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Comic book super hero The Vision made his cinematic debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Being thrown into the mix among characters already established across multiple films had made his introduction a challenging sell. Director Joss Whedon gave him a particularly “worthy” moment that instantly pushed the character over, cementing his place among the rest of The Avengers. What made him worthy? Well, that particular question was left unanswered. If you look, though, at what star Paul Bettany had to go through getting suited up as The Vision, you may have your answer. (more…)

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Marvel has released the short origin story prequels of Groot, Star-Lord, and Rocket Raccoon already in preparation of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Series, and now the time has come for us to take a closer look at the story of Drax the Destroyer. You’ll remember him as the very literal, revenge-bent force to be reckoned with, albeit with a lesser seen caring and loyal side. Although the videos don’t follow the same timeline as the film, Drax still proves to be very much the same.



Oh the Internet is always coming up with ways to find out what’s what. A Reddit user, UnbreakablJimmySmits, recently found out that if he added a number to the URL for the upcoming Netflix/Marvel Jessica Jones series,, then suddenly there are all the episode titles for the first season. Of course Netflix is getting everything loaded up and it looks like everything is ready for Netflix to flip that switch and turn on Jessica Jones. Do you wanna know what the titles are?

Oh yeah… SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!! Do not pass go and collect $200 if you’re saving yourself for the binge weekend and don’t want to know anything else about Jessica Jones.


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“The rocket is both a means of propulsion and a weapon!” We’ve seen how Groot and Star-Lord came to be who they are, and now in Marvel’s latest Guardians of the Galaxy 2-part short, we’re shown how Rocket Raccoon became the scamp we all know and love. Although, as you’ll see after watching the videos, a lot of what makes Rocket who he is was already part of his feisty, snarky personality!


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As we figured they would, Disney unleashed footage today at their annual D23 Expo from Marvel’s highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War. Disney/Marvel haven’t released this footage online yet, but there are first hand accounts and descriptions to go by that paint a very clear picture. From the sound of things, this looks to be Marvel’s biggest cinematic construct yet. (more…)


There are enough characters in Captain America: Civil War that it might as well be Avengers 3.0. Except it’s not the Avengers. The team is divided and at war with each other. It’s Tony Stark vs Captain America. They, and their respective teams, are odds with each other over government control of enhanced humans. It’ll be pandemonium.

In additional some familiar faces – like Back Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Vision, Scarlett Witch, and The Winter Soldier  – Captain America: Civil War will also see a new but classic Marvel super hero, in that of The Black Panther. Now, after months of filming, new set photos have surfaced giving us our very first look at, who can be described as, the African Batman. (more…)


As FOX‘s latest attempt to create a Fantastic Four franchise continues to smolder after the epic nuclear box office meltdown opening, you might have expected the Dog-Pile-On attitude to waver a bit after everyone got that initial glob of vile tasting movie experience out of their mouths with a few barbed comments. I mean, no one expects FOX to just give Marvel back the rights to the Fantastic Four….or do they? That’s right, there’s a Change.Org petition to force FOX to sell back the rights to Marvel. Have you signed it yet? (more…)


There has been a lot of speculation as to what Spider-Man‘s costume will look like when he appears in Captain America: Civil War. There have been a number of supposed descriptions and renderings on the costume – some being very far removed from the original source material.  Now another image has surfaced claiming to be the first look at the webslinger. Is this just another fan made look, or is it legit? (more…)