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The nerd world is buzzing with rumors and possibilities of what could be with Star Wars Episode VII. Many of the talk surrounds the original cast. Carrie Fisher has been hounded by press and geeks alike with the question will she reprise her role as the infamous Princess Leia? After a recent appearance on the show The Talk (don’t worry we don’t know what it is either) we may be closer to a real answer, sort of.

When asked if she would return her response was the hilarious self deprecating alcoholic humor we’ve come to expect.

She has never been gone. As far I know, she has been with me forever!

The story she’s set for her character?

I like to think of it as ‘old Leia’, like, sway-backed old Leia the horse. I like the idea of being Mrs Solo, and we’ve just fought and fought and…I killed him, but I’m sorry. I’m sorry – that’s right, I feel badly and I probably had an affair with some general.

So maybe it’s not a real answer, but it’s better than what we’ve had so far. We would be elated to see any of the original cast return, just keep her away from the gold bikini…and the booze.

In other Star Wars news!

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly the head of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy stated the company would like to produce ‘..Two or three films a year.”. Before we get all excited/nervous/angry remember that includes possible Indiana Jones flicks, original content, or if we’re lucky a sweet ass sweet Clone Wars, Pixar mashup. Whatever they decide there is nothing we can do to sway their decisions, so we might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. Splash Mountain to be specific.

Sources: ComicBookMovie, Kotaku

Star Wars: The Great Director Whittling

 I don’t know what we’re goona talk about when we run out of Star Wars “news”. Thank goodness though, that today is not the day we have too find out.

The producers of Star Wars: Episode VII have their list of directors culled down to “a couple“, which some have taken to mean two, though I imagine it simply means something between less than “a lot” and more than one.

Whose on the list? We have no idea, and Frank Marshall (who has seemingly seen Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy naked on a semi-regular basis) isn’t telling because he told MTV “I can’t reveal it, or I won’t be alive tomorrow.” and apparently Disney employs assassins.

So, in the absence of actual information, what exactly is Marshall doing? Why he’s quickening pulses and feeding the fires of the engine that is taking us all on the white knuckle thrill ride that is PRE-PRODUCTION! Yes, you may have to sign a waiver due to all this excitement people.

So, what’s next? One imagines that Disney and Lucasfilm will release a single letter from the name of the lucky auteur daily until it becomes obvious. By the way, they better bring a big name that we can all get behind to this, because right now the anticipation is killing us and if team Wookie Renewal botches this it’ll be coming back at them. Don’t anti-Whedon this Mouse House!

There, and I didn’t even need 600 words to tell you all that. Oh by the way, Indiana Jones 5 may still happen but Marshall says the merger isn’t speeding that up. See you tomorrow with the next round.

Kathleen Kennedy Talks ‘Jurassic Park 4’

After all these long years a fourth installment in the Jurassic Park series is being seriously pushed along.  Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy are acting as producers for the new flick and in a recent interview with Comingsoon, Kennedy had a few things to say about its progress.  Though from what she had to say, they haven’t got too much done so far.

Writing, writing, writing. It’s really hard to keep these things going when there’s an expectation and a desire by the public and the audience to keep certain franchises going. As filmmakers, we often sit there going, ‘Okay. We have to answer the question, ‘Why do another one?” If you can’t answer that question, you shouldn’t be doing it. It’s tough. We’re trying to come up with a story that makes sense and isn’t going to disappoint people and is, hopefully, going to get people excited and reinvigorate the franchise. We’ve got to start with a script and the story.

She also added that the fourth in the franchise is really the start of a completely new trilogy run, so we should expect Jurassic Park 5 and 6 to be following close behind the fourth.  With the huge money-makers these films have been in the past, I don’t see anything stopping the studios from making them.

Rich Jaffa and Amanda Silver of Rise of the Planet of the Apes fame are set to write the script, so it’s up to them now.  With such a positive outlook from the studio, which seems eager to get the ball rolling on this thing, we’ll likely see Jurassic Park 4 before too long.


Thanks to geektyrant for bringing us the good news.

After the announcement George Lucas would be leaving Lucasfilm as the sole chairman and return to his roots of  making small, experimental films many were left wondering who could fill the beard and flannel at the top? Fear no more, a successor to great and powerful Lucas empire has been found: Kathleen Kennedy of Kennedy/Marshall Co. Yeah, y’know, that lady.

Kennedy was officially made co-chair of Lucasfilm and will take over the day to day operations while Lucas will remain CEO and co-chair of the board. Here’s the statement Lucas released earlier along with the notice of his retirement,

I’m moving away from the company, I’m moving away from all my businesses, I’m finishing all my obligations and I’m going to retire to my garage with my saw and hammer and build hobby movies. I’ve always wanted to make movies that were more experimental in nature, and not have to worry about them showing in movie theatres.

So just who is this Kathleen Kennedy? Read on for the full press release,