Our First Avengers: AoU TV Commercial Is Here!

- 01-29-15Comics, Film Posted by Luke Gallagher


The first television spot (well, one that isn’t exclusively attached to Agents of Shield) has been released. The 30-second clip consists nearly entirely of previously seen footage from the initial two trailers – so in other words, nothing new to see here. You’re bound to see this on the Superbowl and then have it, as well as a number of other spots/cuts, shoved down your eye sockets between now and May first. Because, we’re all puppets… tangled in strings… STRINGS…

The spot shows scenes like Ultron crashing the Avengers’ party, Hulk facing off against Iron Man in Hulk Buster Armor, and explosions! Check it out below:

TV REVIEW: ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ – S01E04 – “The Blitzkrieg Button”

- 01-28-15Featured, reviews Posted by James Iniguez


This week’s episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter finds Peggy and Jarvis working together to recover Stark’s stolen inventions that are now on the black market.  We get the sense that some time has passed since the previous episode ‘Time and Tide’ – fitting since the viewers got a two week break as well.  The recovery missions aren’t the only thing Agent Carter has to contend with as Howard Stark (the always dashing Dominic Cooper) shows up back in New York City hot on the trail of a more serious threat, his aptly titled doomsday device called the “Blitzkrieg Button”. Seriously, this guy needs to take up knitting or something. (more…)

‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer With Director Commentary… Yeah, Cause That’s A Thing We Do Now.

- 01-28-15Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Just a day after FOX finally released a trailer for Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four reboot they’ve re-released the trailer with additional  Producer (Simon Kinberg) and Director commentary. I can’t say I’ve ever seen this done before and in this particular case, it is pure brilliance. (more…)

Fox Confirms The Are Developing A Live-Action ‘X-Men’ TV Show

- 01-27-15Comics, TV Posted by Derek Robertson


We have information regarding the rumors about a live action X-Men TV series that Fox have been toying with. Initially, the problems with Marvel Studios owning the rights to some of the characters had us believing it was what it was: a rumor. As the pragmatics behind putting a show into production based on characters who are tied in a political ‘who-owns-what’ battle seemed like too steep a hill to climb for the network. However, talks have been had from both sides and it is looking slightly more probable now. (more…)

Whedon? Gunn? The Russos? Come On, Who’s Directing ‘Infinity Woarrr?!”

- 01-26-15Film Posted by Aspry Jones

use this first

Who will direct the two-part conclusion to our live-action saga starring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Last I heard, ‘Winter Soldier’s’ the Russo Brothers were at least helming part 1 of ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ Suddenly, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as there are new questions about Joss Whedon returning. Questions so tough that he had to cross legs with Empire Magazine for a little chit chat about this and that, and oh yeah…dude, are you directing these movies or what? We’ll see exactly what he said after the jump, but from the cheap seats, it kinda reminds me of that time when Peter Jackson said he was tired of Middle Earth. Yeah, you see where I’m going with this. (more…)

We Won’t Be Seeing Any More Of Ronan The Accuser On Film Anytime Soon

- 01-23-15Film Posted by Aspry Jones

use this first

I could sit here all day and act like it’s 2014 and I’m rushing home after seeing ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ to write to you about how cool it was, but I won’t. Mostly because it’s 2015 and I’m sure I did that already. A couple of times, in fact, and threw in a bit of awesomeness about the soundtrack to boot. Instead, I’ll talk a little bit about Lee Pace and his portrayal of Ronan The Accuser, one of Marvel’s greatest space baddies. The character nicely translated from comic book page to really big screen, and some of it had to do with Pace’s delivery, though some writers will disagree. Well, I hope you guys got your fill of him because Ronan’s on the road to nowhere fast. (more…)

Marvel In Early Talks With Chiwetel Ejiofor For ‘Doctor Strange’ Role

- 01-22-15Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Word is making the Internet rounds that Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave, Serenity) is currently in early talks with Marvel for a role in Doctor Strange. Marvel has already locked up Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role. What role might the Oscar nominated actor be playing? Let’s speculate… I do so love to speculate.


Marvel’s ‘Secret Wars’ Event To End The Marvel Universe As We Know It!

- 01-20-15Comics Posted by James Iniguez

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 8.59.05 PM

We swear it’s not click-bait! Marvel Comics shared a massive announcement today about the upcoming Secret Wars event.  Fans everywhere waited with baited breath, and a live kick-off event was held in New York City where Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort blew our socks off.  What was the reveal, their “announcement to end all announcements”? The current Marvel Universe will end in 2015!  That’s right Nerds, Marvel 616 and the Ultimate Marvel Universe have entered the thunder dome and things are about to get real.  (more…)

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Post-Credit Scene Gets Comic Book Sequel

- 01-20-15Comics, Film Posted by Derek Robertson


Do you want to know how in Lords of Kobal’s names Howard the Duck ended up in The Collector‘s ever growing miscellany of expansive paraphernalia and prized possessions in the Guardians of the Galaxy post-credit scene? For those of you who do, you’re in for a “quacking” treat because Marvel is developing a comic book story that will detail how the wise-cracking anthropomorphic noir-head got there. Now, most of you must be thinking that sounds like prequel material right? Not quite! Marvel has indicated that it is going to be a direct sequel to the concluding scene in Guardians of the Galaxy, so we can only presume that there will be details of his current predicament interspersed within new stories (more…)

Josh Trank’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Trailer To Premiere At ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Screenings

- 01-16-15Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


We’d love to include a bunch of officially released production stills, or behind the scenes clips and interviews from the cast, but there just aren’t any. Word around the Internet is that FOX isn’t happy with the movie’s first cut of Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four reboot and have ordered re-shoots in Louisiana later this month. For a movie that comes out in seven months, the lack of marketing and publicity is concerning to fans. The only publicity this movie seems to be getting is the bad kind, full of fan worry and behind the scenes problems. Now we finally know when we will see a trailer for the movie. (more…)