Gender Equality: Marvel Vice President Talks


The film industry is dealing with a number of difficult topics at the moment and Marvel, in particular, is currently trying to make up for previous cultural failings in cinema. It has recently made an effort to address the issues of racism and sexism in the media with its hit shows like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. After criticism that the Marvel Cinematic Universe had predominantly featured men as its leading characters, it looks as though the studio plans to respond to public demand for a Black Widow movie, after her positive reception in The Avengers.

Thankfully, it looks like Marvel can be relied on to make some big waves in terms of film equality in the years ahead. (more…)


If you’re in New York and need Mystical help, who are ya gonna call? Doctor Strange of course, but how do you actually find him? Now you can just pull up Google Maps and get directions in a flash, ain’t modern Technology wonderful? Now when you get there be prepared, it’s a fifty/fifty shot that you will or won’t find the Sanctum Sanctorum. The good Doctor’s residence is known to fade in and out of this dimension as Doctor Strange uses his mystical powers to conceal his home. (more…)


Netflix and Marvel have been hitting it out of the park. We already have 2 seasons of Daredevil, the first season of Jessica Jones, the first season of Luke Cage, and are about to get Iron Fist early next year before all the street level combine in The Defenders. Each show does a great job showing the gritty side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) was a pleasant surprise and it dealt with such hard-hitting issues as rape and control in a well-made psychological thriller and was told through the viewpoint from its female lead.



So far this season, Agents of SHIELD has focused on building the story around Ghost Rider while tying in subplots from last season’s Inhuman arc. The show runners have also thrown in a sprinkle of Civil War. Some of the interactions between series regulars has taken a backseat to the world building.  For instance, the normally inseparable duo of Fitz and Simmons didn’t share a single scene in this episode. Fans of the on again, off again romance between the two probably feel like their hard earned relationship is far from paying off.



Doctor Strange has always been a trippy comic book. Back in the 60’s legendary Marvel artist Steve Ditko took readers to places only found in dreams and nightmares. Strange places that defied logic and normalcy, it was almost like Ditko was trying to visually depict a psychedelic acid trip. In this latest Doctor Strange Featurette, Kevin Feige, Scott Derrickson and Benedict Cumberbatch talk about translating Ditko’s artistic style to the big screen and how Doctor Strange fits into the larger Marvel universe. (more…)


After months of disappointed tourists being unable to ride, The Incredible Hulk roller coaster is back and more pissed off than ever. Last September, the big green giant closed for a massive refurbishment. After sixteen years of thrilling park guests, Universal Studios figured that it was about time the attraction got a face-lift. Everything from the track to the trains to even the entrance would get a fresh coat of paint and give riders a relatively new ride experience to the same track layout. So after nearly a year of fine-tuning and fixing up the ride, how do the new changes hold up? Let’s find out. (more…)


Principal photography has wrapped for Spider-Man: Homecoming and a tired cast and crew look ready for a break in the picture posted by Tom Holland. They’ve all been working hard at both the Atlanta and New York Sets and now the film has been passed into the hands of post production. That means there’s really no break for director Jon Watts, but he marked the occasion with a nice little video you can check out below.  (more…)


And it’s a sweet Christmas indeed! Hot off the trails of Marvel’s Netflix original series’ Daredevil Season’s 1 & 2 and Jessica Jones, comes the fourth installment in the Marvel Cinematic TV Universe, in the steel-hard grip of Luke Cage.

This article is based off  half in the 13 episode run. It will discuss what to expect as far as the tonal qualities from the show as well as character performances and motivations. So basically its Spoiler free.

Like it’s predecessors, location is a central character in the all around tone and vibe the show emits. In Daredevil, Hell’s Kitchen’s gritty confines gave the show an immediate palpable danger. In Jessica Jones, we’re given a broader stroke of the New York landscape, traveling from Hell’s Kitchen to the Upper West Side and beyond. With Luke Cage, we’re given Harlem. Bathed in a familiar yellow colored light in almost every scene and second only to Cage himself, Harlem IS the main character of the show. From the very beginning, the pulse, the sounds and the soul of the city beat like an unending drum. Sometime’s the beats are slow, smooth and cool, other times furious and untamed. Harlem is ever present; its landscape feels small and intimate but the characters it’s bred are loud, large and dangerous.  (more…)


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD continued it’s fourth season with the second episode called “Meet the New Boss”.  The episode had a lot going on, yet everything was still somehow packed into an hour of television. Gabriel Luna continues to do an excellent job as Ghost Rider, who is the main sell for this season. The rest of the team kept digging into the mysteries of the ghost box and the audience was introduced to the new Director of SHIELD. Also, we were given some more information about that weird ghost woman. She now has a whole ghost squad. (more…)