Final ‘Divergent’ Film, ‘Allegiant’ to Be Split Into Two Films

- 04-11-14Film Posted by Jacob Knight


What evil hath Twilight, The Hunger Games and Harry Potter wrought?

As someone who sat through Divergent, the first entry in Veronica Roth’s dystopian YA trilogy which finds the post-apocalyptic citizens of Chicago in a sans Thesaurus existence, I honestly can’t imagine how there could be enough story in this series for three films, let alone enough to allow for the splitting of the final book into two separate motion pictures (which I’m sure will run over two hours apiece). But the YA adaptation business model now demands that all ultimate entries be divided into two installments so that they may steal all of the allowance your thirteen-year-old daughter has been bequeathed. No word on whether or not Satan’s minions will be waiting outside the door of each theater house, ready to take their blood as well (Lucifer, from what I hear, is only actually going to show up to the Hollywood premiere).


‘Mockingjay’ Won’t Get Delayed Due to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death

- 02-03-14Film Posted by Sarah Moran


The shocking death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman not only rocked the internet and cast a cloud over more than a few Super Bowl parties, it also called into question a couple of the actor’s unfinished projects. The most prominent being The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Part 2. (more…)

Girl Power! ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Becomes #1 Female-Led Film in 40 Years

- 01-11-14Film Posted by Luke Gallagher

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 1.00.23 PM

Hunger Games: Catching Fire has been, well, on fire. The second of 4 films, based on the book series from Suzanne Collins,  burst onto the scene in November and has scorched the competition. In fact, something very important just happened. Not only has Catching Fire just become the highest-grossing release of 2013 -  made a staggering $409.4 million surpassing Iron Man 3, which earned $409 million through tickets sales -  it’s the first female-led film to come out on top since The Exorcist in 1973. That is a huge deal. Particularly for Jennifer Lawrence. Think about the greatest actresses in the last 40 years, none of them were able to do this until now. (more…)

Lionsgate Made a Billion Dollars (Again) – Could This Lead Way To More Films With Female Heroes?

- 12-23-13Film Posted by Luke Gallagher

Lionsgate copy

I don’t usually talk box office numbers because, well, math is hard. The only reason I’m bringing up Lionsgate’s films second billion dollar year is to acknowledge how a good chunk of those earnings were accounted by franchises with female leads, and how it stands to reason that we might start seeing a floodgate of female hero movies.


Disney and Lionsgate Working on ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Hunger Games’ Theme Park Attractions (Respectively)

- 11-08-13Cool Stuff, Film Posted by James Daniels


Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger has had more to say about Star Wars recently than pretty much since the acquisition of Lucasfilm by his company (can you believe it’s been over a year?). First the official release date for Episode VII was finally revealed…no title yet, but at least we know WHEN we can see the most anticipated film since Edison made “Fred Ott’s Sneeze”.

But there’s more! Iger also spoke on about expanding the SW attractions to Disney theme parks across the globe…Oh, before I get to the jump, I guess I should mention that Lionsgate is also apparently in talks to produce theme park attractions based on The Hunger Games film franchise. (more…)

‘Ender’s Game’ Sequel? Maybe for TV

- 11-08-13Film, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


The box office reaction to Ender’s Game has been good, but not great. It’s made $32.5 million in its first five days at the North American box office, and had taken in another $9 million overseas, and while that maybe be good enough for it to recoup costs, it’s not exactly the kind of big money to build a franchise on. And that’s why the studio that produced it, Lionsgate, is looking to continue the saga, just on TV screens. (more…)

Because You Demanded It (?) ‘Saw 8′ in Active Development

- 11-05-13Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

SAW 5 Photo: Steve Wilkie

And you thought they had tied everything up in a neat little package. Shoot, they even paid Cary Elwes enough to come back for a couple of days of work. Regardless though of what you may have thought, sources say that Lionsgate is looking to get back into the Jigsaw Killer business by putting an eighth Saw movie into active development. (more…)

SDCC ’13: ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Trailer

- 07-20-13Film Posted by Sarah Moran


Only moments ago did the Lionsgate panel featuring the cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire wrap. (Relive the experience with out live blog!) At said panel the newest trailer for Catching Fire debuted, and as been the pattern so far this SDCC, the trailer has now debuted online! Watch!

Source: Yahoo!

SDCC ’13: Lionsgate Panel Live Blog – ‘I, Frankenstein’ & ‘Catching Fire’

- 07-20-13Film Posted by Manny Lozano


[Editor's Note: Whew! And just like that, once the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures panel concluded it's on to Lionsgate! They're bringing I, Frankenstein and the next installment of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. Let's get to Manny's live commentary!]

[UPDATE: This panel has now concluded. Thanks for following the live blog! Hit the jump for original live commentary. Then, stick with Nerd Bastards for more SDCC coverage, including more Hall H live blogs of both the FOX and Marvel Studios panel.]


SDCC ’13: Four Things We Learned in the ‘Ender’s Game’ Press Conference

- 07-18-13Film Posted by Kristal Bailey


[Editor's Note: Along with our coverage of The Ender's Game Experience, Kristal Bailey attended the Ender's Game press conference and learned a few interesting tid bits about the upcoming Lionsgate film. How she kept it cool while breathing the same air as Han Solo, I'll never know.]

With all the controversy around Orson Scott Card, it’s hard to remember that Ender’s Game actually has nothing to do with the gay marriage debate. It’s not a plot point or thematic message within the film at all. The film follows young soldiers as they train for an interplanetary war under the tutelage of Harrison Ford‘s military commander.

In advance of their panel at San Diego Comic Con, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Roberto Orci, Gavin Hood, and Harrison Ford sat down to chat with journalists. Here are the five most interesting things I learned from their press conference.

1. Han Solo and Graff are nothing alike.
Graff is a complex character who’s charged with the awesome responsibility of recruiting and training the young soldiers. He faces a lot of the moral issues involved in using young people for warfare, which are integral to the character’s personality and his story. Ender doesn’t face these moral issues until the end of the film really, so it all falls on Graff’s soldiers. The book deals with a lot of complex issues of social responsibility and the moral issues that one faces when one is part of a military establishment. Harrison Ford was, “just delighted to be involved in a film of such high ambition and talented people. Graff is a more complex character than Han Solo, [but] that doesn’t mean I regret Han Solo.”

2. They tried to use practical effects whenever possible.
Gavin Hood said, “you think of these movies as big CG events, but they’re really not. Whenever we could, we built sets that felt as real as possible. It really helps the actors feel like they’re in a real environment. The set directors did a great job in creating these spaces. In the Comic Con Fan Experience, you can see the detail even on the bunk beds and helmets – we had to pay attention to even how would they reflect light because you have to capture and work with that light in the camera.”

3. Gavin Hood’s Tsotsi and Ender’s Game aren’t all that different.
Gavin made Tsotsi, a $3 million movie, and now Ender’s Game. Deep down in both stories you have troubled kids trying to survive in a morally complex environment. This time, you get to play with some really cool toys, but at its heart is a great character story. Hood said, “I get to play with these visual effects and worlds, but also have a character driven story that touches on the human element.”

4. Roberto Orci thinks you don’t need film school nowadays.
When discussing how much thought they put in to bonus features, commentary, deleted scenes, etc that goes on to DVD/Blu-Rays now, producer Roberto Orci revealed that true film fans can learn so much from all these behind-the-scenes featurettes and bonus features that you don’t really film school. Gavin Hood chimed in that these special features are more the producers concern than the director. He was so wrapped up and buried in making the film at hand that he couldn’t think about the DVD/Blu-ray or potential sequels.


More San Diego Comic Con coverage coming your way, stay tuned!