Hints and Spoilers Indicating that ‘Planet Hulk’ is Coming?

- 07-01-14Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Since the closing credits of The Avengers, fans have been looking for more Hulk, at least the way he’s played by Mark Ruffalo. Despite the middling success of two solo Hulk movies, Ruffalo was so popular in the part that the people are eager for a third try, which wasn’t developed for Phase 2, but may very well end up on the books for Phase 3. (Discerning fans may note that Ruffalo popped up in the stinger at the end of Iron Man 3 but I digress.) So are we ever going to see another Hulk, and if so, what might it be about? New rumors abound as the title “Planet Hulk” has once again raises its head, and there may be some significant spoilage to make you believe it can happen.

Of course, if you don’t want to be spoiled, you have to the count of 10 to bail. (more…)

Ruffalo Getting His Shot at a Solo ‘Hulk’ Flick?

- 06-17-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

hulk montage

Ever since Mark Ruffalo first took on the role of the giant green menace known as The Hulk, people have been hoping that maybe, just maybe, Disney/Marvel would decide that our favorite raging monster would get a chance at his own solo flick. The last two tries at this proved to be less-than-adequate, so it would be nice to see a new incarnation, especially with Ruffalo in the starring role. So far there have been mixed responses to the possibility of this happening, although now it seems as if a solo Hulk film may indeed be on the table. Read on to hear what Ruffalo had to say about the project. (more…)

Mark Ruffalo Says Hulk Plays a Larger Role in ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’

- 06-05-14Comics, Film Posted by Jacob Knight


One of the absolute best parts of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers was how he got Hulk so right on screen. While Mark Ruffalo was quite impressive (as always — have you seen Zodiac?) playing Bruce Banner, it was the big green beastie who SMASHED! his way into film fans’ hearts everywhere. Now that Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron, is currently in production, tidbits regarding what to expect are trickling out. And it seems that we might see much more of Banner’s rampaging alter ego. (more…)

Mark Ruffalo Getting Mo-Cap Pointers From Andy Serkis–PLUS: Lou Ferrigno Claims ‘Hulk 2′ on the Way (Again)

- 05-01-14Comics, Film Posted by James Daniels



2015 will be a busy year for actor/stunt man/mo-cap artist extraordinaire Andy Serkis. Not only has he been confirmed as a cast member of what will likely be the biggest movie of the decade (y’know? This little picture?), but apparently just before that he’ll be mentoring Mark “The Incredible Hulk” Ruffalo in the finer points of motion-capture perfomance for Avengers: Age of Ultron. More after the jumpy-thingy: (more…)

Downey Jr. and Ruffalo Unleash The Earth’s Mightiest Selfies

- 04-23-14Film Posted by Jason Tabrys


The superhero franchise wars took a serious turn today when Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo (Down and Ruff: Superheroes in the daytime, super 1970s homicide detectives in the nighttime) engaged Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in the theater of SRAFTBFF (Super Rich and Famous Thespian Best Friends Forever) selfie adorableness combat.

After there is jumping, there shall be pictures!


Mark Ruffalo on ‘Avengers 2′: “Cooler”, “More Awesomer”, “Little Bit Darker”

- 01-20-14Comics, Film Posted by Sarah Moran


For the most part giving the same impression as Scarlet Johansson last week, Mark Ruffalo recently spoke to MTV about The Avengers: Age of Ultron and shared his thoughts on Joss Whedon‘s script,  (more…)

Ferrigno Declares Self the Ultimate Hulk Actor

- 09-03-13Comics, Film, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Mark Ruffalo got a lot of positive reaction to his portrayal as Bruce Banner/The Hulk in last summer’s The Avengers, and while some have said that his iteration of the character is “The Best” ever put to screen, is Ruffalo truly the best Hulk?

Well one other actor who played the Hulk is staking a claim. Lou Ferrigno played the Green Goliath in the 1977-82 TV series The Incredible Hulk, as well as in a number of follow-up TV movies. Ferrigno says that no one can play the Hulk like he could because Eric Bana, Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo’s Hulks were all brought to life through CGI and motion capture, and not because the actors themselves bulked up and slathered on green pant. The difference, according to Ferrigno, is that feeling of reality.

“I was the first to bring superhero muscles to the screen and to make it more believable. There’s still people who prefer to watch the old show over the newer things because it’s real, not CGI,” Ferrigno told The LA Times. “The Hulk was the beginning of me, a platform as an actor to grow. I don’t think anybody else can play the Hulk like I could. I was able to show emotions even with all of the makeup. I don’t think it can be duplicated.”

He may have a point, but then again ask anybody if motion capture can’t render (pun intended) a great performance and they’ll point you to Andy Serkis as Gollum in the Lord of the Ring movies among others. Still, Ferrigno deserves some credit for being the first live-action Hulk, and for doing it without computer graphics assistance.

What do you Bastards think, is their a better Hulk than Ferrigno, or is it reality for the win?

Source: Comic Book Movie

HULK SPECULATE! Is Marvel Plotting a Course for the Next ‘Hulk’ Film?

- 07-15-13Comics, Film Posted by Jason Tabrys

Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk in Avengers Assemble

Can Joseph Gordon Levitt grow convincing facial hair? This is the question on everyone’s mind following the latest Doctor Strange rumor, but as Marvel readies for it’s next phase, some people are wondering when The House of Mouse and The House of Ideas will let the Hulk smash in his own solo adventure film.

Sadly, we’re no close to knowing when that time will come (yet), but there is a new RUMOR today, coming from Comic Book Movie that may shed some light on the possible direction of this film, and if true, that direction should sound very familiar to fans of the current Marvel comic series, Indestructible Hulk.

In the comic, Bruce Banner decides to use himself as a weapon for good, cutting a deal with S.H.I.E.L.D. that will allow him to run a research lab with a staff of his choosing and the goal of innovating. In exchange for this, Banner lends the Hulk to S.H.I.E.L.D. for deployment against the biggest of the bads. It’s a Mark Waid creation, so you know it’s good and meaty, and it really could make for an interesting concept for a film if they go this way.

An Indestructible Hulk film could also open up a few other speculation windows, like: would Maria Hill appear (she’d sorta have to), and could this very S.H.I.E.L.D. based project loop in ABC’s upcoming Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show in some way?

We’ll have to wait to find out anything tangible on those questions and if this is really the road that Marvel wants to go down with Mark Ruffalo’s first standalone Hulk film, but for now, we should all just be devastated that Science Bros the cinema film seems so very far away.

Source: Comic Book Movie



Mark Ruffalo Wants You To Relax Over ‘Avengers 2′ Negotiations, Ok?

- 05-14-13Comics, Film Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson


For the past little while there has been a lot of speculation (and fear) over Marvel Studios ability to conquer The Avengers scariest foe yet, contract negotiations! Can The House of Ideas and Disney re-assemble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for future installments? I’m sure you’ve heard a few times over already that Robert Downey Jr. has gone on record saying that he and his movie teammates deserve a pay raise and that Marvel Movie head honcho Kevin Feige has quipped about possible recasting as the franchise moves forward.

Well, Moviefone caught up to Mark Ruffalo and asked him about the rumors and speculation. I’m guessing since he’d be the expert on Marvel Movie recasting at this point. So what did the third Hulk have to say?

Moviefone: Are you back for “Avengers 2?” There’s been a lot of talk about the salary negotiations.
Mark Ruffalo: I assume so. I haven’t been let go yet.

MF: Are you definitely signed on for it?
Mark Ruffalo: Oh, yeah. I’m signed for — oh my gosh — six movies altogether. Five now [after "The Avengers"].

MF: So, all this speculation about recasting Thor and The Hulk is just that, speculation?
Mark Ruffalo: That I know of. I haven’t caught wind of any of that. I was surprised to hear it, because I don’t even think anyone’s really started negotiating yet.

MF: So there’s no reason to panic?
Mark Ruffalo: No. [Laughs] Maybe people should panic, but I don’t see a reason to panic.

That’s the thing, Ruffalo, we’re nerds, we’re always panicked! *changes into Hulk, sits back down to internet*

It is also worth mentioning that it is really early to start worrying about a movie that is still two years away from release, not to mention that so far the Marvel Movies have proven to be money earners so there is a fair chance that that the studio is willing to spend a little on the principle characters to keep the cash register ringing.

Marvel’s The Avengers 2 is set to hit theaters May 1st, 2015.

Source: Moviefone

Can Marvel Re-Assemble Everyone for ‘Avengers 2 & 3′?

- 05-08-13Comics, Film Posted by Sarah Moran


Marvel‘s Cinematic Universe is a big hit, yes? Judging by all the box office records broken by The Avengers, now only to be re-broken by Iron Man 3 with its $700 million+ earned so far, it’s safe to say there’s no franchise bigger or more profitable than Marvel’s. And at this point, you have to wonder how much of this franchise’s success is from love of these characters, or was it the performances of Roberty Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth that made Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor mega-stars?

By now, Marvel’s got themselves a reputation of tying actors into long contracts for little pay – obviously, we’re talking comparatively, whatever an actor makes can never really be called “little pay” – which works out great for Disney and Marvel when they’re looking to make at least two or three sequels. Evans’ is current signed into a six-picture deal, after renegotiating down from nine, and Mark Ruffalo is signed on for six, Avengers being his first. And what their paid is a pitiful fraction of their film’s earnings.

Not so for RDJ. He, smartly, had his agents renegotiate his contract after the first Iron Man which is what allowed him to take home over $50 million from The Avengers‘ haul. And he’s doing so again, because officially RDJ doesn’t have to put on the metal suit even if Tony Stark/Iron Man are an integral part of The Avengers 2. So the question is, how much will Marvel have to pony up to re-sign RDJ? And is that an option? I know, I know, it’s unimaginable to think they’d ever recast Tony Stark but if a company believes they can make a good enough product for cheaper, they will. Let us not forget, as Screen Rant rightly reminds us, Terrance Howard was the highest paid actor in Iron Man and look how quickly they recast him once he asked for more money.

Now, yes, Howard is no RDJ, but what of his Avengers‘ co-stars? How will they fare in their contract negotiations? Deadline is reporting they are rallying behind RDJ, who with his success both at the box office and in negotiations, has become something of a leader.

He’s the only guy with real power in this situation. and balls of steel, too. He’s already sent a message that he’s not going to work for a place where they treat his colleagues like shit.

What if RDJ holds off on resigning in order for his fellow Avengers to get better deals? Will Marvel play that game, or will they simply recast and possibly downsize his role? Honestly, I think it’s tough to tell what they’ll do, but I, like many of you, can’t see anyone besides RDJ in the role. And I’d figure Marvel and Disney will be checking these box office figures, collected again by Screen Rant, showing the gross of the Marvel films with and without RDJ,

$585 million - Iron Man
$624 million – Iron Man 2
$1,512 million – The Avengers
$711 million – Iron Man 3 (in less than two weeks)
$263 million – The Incredible Hulk
$369 million – Captain America: The First Avengers
$449 million – Thor

Soo, where do you think this leaves us? Can Marvel re-assemble The Avengers?