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As the DC Superhero Girls theme song urges, “Get your cape on!”  Announced earlier this year, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have teamed up with Mattel, Random House Children’s Books, and LEGO to create a whole new universe centered around empowering young girls.  We hadn’t seen or heard very much since that initial announcement, but now, especially with today’s launch of the DC Superhero Girls website, the project seems to be on full-throttle.  According to USA Today, the franchise will be producing “toys, books, graphic novels, digital content, apparel and animation that tap into the current strength of superheroes and female empowerment in pop culture.” (more…)


Max Steel’s beginnings stem from the 1999 Mattel toy line, all Transformers style. It featured a boy named Josh who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it transformed him into something of a badass. An animated series ran for two years, with a few changes, like Josh being retconned into Maxwell, a teenaged boy who comes in contact with an alien robot named Steel. Somehow or another, Max can generate Tachyon Unlimited Radiant Bio-Optimized or just TURBO Energy – and Steel allows him to control the power and use it for varied effects. So it’s safe to say that Max has had a respectable run and the product is outfitted with enough material to graduate to the next level: the wonderful world of movies.

As proof of that, Open Road Films has released a set of movie promo pics and thanks to Moviefone, we get to see them. (more…)


With just one short month until San Diego Comic-Con, hopefully your planning is well underway. Here at  Nerd Bastards, we started getting ready for this year on the plane ride home from LAST year’s SDCC.  This is the first in a series of columns aimed at helping you make the most of Comic-Con, whether you’re  attending the event or catching the highlights online from the comfort of home. Over the next month  we’ll cover getting to & around the con, surviving all 4.5 days of the show, can’t miss events/panels/ guests and of course, the precious exclusives. We’ll even get around to attending the con without a badge.

We’ll cover how to go about acquiring these treasures in a future column, but for now let’s take a look at the best exclusives that have been announced so far.  (more…)


If there’s one thing nerds of a certain age universally agree on, it’s this: Toys (for kids and young adults) these days SUUUCK!

Oh, sure–today’s younglings have video games that would make 8 year old, Atari 2600 playing me drop dead of a pleasure-induced brain hemorrhage. And there will always be timeless classics like LEGO (and by the way: CURSE, children of today, for having LEGO Stores!). But as far as action figures–and their accompanying vehicles, playsets, and other miscellany go: The playthings of my 1980s childhood beat the piss out of anything the 21st century has yet to come up with–it’s not even a contest.

But this feature isn’t about how much new toys blow (that’s another feature), instead, the old and decrepit among the Nerd Bastards staff have decided to present you, the reader, with a series of tributes to the overpriced hunks of plastic of yore. Magnificent toy lines that make us forget how lonely and miserable our ACTUAL childhoods were.

In this weeks Toys We Miss column, I take you back to a marvelous era, when a toy’s worth was measured in how likely it was to put your little sister in therapy. We check out the creepy faced hand puppets known as Boglins(more…)

Warner Bros. Re-ups with Mattel for DC Toys


Recently, Nerd Bastards’ own Jason Tabrys discussed whether or not toy tie-ins to blockbuster movies are still relevant. Jason landed somewhere in the middle on whether or not that’s a good or bad thing, but toys and action figures are still a valuable side of the business regardless of what Jason Tabrys thinks. (JK, love that guy!) Anyway, in toy business meets show business news today, Warner Bros has announced that they’ve renewed their 15 year deal Mattel in a new multi-year contract. (more…)

It’s Come to This – Mattel Announces Barbie The Movie

Transformers? Sure I can see that as a movie. G.I. Joe? Absolutely! Battleship? Okay, this is getting crazy… But Barbie? The toy aisle’s most well known doll is getting ready for her own solo film debut thanks to a new deal between Sony Pictures and Mattel announced today. Is it serious? Serious enough to have a screenwriter attached and commentary from corporate executives. Get ready world, here comes Barbie The Movie! (more…)


Over the fifty-something years since her introduction, Mattel‘s flagship girl’s fashion doll, Barbie, has been the object of as much scorn and controversy as love and devotion. The perennial issue driving the anti-Barbie movement is her wildly unrealistic measurements and bodily proportions. It is believed by many (and apparently backed up by statistics) that Barbie’s impossible curves make her an inappropriate role model for little girls, and are also causing sales of the doll to plummet.

Well, a Mattel executive has decided to step into the arena and defend Barbie’s bod. (more…)


We all have vices and mine is collecting toys. Being that there is so much out there on the collector market, I’ve had  to narrow my wallet down to pretty much whatever is offering. If y’all don’t know, MattyCollector is an online offshoot of the Mattel corporation. They deal exclusively with monthly subscriptions for their DC Universe, Ghostbusters, WWE and Masters of the Universe lines. The latter of which is where I severely sink my cash. Masters of The Universe Classics is a homage to the original 80’s toys, with modernized detail and style. Each month a new character or two is released on Mattel’s website for sale to He-Man fans ans She-ravers. The line is now into it’s 5th year, with over 120 figures produced so far.

Having just reviewed reports from Comic Con, my bank account is in tears. Over the next few months MOTU fans like myself will get the chance to own some of the most demanded figures since the inception of the line. What with figures like Two-Bad, Glimmer, Modulok, Horde Trooper, Castaspella, Sky High, Lord Dactys, Sea Hawk, Geldor, Strong Arm, Hydron, and the Unnamed One. There’s even weird characters like the Rabbit Overlord Plundor. Oh, and even Stan Lee is even getting in on the fun. Mattel is partnering up with Lee’s POW Entertainment, and an exclusive figured will me made inspired by the man himself. The great Standor it shall be called. Weird.


Oh, and how can I forget. The biggest and best MOTU piece of them all… Castle fucking Greyskull. It’s been announced previously and seen many times online, but looking at again makes me want to scream “I have the power”. Priced at over $250.00 my wallet, however, screams “Noooooooo”!


As if Masters of the Universe wasn’t enough. Mattel is also kicking back up it’s Ghostbuster line, with a very expensive (like $265) but super must-have toy. The very first Ecto-1 vehicle in scale to 6” Ghostbuster figures, which means it’ll be HUGE! This Ecto-1 will feature amazing details, including, among others, opening doors and trunk, headlights that really flash, a beacon that lights up with blue and red lights, an authentic Ecto-1 siren and engine revving sounds! It will also feature a pull-out rack for storing the removable proton packs that come with the new 6” Peter and Ray figures , and if that’s not awesome enough, everyone who pre-orders will receive an exclusive poster of the Ecto-1 schematic! This vehicle will be produced only if the minimum pre-order goal is reached by November 5, 2013.


They’ll also be producing some awesome, full sized replica props of the nuetrino wand from the proton pack and night vision goggles. Whoa!

Lastly, Mattel revealed their latest in it’s DC Universe line. Figures show off were Doomsday, Connor Kent Superboy, Aquaman, Ra Al Ghul and Ice

Check out the image gallery below to see pictures of these awesome toys. Images courtesy of our friends at ToyArk. For a more robust gallery, check out their site. For more information about Mattel and ordering, go to