel (pun intended) given its bizarre array of characters. A movie about a quick-witted earth man/pirate teaming up with an assassin, a destroyer out for revenge, an enhanced raccoon and a humanoid tree shouldn’t have worked… but it did.

A ton of excitement and hype surrounds the upcoming sequel. It’s a lot of pressure for director James Gunn and the rest of the cast and crew to match or exceed what the first film achieved but they’re doing it. In July, at San Diego Comic-Con, James Gunn brought his cast to Hall H, where they unleashed the first trailer that included an unexpected surprise.  The footage revealed that Star-Lord’s dad was Ego the Living Planet, played by Kurt Russell.

This footage is not ready to be shown to the masses, as the visual effects were unfinished and not ready to be seen by the public. However, it sounds like Gunn is working on releasing something soon. Groot voice actor Vin Diesel, saw a new cut of footage shown at Comic Con. He took his reaction to Facebook Live, and well, you’ll see… (more…)

Collector w/ Infinity Stones

Do you remember the Infinity Stones? Shiny rocks, vast amounts of powers, one of them is stuck to the head of Vision in the MCU? They were central to the plot of Captain America: First Avenger, Thor: The Dark World, and of course, the first Guardians of the Galaxy, and have more or less had a presence in every Marvel movie to date post Iron Man 2, but haven’t really been seen much lately. They went completely unmentioned in Ant-Man, and were barely a footnote in Captain America: Civil War. They’re a pretty central plot device to the entire world of Marvel, and yet they don’t seem to be the headline ‘artifact of doom’ right now. It might have fans wondering whether they’ll make an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at all. Well, director James Gunn once again has the answers.  (more…)

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During San Diego Comic-Con 2016, at the Marvel panel, we were flat out told who Kurt Russell was playing in the movie, despite it being a secret up until that point; not only he is Star-Lord’s father, but he is also Ego the Living Planet, and not J’Son of Spartax, like in the comics. His costume from the film was also revealed to us on Twitter and Instagram. Many fans, unable to avoid the news, were a bit dismayed; the character change was so out of left field, they felt it would’ve added a nice twist on the movie’s story. Director James Gunn has responded by telling us it’s not a spoiler. But how?  (more…)