Hit-Girl’s Back in This Six Page, Blood-Soaked Preview of Her New Series

- 06-22-12Comics Posted by Sarah Moran

The little bitch is back, as the series’ tagline says. In a series all her own, Hit-Girl takes places between the events of Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2, which is nice because even if you’re some slacker who’s only seen the movie, you’ll be able to follow along. Of course, I wouldn’t let little Mindy McCready know you haven’t read Kick-Ass. She’d call you a cunt and stab you through the groin. Hmm, y’know what, how about you just save yourself the grief and read Kick-Ass.

Anyway, here we’ve got a six page preview courtesy of Comic Book Resources. In addition to the preview pages there are also a few variant covers. My favorite is Mindy seated on her own Iron Throne (seen above), and I would kill to own a copy. If you happen to run into me a comic book store, and you have this special variant cover and I don’t, prepare to duel to the death.  Which do you like best?

Hit-Girl spins off into her own blood-soaked series by the sales-busting creative team of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. This story takes place between Kick-Ass volumes 1 and 2 as Mindy McCready tries to settle into life as a regular school-girl, but wants nothing more to be dispensing hot justice to the scum of New York City. Her mother and step-father think she’s doing her homework, but in reality she’s taken Kick-Ass on as her sidekick and training him up to punch, shoot and stab… just like Daddy would have wanted. A limited edition variant by Leandro Fernandez will be released for this issue.

Hit-Girl #1 hits a comic shop near you June 27th.

COMICS REVIEW: ‘Avengers vs. X-Men’ #5

- 06-06-12Comics, reviews Posted by Matthew Jackson

The Marvel “architects” that masterminded Avengers vs. X-Men have been promising for a while now that they’ll deliver us big, unpredictable things in this story, and with the first third of this 12-part event complete, it’s about time they started delivering. By the end of Round 5, the story has taken a new shape, the stakes have been raised, and it’s confirmed for all of us that this is most definitely not just a Civil War rehash.


Comics Review: ‘AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4′

- 05-16-12Comics, reviews Posted by Matthew Jackson

Last week Avengers vs. X-Men stepped away from being a simple battleground and became a kind of quest story. This week that quest continues, and the Marvel architects face the challenge of keeping us hooked on their story without relying on superhero vs. superhero spectacle. With heroes on both sides scattered, and the tale shifting from slaughter to search, can Avengers vs. X-Men stay strong as it moves beyond the simple premise its title implies?


‘Kick Ass 2′ Updates: Ready to Shoot This Summer, Animated Sequence Possible, Hit-Girl In Danger

- 05-06-12Film Posted by NickBungay

In the midst of his world record signing session in Vegas, John Romita Jr., the illustrator of the Kick Ass comic books, was asked about the current state of Kick Ass 2.

Instead of just toying with people and giving a half-assed answer or cracking a cheap joke, Romita gave an answer that everyone wanted to hear. According to him, production on the sequel is not only ready to go, but shooting is set to begin as early as this summer – right on time for a release date next May. As an added bonus, John even alluded to an animated sequence for the film, but the details are still fuzzy at this time.

Now… this all sounds fantastic because Romita is an outstanding artist, but fans are slightly worried about the leading lady, Chloe Mortez and her role in the upcoming film. Since director Matthew Vaughn has stepped back to co-write and produce, a new director may not be the only thing we see next May.

With Moretz about to start shooting the Carrie remake at the start of June as well as Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, it seems unlikely that she’d return as Hit-Girl. She was 11 years old at the time of the first film, and Chloe has since grown out of her weapon-laced super suit and into a more mature young lady. So it’s entirely possible that the studio may cast someone else to play Hit-Girl.

What do you think? Should Moretz step aside and allow a new youngin to take on the mantel of Hit-Girl or should the studio allow for an older looking heroine?

Source: Bleeding Cool

REVIEW: ‘Avengers vs. X-Men #3′

- 05-03-12Comics, reviews Posted by Matthew Jackson

At some point Marvel was going to have to address how exactly Avengers vs. X-Men isn’t just another Civil War, and they were going to have to do it in a way that wasn’t just a self-assured press release. The only way they’re really going to convince us that they’ve done something new here is to do their convincing in-story. I’ve been pleased with the story so far, but Avengers vs. X-Men #3 is where the event really starts to become something more than a superhero vs. superhero bloodfest. It’s an important turning point, but does it pay off?


REVIEW: Avengers vs. X-Men #2

- 04-18-12Comics, reviews Posted by Matthew Jackson


“Wow. Avengers vs. X-Men. So this is really happening.” – Spider-Man

Yes it is. After a prelude and a first issue that was basically just more prelude, the much-hyped battle between the Avengers and the X-Men has finally come to blows. Cyclops threw down the gauntlet last issue and now the two greatest superteams in the Marvel Universe have stopped talking and started punching. So how does this action-heavy issue stand up to all those high expectations?


REVIEW: Avengers vs. X-Men #1

- 04-05-12Comics, reviews Posted by Matthew Jackson

So, last week we established that Avengers vs. X-Men #0 was good enough to be approached without cynicism. Not a masterpiece, but a solid, stylish prelude to an event book. But now we’ve reached the moment of truth for the event itself. No more preludes, no more teases, no more promos. It’s Avengers vs. X-Men time.


First Look: AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1

- 02-08-12Comics Posted by Matthew Jackson

You’ve heard the hype,  you’ve seen the cover, and now it’s time to get a look at the real thing. Hit the jump for seven pages of Avengers vs. X-Men #1 action!


Matthew Vaughn Doesn’t Think a ‘Kick-Ass 2′ Movie is a Good Idea, Is He Right?

- 05-26-11Comics Posted by Sarah Moran

Matthew Vaughn might be tiring of super heroes after helming both Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class. (I don’t understand how, but then again I’m a cape ‘n’ cowl junkie) But if he is sick of ‘em that’s not the reason he’s giving us for why they’ll be no Kick-Ass 2. Mark Miller and John Romita Jr. are already hard at work with the comic book sequel, Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, which has two issues published. But a movie based on this comic is unlikely, at least one directed by Vaughn,

Everyone says we’re doing Kick-Ass 2 but… the weird thing about Kick-Ass 2 is I’d love to do it, because I enjoyed it so much, but I’m a big believer that if you’re going to do a sequel it’s got to be as good as the first one if not better. I just don’t know how I could…

My business brain just says do Kick-Ass 2, shoot it and get it out there and it would make a lot of money but I really do love that movie. It was a special moment to me making that film and I don’t want to spoil it. I’m not saying it’s as good as Pulp Fiction but I think it would be weird if Tarantino did Pulp Fiction 2. Everything that made Kick-Ass original and fun, if you do it again, it would be crass…

I would go out on that limb and say Kick-Ass is the Pulp Fiction of comic book movies, and maybe a sequel would ruin the bloody magic of the first. We’ll really just have to wait and see how the comic’s sequel pans out. Thus far the first two issues have delivered on all the violence and dark humor of the first, so if the comic sequel is good enough why not try for another movie? It shouldn’t be a rushed production by any means, but with enough time and preparation I say why not. Sequels are so common these days, it’s refreshing when Hollywood makes one worth seeing.

Bummed out by no Vaughn-directed Kick-Ass 2? Don’t worry , we’ve got First Class opening in a week, June 3rd. Somehow I doubt First Class will feature a 10-year-old girl slicing through thugs and dropping ‘cunts’ and ‘fucks’ left and right. Which is a downright shame.

source: BleedingCool

Go Balls Out! 6-Page Preview of ‘Kick-Ass 2: Balls To The Wall’

- 10-22-10Comics Posted by Luke Gallagher

Kick Ass 2 Comic 5(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

The battle’s are over, the costumes are retired, and Mclovin has taken over the family business. What is in store for former hero’s Kick-Ass (Dave Lizewski) and Hit-Girl (Mindy Macready) after putting the costumes away and trying to return to a normal civilian life. Well the peace doesn’t last long for our young duo, thanks to Red Mist (Chris Genovese) assuming a new villain name, which won’t be uttered here and raise hell all over New York City. Thanks to NewsaRama we get a special first glimpse at the first 6-pages of ‘Kick-Ass: Balls to the Wall’, issue #1 by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

Warning: If your over 18, then you need no warning, if your under 18 at least ask your parents if you can read this. It contains strong language some people may find naughty.