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As is tradition, during tonight’s Children in Need broadcast on BBC One we were treated to a sneak peek at the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.” Longer than the incredibly short clip they previewed earlier, this one gives us a bit more info about what’s happening in the 50th as well as when Doctors Ten (David Tennant) and Eleven (Matt Smith) will first meet. (more…)


Welcome to another installment of Who News! In where a desperate attempt is made to keep everyone as up to date as possible with all the happenings in Whoniverse ™. Today it’s all about one thing and one thing only: the Doctor Who 50th anniversary! Only two weeks away [KERMIT FLAIL] we’re all eagerly awaiting the official trailer (s?) for “The Day of the Doctor“, expected tomorrow. Below the cut, however, we’ve got an airtime confirmation for the special, a couple promos, some new pictures, and more! (more…)


It’s been a long drought between Doctor Who episodes. Albeit, part of that’s been anticipation and build-up for the landmark 50th anniversary episode of the show, but seriously, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new adventure featuring our favorite Time Lord, or any of his variations. So to get the hype going for the November 23 worldwide launch of “The Day of The Doctor,” the BBC is releasing not one, but two, Doctor Who minisodes to wet your appetite for the big show. (more…)


The CW’s Arrow – returning for its second season tomorrow night, October 9th at 8pm – has already sought out two former Doctor Who stars for its cast: John Barrowman as first season baddie, Malcom Merlyn, and Alex Kingston as Laurel Lance’s mama, Dinah. But there’s one actor series producer, Andrew Kreisberg is simply dying to work with: The Doctor himself, Matt Smith.

Recently Arrow star, Stephen Amell, was promoting the second season as well as the first season’s release on DVD/Blu-ray, and told SciFiNow what a diehard Whovian Kriesberg really is,


Christian Bale

Because the soon-to-be former Time Lord and big chin having lady killer is going to need a sharp chopping tool for all the psychotic killer-y things that are sure to go down when he takes the stage for an upcoming musical that should be very familiar to fans of the 80s, slasher films, and Huey Lewis and the News.