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Wood Man Is Indeed Incredible


Anyone who has played Mega Man 2 knows how awesome Wood Man’s Leaf Shield is. The power up pretty much helps you get through the whole game. Seeing how Wood Man holds this awesome power, it would mean, by no real logic, that Wood Man himself is incredible! Or so that’s why I think CVAnimation came up with such a great video (it’s the freakin’ internet, you don’t need real logic).

From quoting the moment Piccolo gains great strength after fusing with Nail (Dragon Ball Z), which sounded like he was climaxing, to reciting a motto that is very similar to Team Rocket’s motto (Pokemon), this video has a few ways to make y’all laugh and make your Monday just a bit less shitty.

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Geek art can be very cool, especially when it is accessible to everyone (not just geeks).

Artist Kody Christian has created a bunch os posters showcasing popular comic book and video game icons using words within their shapes (known as “typography art”). Christian created tributes to such characters as Superman, Super Mario, Master Chief from Halo and more!

You can visit his Society6 pages here to view all his art and even order prints of each of the posters as iPhone cases, t-shirts and more!

Check below the jump for all the different works of art he’s created. Personally, my favorite is Pac-Man, as it just seems to lend itself to typographical art, doesn’t it?

Which is your favorite?



So the holidays may be over but for a few of us who still want that awesome spirit around, then check out this Christmas themed Mega Man game that the fine folks of Sprites Inc. have created.

Mega Man Christmas Carol is a flash game that pretty much does it’s own take of the Christmas Carol story. The simple flash game has you play as the Blue Bomber trying to find out what happened with the present as you go through a series of boss battles.

If you got the time to kill and feel like busting some of the Christmas ghosts and Marley, then check the game out and see if this helps giving you the Christmas spirit you don’t want to end.

Source: Kotaku, Mega Man Christmas Carol Website

Screen shot 2010-11-21 at 11.25.43 PM

Do you remember those classic video game sound effects – Mario jumping, MegaMan firing his gun, etc…?

I remember playing those games and making them so they sounded like popular music, and apparently TheGameStation had the exact same idea and decided to get YouTube MysteryGuitarMan to create a little music video for them.

It’s VERY catchy, and filled me with nostalgia for those old games.

Check out the very cool video below!


If there is one thing that I know will never die, it’s the console wars. For years, people argue which console is the best when in reality, it seems they only argue in order to justify their purchase.  The one thing I won’t get tired of is these awesome videos of console war as we have a team of known Nintendo characters going up against the evil Firewall, which is a 360 with Bill Gates’ face on it.

The video is done by Doctor Octoroc, who brought us other awesome 8-bit and 16-bit videos such as 8-Bit Dr. Horrible and Jersey Shore: The RPG. The battle is done in Final Fantasy IV (or FF2 for some you) and is similar to the Demon Wall boss  battle.

The video is filled with many awesome things for gamers to love about and even though the Playstation wasn’t part of this video, I think the Sony fanboys will be satisfy when they see that the Firewall’s fate is pretty fitting.

Source: Kotaku


To all you silly boobs and fuckin noobs out there that suck at Mega Man 3 (and at life) our friend, the gaming maestro himself brentalfloss has a very special song for you. Technically he’s making fun of the game, ’cause it dickishly plays a cheery tune when you die to make fun of you, but personally it’s a brilliant motivational tool for anyone trying to beat ANY difficult game, really. Hell, I’d sure as hell want to get better if every time I got a ‘game over’ someone sang this to me.

Mega Man or no Mega Man  this song is the greatest verbal smackdown. Best series of insults you’ll ever hear, and a catchy tune no less. Plus, Floss in a supersexy top hat. It’s fucking ‘Game Over’ man.

First Look At Mega Man Universe


Back when Comic-Con 2010 started, we got a neat announcement trailer for Capcom’s upcoming Mega Man Universe game. While it didn’t show any game play, it did show Mega Man changing into Street Fighter’s Ryu and Ghost ‘n Goblins’ Arthur fighting memorable Mega Man enemies. We also got a glimpse of the bad box art version of Mega Man. Well, with PAX around the corner, it seems that Capcom decided to release not one, but a few different trailers.

While each one starts off with Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man, talking about how the announcement trailer has led to to folks discussing what kind of game Universe is, he goes on to say that he hopes that people will get even more excited by the new trailers. From the trailers, it seems that players will go through stages like any other Mega Man game but with different characters. That’s right, there are three trailers and each one has a different version of a “Mega Man.” Also, each trailer ends with a tease of Ryu being chosen but no game play was shown.

I’m calling it now, players will be able to create stages for others to play and that a variety of Capcom characters will be playable, such as Viewtiful Joe and Dante. While I’ll be working during my Labor Day weekend, I’ll try to post any news and update from PAX about Mega Man Universe. Meanwhile, why don’t y’all check out the three trailers, where the other two is available after the jump, to check out the other playable Mega Mans.

Source: Destructoid, Gamespot, 1UP


Screen shot 2010-08-22 at 10.11.54 PM

Kirby Krackle has done it once again with the song, “Take It From Me,” a song about Mega Man. That’s right, the band that brought us the awesome song about Wolverine and about nerd love (which had the Konami code in it), has made a song about Capcom’s Blue Bomber. The video is done by the same artist who did the Up, Up, Down, Down video and it shows Mega Man running with the lyrics being shown on the bottom. Me being the nerd that I am, loved the lyrics and knew immediately about who they were talking about when they mentioned certain robot masters. If you liked the other two songs then take it from me (see what I did there), you’ll have no problem liking this one.

Source: Kirby Krackle’s Site

Marvelized Mega Man Characters

Marvel Characters done in the 8-bit Mega Man style.

(click on the image to see surzan full image)

This is quite possibly the coolest mash-up of nerd properties the world will ever see. If you were an NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) fan than you may have seen a plethora of 8-bit games dedicated to the marvel franchise but I think deviant artist suzuran totally got it right. Enjoy them shits! And don’t forget to check surzan’s account to see more stellar artwork because here at Nerd Bastards we like to support the artists that bring us great content.


Just like how Nintendo loves to whore the hell out of Mario, Capcom loves doing the same with Mega Man. Recently, Capcom released it’s Comic-Con teaser for upcoming Mega Man Universe. The teaser didn’t really revealed anything other than it’s awesome remixed music. However, it did show Mega Man changing into Ryu (Street Fighter) and Arthur (Ghost ‘n Goblins).

At Comic-Con, Keiji Inafune (creator of Mega Man) explained that Mega Man Universe is a game where everyone portrays what they think Mega Man is. With the guest appearance of other characters, Inafune is hoping to gamers from around the world to get into the “Mega Man Universe.” While the explanation was vague on EXACTLY what the game is, he did tease that they may announce something that fans has been asking for. What it is, who knows, but the first thing that popped in my head was Mega Man Legends 3.

What do ya’ll think? Does Mega Man still does anything for ya’ll? Does Universe interest any of ya’ll? Also, what new game do you think will be announced and what do you want it to be? Tell us after the jump.

Source: Kotaku, Destructoid