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What could make the retro 1970s and 80s vibe of Guardians of the Galaxy even better? The casting rumor that Kurt Russell could become Chris Pratt’s father in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, set to begin production in February. Russell has been identified as director James Gunn’s top pick for the role, even though the veteran action hero hasn’t yet read the script. (more…)


Forget about anything from Marvel Studios or involving the Star Wars universe, the real event movie for film buffs this year is the latest movie by Quentin Tarantino. The former video store clerk is now an auteur of such proportion that he’s a one man franchise series event, every movie he makes is an occasion and it seems like The Hateful Eight is going to be no exception. Now, after a very powerful and positive presentation at San Diego Comic Con, those unfortunate enough to not make it to Nerd Mecca this year can get their first look at the movie in a very cool-looking trailer with its beautifully captured snowscapes which will make you feel the chill even if its 100 degrees outside.


So you’re Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. You already have a reputation as being one of the most dependable leading men in fickle Hollywood, and you’ve also developed something of a reputation as a “franchise fixer.” With over $50 million in three days at the box office with his latest hit San Andreas, and all those millions with the Johnson-infused Furious 7, 2015 is shaping up to be the Year of the Rock. With clout like that, you can write your own ticket, but the question is for what? Might Johnson push to finally make that Shazam! movie happen? Possibly, but try this on for size: a Big Trouble in Little China remake. Yup, someone’s looking to make it happen, and Johnson is looking to be the star. (more…)


In the beginning, The Fast and the Furious was basically Point Break for street racers. But just like how the original Nightmare on Elm Street series became more about Freddy Krueger the crude jester than Feddy the monster, the Fast & Furious movies have more to do with everything else you can do in a car besides race them. Things like driving them off a plane, or ride them between buildings, or outrunning a drone. You know, regular bad ass spy stuff. Furious 7 continues the bizarre 14 year evolution of this franchise, an evolution that makes this seventh film in the series look only superficially like film that started it all in 2001. (more…)


Ever since the SyFy channel unceremoniously cancelled Stargate Universe a couple of years ago, fans have been clamoring for more trips through the ‘gate to brand new worlds and to seek out new human life living like cultures gone for thousands of years…. But I don’t think this is what they wanted. However, the slings and arrows of franchise management are outside the control of mom and pop sci-fi nerds, and because a brand name is a brand name is a brand name, Stargate will be rebooted. At least an attempt will be made anyway. The endeavor is one step closer now though as news has reached the interweb that a pair of screenwriters have been hired to pen the franchise reboot. (more…)


While there were a lot of rumors floating around last year about a complete reboot and franchise building trilogy of Snake Plisskin films, that was all just smoke and mirrors. The movie rights were still up in the air and it wasn’t until recently that a clear front-runner emerged. Now the smoke has cleared and the rights to Escape From New York have been scooped up by FOX, but what do they plan to do with them? (more…)


Director of the 1994 Stargate movie starring Kurt Russell and James Spader, Roland Emmerich is back to take the Stargate reins in hand with plans to create a trilogy of movies to reboot the entire franchise. Emmerich recently sat down with Digital Spy and laid out that his original plan of a trilogy back in 1996 was nixed by MGM, which decided to take the franchise to television, creating the Stargate shows we’ve all come to know and love.

Take a look at the video below, you can skip to the 46 second mark if you don’t want to know about Will Smith and ID4 plans.

Well it’s to be expected that Kurt Russell and James Spader won’t be back as their original characters with the time between the original movie and now. That doesn’t rule out either of them taking on another role in the movie, although it would most likely be a small role. Emmerich won’t want to confuse viewers any more than he has too with who is the true leads in the movie.

This pretty much kills any hopes fans had of a movie version of Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis coming to the big screen like Joss Whedon’s Firefly finally managed to do. The good news is that a successful trilogy could spark all kinds of new opportunities for the franchise in the form of television, books, web series etc.

What do you think about this news? Are you happy or bummed out, hopeful or pessimistic?

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Two Choices, Only One Snake for ‘Escape’ Remake


After being dormant for a long time, it seems the machine is gearing up once again, big time, for the Escape from New York remake. Producer Joel Silver (Sherlock Holmes, The Matrix) recently picked up the baton and it seems that he’s moving swiftly to capitalize on the brand, so much so that the New York Daily News is reporting today that the potential replacement for Kurt Russell in the role of Snake Plissken is down to two contenders.

Contender #1: Jason Statham. Star of The Transporter series, Death Race and the recently released Parker.


Contender #2: Tom Hardy. The acclaimed actor who’s appeared in Inception, The Dark Knight Rises and the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road.


Both actors are fine choices, although they will have big shoes to fill given the indelible mark Russell left on the character. For my money, I’d rather see Hardy because I think Statham’s had his shot at remaking a cult classic with the dud Death Race, but I digress.

What do you think, Bastards? Who do you like as Snake, in anyone?

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