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Matt Ryan stole the hearts of comic fans with his portrayal of John Constantine, from the show Constantine NBC aired in 2014. The series, which was based on the Hellblazer comics, saw John and his cohorts battling the evils of ‘the Rising Darkness’, protecting the innocent from the paranormal, occult, and that which goes bump in the night. While the show was well received by fans of the comics and of superhero shows, it was cancelled after one season due to not making the numbers NBC has come to expect from their shows; fans, however, were adamant that the character return as played by Matt Ryan. There were petitions, hashtag campaigns, and even Stephen Amell of Arrow made a push (resulting in Constantine guest starring on an episode of the green archer’s show). Now CW has picked up the rights to the show (along with Supergirl from CBS)—though if they will revive it remains to be seen. While we wait for more news on the hopeful revival of the show in some capacity, we have a nice adventure to fill in the gap: the new, animated version of Justice League Dark(more…)


You’ve seen the Wonder Woman trailer, but the next item up for bids was a full-blown teaser trailer for the next film in the DC Extended Universe: Justice League. Fans in Hall H a little while ago went wild when director Zack Snyder showed the footage, and that’s in spite of the misgivings many of those people might have about his last cinematic endeavor. Now you may be kicking yourself because you’re not in San Diego, but don’t worry. Having learned from the mistakes of last year’s Suicide Squad leak, Warner Bros. has released on social media the complete tease for you homebodies to enjoy from the comfort of afar. (more…)


After J.K. Simmons‘ Oscar-winning performance in Whiplash, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that portraying a “badass” is right in his wheelhouse.  However, it seems people are having a hard time connecting that term with his current role of Commissioner Jim Gordon in DC‘s new Justice League movie.  Photos of Simmons going into beast mode at the gym posted by his personal trainer had fans assuming that he was merely prepping for the role, but Simmons has a different story.  While in a new interview he says he does want to show “a little bit more of that badass side,” the 61 year old actor reveals his prime motivation for his workouts is really just to take care of himself. (more…)

WBTV Taking Over San Diego Comic Con


It looks like the WBTV will be taking over San Diego Comic Con this year with a record 21 TV shows including eight new shows complete with full pilots. This, of course, means that many of the stars and creators of these shows will also be in attendance including SDCC regular Stephen Amell from Arrow, The Flash‘s Grant Gustin, iZombie‘s Rose McIver and The Vampire Diaries‘ Ian Somerhalder just to name a few. (more…)

It looks like news regarding the new Justice League film are popping up left, right, and every direction you go. And it’s time to face the facts, these are going to be hard to ignore if you spend any time on the internet. So you can choose to unplug yourself from the internet, ignore them, or just do what many have done and embrace them with lots of salt. In this Justice League roundup, it looks like the movies has a new logo. In addition, a new Batmobile will be making an appearance, and details about the movie’s plot have surfaced.


Justice League Casting

Even though the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe film Justice League is more than a year away, the buzz for the film is continuing to grow. We already know that the team will be uniting in the wake of Superman’s death in Batman V Superman to take on a new threat. We already know that we will have a “jacked up” Commissioner Gordon, but thanks to the Justice League set visits this past week for press, all sorts of juicy details are emerging for the upcoming film. In addition to seeing new logos, we now have new casting details and a few plot details.



Once upon a time, there would have been no question as to whether or not a movie project like Justice League would appear at San Diego Comic Con. SDCC is the premier name in nerd culture, a trade show for all things nerdy! If you want to create buzz, then San Diego in July was where you wanted to be. Not so much anymore as any given year it seems like there’s one or two major studios or companies that sit out the con (or in the case of Disney, hold their own), but this year San Diego looks jam-packed with big names and guests, and the latest is Justice League. (more…)

Amber Heard- Mera

Recently model/actress Amber Heard has been in the tabloids related to her restraining order and impending divorce with actor Johnny Depp based on allegations of spousal abuse. Photos have already appeared online of her documenting of all the issues. As she and Depp as proceeding with the divorce, she still is an actress who has to make a living. Having been cast in the DC Comics film Justice League, Heard will be playing Mera. Comic fans know the character as Aquaman’s wife, and she will be first introduced in Justice League before appearing in the solo Aquaman film. Recently Heard has to put off a deposition related to her upcoming divorce because she had to fly to London for a fitting for the Justice League film.



Everyone knows JK Simmons for his multitude of roles. For some, he’s the pitchman for the Farmer’s Insurance ads. For other’s he’s famous for his roles in Law & Order, New York Undercover, and makes us wet our beds for his roles in HBO’s Oz and his Oscar-winning role in Whiplash. Within the Geek community, he flawlessly played J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Rami’s Spider-Man trilogy. Recently JK Simmons was cast to play Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Justice League movie, and will probably reprise that role for the Ben Affleck solo Batman film. Now that filming for the Justice League movie has started, fans are starting to get a look at Simmons for this role.



If by some chance you didn’t make it to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week, and there’s probably a few of you who didn’t, characters for the upcoming television series Justice League Action’ were revealed at Kre8tif!The annual conference which focuses on the world of animation, VFX, and licensing/marketing, gave fans the first look at the upcoming DC Comics series scheduled to air this fall. (more…)