‘Trans4mers’ News – Details from Bay & First TV Ad

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With just over two months to go until the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction (AKA: Trans4mers), it strikes us to think just how much we don’t know about the upcoming sequel to 2007′s Transformers. But now it looks like the production is trying to close that knowledge gap by promoting the heck out of the film, which is both a continuation of the Transformers saga from the previous three films, and a launching pad for a brand new trilogy of films with a new cast, new story line and everything. So what’s in store? Franchise filmmaker and originator of the Bay-hem aesthetic, Michael Bay, recently shared some thoughts… (more…)

Mark Wahlberg Plays With His Sword in New ‘Transformers 4′ Poster

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Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.26.40 AM

A new poster for Transformers: Age of Extinction has been released featuring Mark Wahlberg. Check it out below, and read the plot description that Michael Bay wish he wrote. (more…)

Snide and Mostly Lackluster Article About Mark Wahlberg’s New Reality TV Show

- 11-13-13TV Posted by JT Stevens

Wahlberg fear

Future Transformers star and all around dream boat Mark Wahlberg has finally been chosen to join the illustrious and high stakes world of reality television.

In the show, Wahlberg will not drive across the country to hold auditions for perspective Funky Bunch 2.0 members for an upcoming double bill world tour with the K-Fed/Brian Austin-Green rap super-group SpearFox. (more…)

Oh Good, Mark Wahlberg Wants to be Iron Man

- 08-14-13Comics, Film Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson


Just let that sink in a little.

Tony Stark with a Bawston accent. Ok, now breath a sigh of relief since our current Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., has signed on for at least two more Avengers movies. Still, Marvel Studios top dog (I almost typed dawg… the accent is infectious) Kevin Feige has said that the character is sorta like James Bond, able to be cast and re-cast till the end of time. At some point someone new will be in those red and gold robot pants.

While doing the press junket thing for his next movie, 2 Guns, Mark Wahlberg made a throwaway statement about how he prefers playing ‘real people’ over donning a cape and tights but he wouldn’t be against taking over for RDJ if someone asked him to. If you watch the interview, he is clearly joking (dear god I hope he’s joking.) You can check the video out below. (more…)

New Set Vids Show Some Action from ‘Transformers 4′

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It does seem kind of fitting that production on Transformers 4 is currently taking place in Detroit, it was the capital of America’s automotive industry for nearly a century, and if you’ve been following the news then you know that they could use the money from a big Hollywood production (even if they are dressing the place up to look like some Asian city somewhere).

The action being filmed seems to in some way involve Bumblebee and a couple of his fellow Autobots, as well as their new human friend Mark Wahlberg. So what’s going on? Who’s doing what? Hard to say from the various videos, but it does look damn exciting. And really, isn’t that what a Transformers movie is all about? (At least when Michael Bay‘s directing.)

The videos come courtesy of Comic Book Movie. They’re about two or three minutes each. Take a look below:


Marky Mark Unleashes a Funky Bunch of BS Against Critics

- 08-07-13Film Posted by Jason Tabrys


I get it. Movie stars, directors, and producers have an obligation to sing a song about how the sun shines out of the ass of every project that they are involved in, always eager to point a finger of blame in the direction of the evil cabal of movie critics when those projects shit the bed.

It’s PR spin.

It’s bullshit.

But if any of them ever took responsibility for the jam soaked turd that they put into the public marketplace — all nice and pretty, wrapped in cellophane and sprayed with perfume — then they’d probably be run out of the industry on a slicked rail.

Case in point: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, and now Mark Wahlberg.

Hammer is a youngling whose first tentpole picture flopped over in the summer breeze like a necrotic cock, so it’s understandable to see him seethe over the public’s lack of adoration for his stab at playing cowboys and whatever the fuck Johnny Depp was supposed to be.

He says that American critics were “gunning for” The Lone Ranger and intimates that they — or we, since I personally dabble in the dark art of film criticism — were obsessed with the film’s production woes and its bloated budget.

Hammer’s co-star, noted thespian Johnny Depp, concurs:

I think the reviews were written 7 or 8 months, probably, before we ever released the thing. [...] [The critics'] expectations of it, it must be a blockbuster, this and that, I didn’t have any expectations of that. I never do, why would I?


Pushing Depp’s “Look at me, I’m an interesting artist and above petty commerce” routine aside — despite his expectation to get paid like someone who top-lines blockbusters (and to his defenders, I invite you to look at his IMDB page in search of just five arthouse pictures that he has done since 1995′s Dead Man to prove his worth as an artist and not an utterly generic, take the money and run movie star.), this is the standard issue nonsense from people who are trying to sell a film in international markets.

Remember, those markets know that this is a film that has already been covered in a mixture of granulated shit and five week old hobo piss by its 28% Rotten Tomatometer rating and the fact that Disney is saying that it will possibly lose them $190 million dollars, so of course they’re going to need to be sweet talked.

What I don’t understand, though, is why Mark Wahlberg, who has nothing to do with this bloated whale corpse of a movie, would enter the fray, but Marky Mark unleashed his own funky bunch of bullshit too, saying: 

First and foremost, the media is targeting all these movies, [...] There’s intense scrutiny on us, way more than before.

It’s worth noting that Wahlberg also laid into the industry a bit, earning a bit of respect before cashing that in defense of Michael Bay, with whom he is now tied thanks to Transformers 4 — a film that, if anything like its predecessors, will be the kind of big, dumb, heavy metal and light worth actioner that Wahlberg maligns in his previous breath.

I don’t want to talk about that, though, I want to talk about Wahlberg’s use of the word “targeting”, because in my view, it’s movie viewers who are being targeted by the Hollywood machine and it is critics — as unsympathetic as we may be at times — who do our best to at least put a fucking shield of insight into the hands of the audience so they don’t get knocked down and cleaned out.

Why is that needed? Well, to put it plainly, movies cost money, they don’t come with a refund policy, and times are tough. It’s that simple. Going to the movies represents a gamble and consumers have no protection against a film’s PR campaign, save for word of mouth and those damned critics and entertainment journalists.


Now, I’m not going to sit here and espouse the virtues of every single film critic.

Let’s face it, some critics are shit, burdened by cynicism and inspired by a backwards set of priorities like the pursuit of access and the puffing of their own ego. These are the people who make you question their ethics as they write up a review while wearing studio swag. The people who cream their shorts for a pull quote, and who get so hard when they see a Re-Tweet from a studio that they pass out from blood loss.

Fuck those people, but they are the minority, not the majority.

The majority of critics are simply offering up their honest opinion about what they are seeing as a way of conveying information. Take their advice, don’t take their advice, it’s up to you.

But if you unequivocally trust people like Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg, and Jerry Bruckheimer to be straight with you while they’re trying to sell you their movie, and cheer when they say that critics are the problem, you deserve to get rolled.

Source: Blastr, /Film

More from this author on this topic: Means, Motive, and Opportunity: How We Get Played as Suckers 

Detroit’s ‘Transformers 4′ Asian Town Set Begins to Take Shape

- 07-08-13Film Posted by NickBungay


In the city of Detroit the people have seen a nice boost to their economy thanks to the magic land of Hollywood. The upcoming Robocop reboot did some shooting there and it did some good for the people, now Michael Bay is set to take the cast and crew of Transformers 4 into the city for some vehicular warfare. Before that though, Paramount Pictures needs some sets need to be built, you can’t just blow up existing buildings and hope the city of Detroit is going to be okay with it.

Shooting for Transformers 4 is scheduled to take place in Detroit, Chicago, Austin, and Hong Kong so construction crews have been busy preparing an Asian-styled set within the ”Motor City”. Set to begin filming in downtown Detroit at Washington Blvd. near Grand Circus Park in August, parts of the set look to be involved in some action sequence we’ll see from Mark Wahlberg and Nicola Peltz in Bay’s latest cash grab. Just check out the set for yourself below.


Take a look at more of the set in construction after the jump.


Enough Cars! First Shots of Wahlberg on T4 Set

- 06-12-13Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


A lot of pretty pictures of cars have been released so far in promoting Transformers 4, but what about the one thing we see every Transformers movie for: human characters.

Well get a load of the gallery below. Courtesy of Dee Dee Yelverton of the Taylor Daily Press, here are some set shots of new franchise star Mark Wahlberg on the Taylor, TX set of the film. Aside from just showing Marky Mark mill about on set, there are a couple of interesting pics including a shot of what looks like a rusting Optimus Prime and a billboard paying tribute to those who dies in the Decepticon siege of Chicago in Dark of the Moon.

What surprises does Michael Bay have in store for us? Maybe you can find some hints below…

Source: Comic Book Movie

Look! It’s Another New Transformer!

- 06-07-13Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Not sure if this qualifies as a Spoiler, but Michael Bay has once again revealed a new car that will appear as a robot in disguise in the upcoming fourth installment of Transformers. The car in question is a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Coupe, but we don’t know who the Lamborghini’s supposed to be, or whether it’s playing an Autobot or a Decepticon. Let’s take a look at the car in question:


Well, it’s a nice car at least. It will be starring in Transformers alongside Mark WahlbergJack ReynorNicola Peltz, Stanley TucciKelsey GrammerSophia MylesLi Bingbing and T.J. Miller when it’s released in theaters next summer on June 27.

Source: /Film

Extra! Extra! Get Yer New ‘Transformers 4′ Autobot Pictures Here!

- 05-29-13Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Like it or not there’s another Micheal Bay Transformers movie in the production pipeline. Principal photography on the fourth Transformers film is set to start this Thursday. Paramount has released a couple of new images of two new Autobots, don’t get to excited though, it’s just their robots in disguise look.

First up is the 1,200-horsepower Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse worth more than a whopping $2.4 million! The character name is most likely Drift.


I guessing this beauty will have its own computerized stunt double as well as on set security. A much cheaper car was stolen off the Captain America set after all, and don’t forget the last Transformers movie had police cars crashing the set and damaging Bumblebee.


The second is a special race-inspired C7 Corvette Stingray, based on Chevrolet’s upcoming 2014 production car. Slingshot is thought to be the character name. You know Chevy is going to cross market the heck out of this movie and new car.

Those are two sweet looking cars, and just what we’ve come to expect from Bay’s Transformers franchise. The only question left is, “What horribly racist and demeaning accents will the two new characters use?”


Lastly, Bay has given the world its first look at the updated look of one Optimus Prime in truck form, via his own website, accompanied by the following description: “The completely upgraded, custom-built Optimus Prime from Western Star (a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America).” Welcome to Pimp My Transformer on MTV.


In related news, The Wrap is reporting that TJ Miller (Pictured above) has been cast in the film as the blue-collared comic relief mechanic and friend to Mark Wahlberg’s character, I’m sure he’ll be saying , “Hi to his mother.” for him.

Via: Bleedingcool