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It looks like Kevin Smith is once again making headlines, and this time it’s not because of his involvement in The Flash and Supergirl. Smith is making noise again because of expressed interest in making his once Superman Lives script into an animated movie to join the ranks of Justice League: Flashpoint and All-Star Superman. In addition to that, the Clerks director also said that a movie like Bedknobs And Broomsticks could be remade and that he would be interested in directing such a film.



Some movies have a backstory that’s almost as legendary as the films themselves, and Clerks is definitely in that category. As the story goes, young Kevin Smith was stuck in a deadend job as a Quick Stop clerk when he got an idea: “I’ll make a movie about my boring ass life as a clerk.” He maxed out all sorts of credit cards, filmed the movie overnight in the actual store he worked in, and took the finished film to Sundance where it was sold to the Weinsteins, and the rest, as they say, is history. Well a new film called Shooting Clerks will begin touring this fall to reveal that history in presumably hysterical fashion.  (more…)


Last spring, Clerks filmmaker Kevin Smith helmed an episode of TV’s The Flash for an adventure called “The Runaway Dinosaur.” For Smith, a comic book fan of such renown that he’s both written comics and owns a comic book store, it had to be a dream come true, especially since Smith had previously stated that he felt the idea of making a comic book movie rather daunting (budget-wise speaking). So with one successful Flash under his belt (Ha!) Smith is back for more, and is directing the fourth episode of Flash’s third season, but in promoting the production on Twitter, Smith may have let a spoiler slip. (more…)


An argument can be made that 2016’s most notable contribution to film history is that the eternal conversation of critic reviews versus audience reaction rose to prominence (FYI, my eyes glazed over with that phrase too…) Safe to say that it might not have been the best year for long time critic whipping boy and fanbeing cult leader Kevin Smith to release a movie about two teenage combat yoga obsessed girls from Canada which, if you haven’t heard, is currently scoring a painful 22% on Rotten Tomatoes (based on 37 reviews.)

What follows is a video of podcaster and amateur hockey jersey model Kevin Smith’s Hollywood Babble-On co-host, Ralph Garman, reading the beating that critics have given Yoga Hosers while the once loved independent filmmaker reacts. Fair warning, this can be difficult to watch. This may not be for everyone. Steady yourself before venturing any further. You will believe a fat man can cry.* (more…)

Hold Tight To Those Twinkies! Zombieland 2 Is Coming


Ever since it’s release in 2009, whispers in the halls have teased the possibility of the Zombieland story continuing, but with every dashed hope fans continued to stuff their proverbial sadness with Twinkies. Well fans can stop their emotional eating, because during AMC’s Geeking Out with Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg, Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese provided an update on Zombieland 2.


kevin smith and daughter
Kevin Smith has been in the news a lot lately and it’s because, while you may not like him, his thoughts and views do have some merit and some people actually care about it. Today, though, Smith is in the news not because he’s directing on another show on The CW, not because he’s reviewed another comic book movie, but because he’s simply being a father to his daughter. Recently, his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, was the latest victim of internet harassment. Like any other father would, Smith responded and what he said should definitely have some people thinking about the next time they want to say something hateful to someone they don’t even know in real life.


kevin smiiith

Most people that are into certain fictional characters will buy a tee shirt to represent it, or even buy a limited edition prop replica from a film they enjoy. Kevin Smith, on the other hand, named his kid after one of his favorite characters.

That’s right, we’re talking about his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. Kevin has been into the Batman franchise for as long as we can all remember, so it’s no wonder that he would put that much thought into things. When his daughter was born, he and his wife decided that Harley Quinn would be her name and she has fully embraced her namesake. (more…)


Kevin Smith hasn’t always been beloved by critics, or perhaps even ever in some cases. Famously, there was a kind of anti-critic tirade when Cop Out came out, a film that even Smith has kind of disavowed because of the contentious on-set relationship between Smith and star Bruce Willis. Still, it’s kind of hard not to take criticism personally, even when you’re making the 11,387th take on the buddy cop comedy formula. With the pending release of Yogi Hosers, a film that hasn’t exactly been hailed by critics so far, Smith is saying that his next, highly-derided masterpiece can be viewed as an apology to his critics for past rants. (more…)


Kevin Smith is a nerd’s nerd. That’s been fairly well established after years of Star Wars and comic book references being smothered all over his movies. Still, as Smith launches his latest nerd-friendly TV endeavour, the talk show Geeking Out, he, like any other nerd, has dreams that are out of reach, even for someone with his reach and influence. So while Geeking Out seeks to bring nerd figureheads and luminaries to your home TV in a personable and honorific setting, Smith knows there are a few untouchable figures that we’d love to see, and that he would love to get.  (more…)


Everyone knows that Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck are tight, perhaps because they’re both so infamously tied to the “Bennifer” nuclear disaster known as Jersey Girl. But you know who else was in Jersey Girl in a cameo? Affleck’s BFF Matt Damon. Of course that wasn’t the first time Damon appeared in a Smith film, he had a small role in Chasing Amy, appeared as the angel Loki in Dogma, and appeared as himself – the star of Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season – in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Now, in Smith’s new AMC series Geeking Out, Damon is performing for the director again in a different capacity. (more…)