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It’s been one of the largest gripes against Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary special: No Classic Doctors. As has been the tradition for Who anniversary specials we are indeed getting a multi-Doctor story – David Tennant is returning as the Tenth alongside Matt Smith‘s Eleventh, plus whomever John Hurt is playing – but of the other five surviving Doctors (discounting Christopher Ecceslton) not one has been asked to take part in the special. At least that’s been the story.

Now we’re hearing of some Classic Doctor spottings at the BBC (via Doctor Who TV). Though, these are not the typical oh-they-must-be-there-secretly-filming spottings, these are oh-look-they’re-protesting spottings. Just what have Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvestor McCoy been spied protesting? The 50th Anniversary special!



This Christmas, there’s absolutely one thing that Santa will not be bringing you, and that’s more of Matt Smith as The Doctor in Doctor Who. By now, it’s less than spoilery to say that this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special will be Smith’s final appearance as the time traveling alien, but how about a sneak peak at the final episode? Well the BBC’s official Doctor Who Twitter account posted an official first-look pic of Smith’s final Who…


Okay, so obviously there’s nothing to spoil there. Even the title of script, “Doctor Who Christmas Special 2013,” doesn’t even give us a hint. All we do know for sure is that Smith will be wearing a wig made to look like his signature Who ‘do for the special. Here’s what Smith himself had to say about the situation:

“I [cut my hair] for a film, but it means I have to wear a wig in Doctor Who, which is a nightmare. I’m excited – I start shooting the Christmas special [on] Sunday. It’ll be sad – the end of a wonderful era!”

It will indeed be quite sad this Christmas. In the meantime though, we all have the 50th anniversary special to look forward to on Saturday November 23rd.

More Who news as it develops.

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Spoilers! Did Someone Blow the Final Villain for Doctor 11?


So we all know that the annual Doctor Who Christmas special this December will mark the final appearance of Matt Smith as The Doctor, and we all know that Peter Capaldi will take up the role as the Twelfth Doctor by that episode’s end; but how will Eleven meet his end, and who will the villain responsible be? Well the answer to those questions may have been answered in a recent tweet sent out by a member of the Who crew. Obviously, stop right here if you don’t want to be spoiled, for the rest of you, read on in…



Those who attended San Diego Comic Con and got into Hall H for the Doctor Who panel were treated to the first glimpse of footage from the 50th anniversary special. It was so exclusive Steven Moffat threatened to never bring any footage or sneak peeks or anything to Comic Con ever again if it leaked! Now, either that same footage or another clip was shared at the Edinburgh TV Festival, going on now, and from that footage a still shot of Doctors Eleven, Ten, and… uh… 8.5 has leaked online. Check it out below!



One of the interesting aspects to the upcoming 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who is the coming together of two Doctors: the current one, Matt Smith, and his immediate predecessor, David Tennant. Tennant’s days as The Doctor were officially done in 2010, and the actor has since moved on to the acclaimed small town crime drama Broadchurch, where he plays a police inspector investigating the death of a young boy.

It was on that subject in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the topic of Doctor Who came up. When asked about what it’s like to connect with the man that took over from him as one of science fiction’s most famous time travelers, Tennant had the following to offer:

I suppose you’d expect me to say we’re new best friends and I love him like a brother,” the Scottish actor tells EW. “But that is sort of how it was. I had a fantastic time and that wouldn’t necessarily have been the case. I’m coming back onto a show that’s effectively somebody else’s show and used to be mine and that’s potentially quite a weird situation to be in. Going back to something I knew so well and had such fun memories of might have backfired. It’s a quite rare set of circumstances: Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig don’t get to play James Bond next to each other. But actually it felt familiar enough that it was like coming home and working with Matt proved to be a real joy. I hope I’m speaking for him when I say we really enjoyed bouncing of each other and playing sort of two aspects of the same character. It was everything that I hoped it might be and nothing that I feared it could be.

Well that sounds promising. The 50th anniversary special will air November 23 on BBC, BBC America and Space Channel in Canada.

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A live broadcast hosted by Zoe Ball this Sunday will reveal the actor who will portray the twelfth incarnation of the Gallifreyan Time Lord known across space and time as simply, The Doctor. Showrunner Steven Moffat and 11th Doctor Matt Smith will be joining Ball on the special–along with whomever’s going to be playing the new Doctor.

The announcement is scheduled to air at 7pm, Sunday August 4th in the UK… and 11am PDT and 2pm EDT in the States.

The remarkably secretive casting process was done under the code name of Whodini, and apparently even the crew and other staff working with the soon-to-be 12th Doctor didn’t know what was going on.

Currently, an episode of Celebrity Mastermind is scheduled for that particular time slot on BBC One–most likely this will be preempted.

Furthermore, MSN UK just released this tweet regarding the announcement:

Don’t read too much into this, though–it’s believed that this message refers to the same announcement we’re talking about, and the official reveal of Twelve’s identity will be saved for Sunday.

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Matt Smith, our soon to be Doctor-deserter, took part in a lengthy interview with Vulture while in hanging out in Los Angeles this week. I expect while recuperating from San Diego Comic Con at former companion, Karen Gillan’s apartment. At least that’s what I’m imagining. I mean, who else does he know in L.A.? But like I said, it’s a pretty lengthy interview and is simply chocked full of goodies. Like this, Smith already knows what he’s taking from Doctor Who‘s set when he officially departs later this year,

You steal things! What are you planning to steal from set once you’re done?

I plan on taking the sonic screwdriver.

I don’t think you’re allowed to, are you?

I don’t care. And I’ll take my jacket, probably. I’m really sad to be leaving! I love the show!

Not really all that surprising. I’m fairly certain David Tennant also swiped his screwdriver and I know he has one of his suits because they had to de-mothball it to use for the 50th anniversary special. And speaking of Tennant, Smith talked about the dynamic of working with his 10th Doctor and Rose (Billie Piper),

How does Eleven get on with Ten and Rose?

Well first, [Billie Piper, who plays Rose] is a great friend of mine anyway. We’ve worked together and I’m very fond of her. She’s wonderful. But yeah, bizarrely, if you look at previous Doctor Who stories, they tend to be quite grouchy with each other, but I think Ten and Eleven actually like each other. David and I do in real life as well, and our Doctors are quite collaborative.

Did he pass on any advice back when you took over?

He just wished me luck, really. He said, “I’m always here to talk, and if you need me, give me a ring.” But it’s always an individual experience where you sort of have to go through the highs and lows on your own. It’s a bit like playing Hamlet. Not to place too much importance on what we do, but it has to be totally an individual response.

Do go check out the entire interview with Vulture, especially for a funny story of Matt and Karen having dinner together and Matt’s attempts to pull her wig off. Man, would Marvel have flipped the fuck out had he accidentally caused the reveal in a busy Hollywood restaurant instead of in Hall H!

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There’s no denying the celebrity presence at San Diego Comic Con plays a huge role in making the convention one of the most exciting and popular conventions in the country. Thousands upon thousands of fans come to Comic Con hoping for that brief celebrity encounter or unbelievable event to have witnessed, that makes their Comic Con experience one to remember. Here are videos starring arguably two of Comic Con’s biggest celebrities, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. They offer us, the poor schmoes at home this weekend, a taste of the Comic Con happenings, but they’ll never compare to actually bumping into Bart Simpson on the showroom floor only to later realize it was Matt Smith, or sitting in Hall H when Karen Gillan whipped off her wig to reveal she’s gone totally bald for her role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. But still, you wan to seem ’em, right? Hit the jump to watch! (more…)


By now, it’s a done deal and we know for sure no classic Doctors will be appearing in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. Sure, it’s kind of a bummer, but as Steven Moffat points out, there’s really no way an 11 Doctor reunion could happen.

Speaking with EW, Moffat said,

You’ll have to watch, won’t you? People say, “Are you going to do the 11 Doctors?” We can’t do 11 Doctors! Three of them are dead!

What we’re not doing is the traditional massive reunion. It’s a different kind of anniversary, and the spine of that is David and Matt.

Which, as much as my Whovian hearts wanted past Doctors to be included in the fun someway, somehow, I completely understand where Moffat is coming from. Were they to try and include every classic Doctor, even those dead ones, it would come off as cheap and hacky. Umm… unlike when they included classic Doctors, even the dead ones, in the Series 7 Part 2 finale, “The Name of The Doctor.”

Well, I guess if they did it once we can’t really expect them to do it again, right? Oh who cares, we’re all too excited to see Tennant and Smith together anyway.

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special is expected to air, unsurprisingly, on Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary, November 23rd later this year.

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At the moment we’re drifting in the void awaiting new Doctor Who. The 50th anniversary special will air on November 23rd, followed by the Christmas special on Christmas Day, and Series 8 is expected to begin late summer 2014. At least that’s what showrunner Steven Moffat revealed in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly all about Comic Con.

The interview, available online as well as in print, covers just about everything you’d want to pry from the mind of The Moff. In it he discusses the search for the next Doctor, when we’ll see the new Doctor, when he knew Matt Smith was leaving, the length of the 50th anniversary special, what is was like having Matt and David Tennant work together, just everything! Though, any real spoilers are cleverly hidden by Moffat’s usual knack for misdirection and tight lips.

Below the cut we’ve got the highlights, gathered by the ever vigilant Doctor Who TV. Expect mild spoilers, with a chance of, “OMG! CAN’T WAIT!”

But first! Check out this officially released image of David Bradley as the First Doctor, William Hartnell, for the BBC‘s other anniversary special, An Adventure in Space in Time, chronicling the early days of Who and written by Mark Gatiss.


Uncanny, isn’t it!? The more we see from this docu-drama, the more excited I may be for it over the show’s proper anniversary special. Okay, that’s a lie, I’m out of mind with excitement for the 50th anniversary special, but I’m totally stoked for this, too.