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Just when you thought the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge fad (a good charitable fad that has served its purpose in raising ALS awareness, but still, a fad) is behind us, Doctor Who and Guardians of The Galaxy star Karen Gillan answered Matt Smith’s Nomination and keeps the awareness and cold water flowing.

Everyone’s favorite red head (her hair is growing back nicely) gets style points for dressing up as the Pink Power Ranger and having the Red Ranger and a little person dressed as the Green Ranger get her wet (no, that was not a sexual innuendo). Why the Power Rangers theme? No clue, it’s not explained. That’s what makes it great. The random absurdity of it. (more…)


Welcome to this very special Doctor Who filled edition of the RadioBastard Podcast! This time on the show, Jeremy and Jason are talking about Peter Capaldi‘s full debut as The Doctor in “Deep Breath“, Jenna Louise Coleman‘s possible exit and what John Hurt smells like with Doctor Who expert and Panama hat enthusiast Steven Sautter.

Also on the show (which will be filled with spoilers from “Deep Breath”: (more…)


I consider myself a rather astute cinematic study and even I cannot fathom just what in the Hot Buttered Christ (HBC®) is going in this first footage from Lost River, Ryan Gosling’s surreal-looking directorial debut. From the feel of this minute (which, really, probably tells us nothing in the grand scheme of things) all I know is that Gosling is definitely following in the footsteps of Nicolas Winding Refn (with whom he made Drive and Only God Forgives) and not making an easily digestible piece of consumerist nonsense (like his pal Joseph Gordon Levitt’s debut Don Jon). Goofiest of all? The Doctor himself — Matt Smith — flexing his muscles as some sort of weirdo bully.


Doctor Who - Series 7B

Breaking nerd news today at Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions have announced that Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who, is joining the cast of Terminator: Genesis. Smith is obviously a huge get for any sci-fi property after his years on Who, but what is the part he’s going to play in this new Terminator reboot, relaunch, reimagining, rewind, etc? That is a very good questions…. (more…)

11th Doctor Lives in New Comic Book ‘Doctor Who’


It was with a lot of disappointment (and admittedly some jubilation on the other hand) that Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith regenerated into Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi at the end of the Doctor Who Christmas special this past December. And although Capaldi’s adventures as the Time Lord don’t kick off on television till later this year, those already missing space and time fairing with Eleven will be pleased to know that you’ll be able to carry on with the bow-tie clad hero… In comic book form! (more…)


The episode may have been called “The Time of The Doctor,” but time was up for this current incarnation of The Doctor, Matt Smith. Where as his still beloved predecessor David Tennant seemed to get an entire year in order to let the audience say a proper goodbye, Smith would have to make due with one hour. But as Doctor Who proved again, one hour can be a lifetime, and “The Time of The Doctor” had enough going on for a two-parter, or a double-stuffed 50th anniversary episode. Can we handle two epic Who’s back-to-back? And can Smith’s send-off match Tennant’s teary tour-du-force in “The End of Time?” (more…)


Caught up in all the holiday hullabaloo, I’m almost forgot next week is not only our commercialized celebration of the winter solstice, but also Matt Smith‘s final adventure as The Doctor. On Christmas Day, the Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor” premieres, and with it, the Fall of the Eleventh. Being only a week out it’s about time for BBC America to release this extended trailer showing off more from the special than ever before, (more…)

It Finally Happened: Sherlock Meets The Doctor… Sorta


It’s the meet-up that launched a thousand fan-fics and now it’s kinda, sorta real. What happens when the TARDIS lands in front of 221 B Baker Street? What happens when two of the fiercest minds of British TV come face to face? What will it be like when Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and The Doctor (Matt Smith) meet and head off into the universe together? Some very enterprising video producers have put together what they think that would look like. And warning, this is very SFW, so none of your potential fan-fic fantasies come true. (more…)