James Mangold

Hugh Jackman Stepping Down As Wolverine


“All right, Bub…” It seems that Hugh Jackman is officially hanging up the Adamantium skeleton. For fifteen years, Jackman has portrayed the mutant with a complex, hidden past, and he will only portray the character once more before retiring it. Can the franchise afford to lose one of its power players? (more…)


Many fans were disappointed when Patrick Stewart commented back in January that he didn’t think he or Ian McKellen would be reprising their X-Men roles in Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. Some wondered if we’d ever see them back as Professor Xavier and Magento ever again. Fear not though, it seems that both Sirs will be returning to the big screen to play those iconic X-Men roles, maybe just not in the same movie together. (more…)


Even when it’s considered a “sure thing” in Hollywood, it’s nice to get some confirmation right from the one person who should know what’s going on. Wolverine is such a comic book movie presence that even if Hugh Jackman refused to play the character again, we’d soon see someone else taking up the mantle. So this was really just a matter of confirming that director James Mangold, who is said to be under contract to write the next Wolverine script, would also direct the follow-up. (more…)


As you may or may not be aware, Hugh Jackman holds the record for the most times portraying a single comic book superhero (seven at present–soon to be eight). He’s the best at what he does–and what he does is play a goddamn pitch-perfect James Howlett/Logan/Wolverine.

But even Jackman knows all good things must come to an end and whatnot. We’ve talked about his future as the animalistic Canadian antihero once or twice before, and a few months ago IGN‘s Scott Collura sat down with the (apparently super nice) actor and discussed, among other things, the likelihood that he’ll be passing the adamantium claws to a successor anytime soon:  (more…)


The garish yellow uniform Wolvie sported in most of the comics has yet to make an appearance in any of the character’s on-screen appearances (indeed, it’s was even joked about in the first X-Men flick).

Now, it could be argued that the movies wish to distinguish themselves from the comic books, and there’s nothing more to the decision to dress Logan differently than that, but James Mangold, director of the popular antihero’s latest cinematic incarnation, has more to say on the subject:  (more…)


James Mangold’s The Wolverine was arguably Hugh Jackman‘s best outing as Canada’s cigar chomping, claw slashing, superhero to date. Grossing $414.7 million at the worldwide box office and being the second-highest grossing film in the “X-Men” franchise behind X-Men: The Last Stand‘s $459.4 million, it’s no wonder there’s talks of another solo film. Yeah, as if appearing 8 times wasn’t 8 times too many (sorry, I for one, don’t like Jackman as Wolverine) Mangold and Jackman are collaborating on another film. Jackman spoke to Entertainment Weekly and said he and Mangold have some really cool ideas: