Acclaimed Director Attempts to Calm Nerds Down About Trank’s ‘Fantastic Four’

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With a little under seven months till its release, it’s telling that we have yet to see a single frame of footage from the new Fantastic Four movie. We know that it wrapped principal photography last summer, and we know that any sneak peak or hint that’s been leaked out onto the internet has been smacked down by the iron hand of Doctor Doom the 20th Century Fox legal department, and we know there’s been absolutely no official image from the film of any kind. (Hence the image used above.) Keep your secrets, Fox! But if the potential shabbiness about the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four by Josh Trank has got you twisted up in knots, then we’ve got good news, and not in a Professor Farnsworth kind of way. Matthew Vaughn is giving FF two thumbs up! (more…)

‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Red Band Trailer Will Put Butts In Theater Seats Come February

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While the hub-bub of that incredible Mad Max Fury Road trailer continues to blow up the Internet, Fox‘s upcoming spy thriller Kingsman: The Secret Service also released its Red Band Trailer. Starring Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Taron Egerton, Kingsman is a fast paced, hard-hitting, in your face violence action movie that we’ve come to expect from director Matthew Vaughn. (more…)

Short List of Big Names to Direct Adaptation of ‘Ready Player One’

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A previous report that Christopher Nolan was being eyed to direct an adaptation of the popular Ernest Cline novel Ready Player One was only partially right. As it turns out, Nolan’s is one of a number of marquee filmmakers who are on the studio’s shortlist to make the movie version of the award-winning book. Warner Bros., who is developing the adaptation and, frankly, are hungry for a new franchise, see potential gold in an idea that’s been described as one part Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, one part The Matrix, and one part The Da Vinci Code. So who all is looking to be recruited? And is one of them ready to step into the world of Ready Player One? Buckle your seat belts, because there’s some pretty provocative names on the list. (more…)

Millar and Vaughn’s ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Smorgasbord – Pic, Poster, Trailer and Interview

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kingsman banner

Matthew Vaughn is quickly becoming the go-to guy when it comes to adapting comic book properties into a cinema format. He’s already put together the first Kick-Ass movie and the return to the X-Men universe, X-Men: First Class, and now it looks as if he’s going on to direct yet another comic-turned-movie. This time around it’s another Mark Millar project – The Secret Service. Check out some pics of the new film, the trailer and a video of writer Mark Millar talking about Kingsman: The Secret Service below. (more…)

‘Superior’ to Join Other Mark Millar Comics on Big Screen

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At this point, comic book writer Mark Millar could probably come up with a miniseries about a killer robot driving instructor that goes back in time for some reason, and still sell it to a movie studio. The Scottish author has sold the film rights to another one of his creator-owned hits, again to Twentieth Century Fox and his Kick-Ass/The Secret Service collaborator Matthew Vaughn. And which book will they be working on? The one that has a name that sounds like it has a lot to live-up to: Superior. (more…)

Legendary Actor Peter O’Toole Dies at 81

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Hollywood legend Peter O’Toole (1932-2013) passed away yesterday in a London hospital after an extended illness at the age of 81. While cinephiles knew him best for David Lean‘s masterpiece Lawrence of Arabia, nerddom remembers him for his performance in 1984’s cheesy, yet beloved Supergirl as Zaltar–the drunken artist who nearly single-handedly destroys Supergirl’s floating domed city.  (more…)

New ‘Kick-Ass 2′ International Red Band Trailer Kicks….Something

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2010’s Kick-Ass, directed by Matthew Vaughn was kinda one of those “love it or hate it” flicks. And Jeff Wadlow’s sequel, imaginatively entitled Kick-Ass 2, looks like it’s going down the same road–combining self-referential superhero genre humor with nearly absurd levels of ultraviolence.

At least this time Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) is in her teens, and thus her appetite for mayhem and death will probably disturb fewer audience goers. Plus I’m excited to see what new cast members Jim Carrey, Donald Faison, and John Leguizamo are going to bring to the party.

Here’s the official synopsis courtesy of Collider:

Kick-Ass, Hit Girl and Red Mist return for the follow-up to 2010’s irreverent global hit: Kick-Ass 2. After Kick-Ass’ (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) insane bravery inspires a new wave of self-made masked crusaders, led by the badass Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey), our hero joins them on patrol. When these amateur superheroes are hunted down by Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse)—reborn as The Mother F%&*^r—only the blade-wielding Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) can prevent their annihilation. When we last saw junior assassin Hit Girl and young vigilante Kick-Ass, they were trying to live as normal teenagers Mindy and Dave. With graduation looming and uncertain what to do, Dave decides to start the world’s first superhero team with Mindy.

Unfortunately, when Mindy is busted for sneaking out as Hit Girl, she’s forced to retire—leaving her to navigate the terrifying world of high-school mean girls on her own. With no one left to turn to, Dave joins forces with Justice Forever, run by a born-again ex-mobster named Colonel Stars and Stripes. Just as they start to make a real difference on the streets, the world’s first super villain, The Mother F%&*^r, assembles his own evil league and puts a plan in motion to make Kick-Ass and Hit Girl pay for what they did to his dad. But there’s only one problem with his scheme: If you mess with one member of Justice Forever, you mess with them all.

Kick-Ass 2 opens in theatres August 16. Check out the red-band trailer below, with all the naughty words and nasty violence intact. Plus what I’m pretty sure are Russian subtitles:

Source: Collider



‘First Class’ Director to Produce ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

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Matthew Vaughn, best known as Director of X-Men: First Class, will be lending his talents to the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four–helmed by Josh Trank: Director of superpowered teen sleeper hit Chronicle. The news comes to us from FOX’s Marvel consultant Mark Millar via Twitter:

Just off the phone with Fox and some excellent news — Matthew Vaughn is producing Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot!

The F4 franchise proved one of Marvel’s relatively few cinematic flops (though still superior to Electra), and there is much hope in both the comics and film communities that the caliber of talent being assembled for this reboot will redeem the super team’s on-screen reputation.

No credible information is available as of yet concerning the reboot’s release date, cast or plot details–further updates to follow.

Source: GeekTyrant

The ‘Star Wars VII’ Director Slot Machine Just Keeps Coming Up Matthew Vaughn

- 11-28-12Film Posted by Mark Poynter

There’s no end in sight when it comes to rumors and speculation about who will end up in the director’s chair for the, as yet untitled, Star Wars VII. There’s a lot of hats being thrown into the ring and sometimes it’s not even the director in question doing the throwing.

Jason Flemying was doing some red carpet interviewing the other night at the premiere of Seven Psychopaths and (In response) talked about the possibility that Mathhew Vaughn might get the director gig.

**(When you watch the video please note that it is the INTERVIEWER who originates the thought and brings up the possibility that Vaughn would get the directing job and not Flemyng, he just answers the interviewers question.)**

Everyone wants to connect the dots of Vaughn’s exit from X-Men: Days of Future Past to the announcement of Disney‘s purchase of Lucas Films and that Star Wars VII, VIII, & IX would be made. Now it seems that even someone just answering a question about a possibility put to them is confirming the rumor itself. At least at other sites talking about this.

Maybe it’s just me but that’s the way I saw this whole thing. Flemyng is not dropping hints, confirming, or letting slip anything here except that if Vaughn were to get the job, Flemyng would love to be involved. Who wouldn’t at this stage? Anyone cast in a major part would be assured years of work in the future.

What role might Flemyng play in the Star Wars Universe?

Via: BleedingCool

Mark Millar Clues Us in on Matthew Vaughn’s Exit From ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’

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Everyone was buzzing around with ideas on why Matthew Vaughn left his gig to direct the latest X-Men franchise film, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Some were quick to say that he was going to take on directing duties for Star Wars VII.

Mark Millar has come forward though to set the rumors straight. Talking with CBR, Millar, the FOX Creative Consultant Guru says that the move has nothing to do with Star Wars and everything to do with getting the jump on other studios attempting to get their version of The Secret Service to the big screen.

Vaughn, Millar, and Dave Gibbons co-created the super spy comic series The Secret Service about the training of a street wise young man turning him into a super spy.

Millar explains:

We thought Matthew was going to do X-Men first, but we found out there were actually a few imitators of Secret Service in the works.

People are always trying to rip you off. Somebody will start to work on a spec screenplay about your idea. There are three other projects I know of now about a James Bond kind of guy taking a street kid and turning him into a spy. Three screenplays were already going through Hollywood about this! So Matthew and I said, “Fuck this. We’re not letting anyone steal our ideas.”

The first out has the best shot at making the most money so it’s not surprising that protecting your own came first for Vaughn. What do you think, does Millar have the real skinny, the low down, the right stuff?

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