Christmas is coming early for gaming fans who may have always wanted to put their hands on a new Xbox One system but have bulked at the nearly $400 price tag. For you penny-pinchers, or people with penny-pinchers in your close family, circle of friends or as significant others, Microsoft is giving you a break this coming holiday season with special prices on their latest gaming system, and that includes exclusive bundle packs that feature some of this fall’s most anticipated new games. In the console wars, being the first to cut prices is usually seen as a sign of weakness, but with a successful launch last fall and over 5 million units shipped so far, it maybe that Microsoft just wants to ensure that it’s a very Xbox Xmas. (more…)

A Double Dose of Lara Croft Announced at E3


Amongst the goodies at Microsoft’s E3 presentation this morning was the announcement that we’re getting not just one, but two new Tomb Raider games in the near future. Following up on last year’s critically and commercially successful reboot of the franchise, Tomb Raider, developers Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics seem to have their eyes on a true Croftian renaissance. But will they succeed? Let’s roll the videotape on the two new trailers for the games and see. (more…)


After numerous attempts by Peter Jackson (with the aid of 28 Days Later… screenwriter Alex Garland) and even a short film made by then-unknown Neill Blomkamp to try and get a Halo movie off the ground, it seems like we’re finally going to be treated to a live-action rendition of Master Chief’s planet-marauding adventures. Only they won’t be seen on the big screen.

Yes, the continued war for supremacy between TV and Cinema rages on, as a Halo series is reportedly on the horizon for Showtime. But will this be a tiny, Serenity-style character piece, or will Steven Spielberg’s Amblin TV help bring all of the scope and grandeur of the XBox game into you living room week in and out?


high_moonMicrosoft is aggressively moving forward with its plans to take on not just the video game market, but the online streaming video world of Netflix and Hulu with original programming for Xbox customers.

First two Halo-based shows were announced, along with the sci-fi drama Humans, then a series of gamer-interest documentaries–including one about the recent discovery of the legendary Atari E.T. landfill.

Next in line seems to be a number of ambitious projects–of particular note, a series based on the popular (and fun as Hell) tabletop RPG Deadlands, and a miniseries version of the graphic novel series Winterworld. (more…)

Microsoft Denies Ridley Scott/’Halo’ Rumors


Another one bites the dust. A Halo movie has been talked about since the first video game was released on the inaugural Xbox system becoming an instantaneous best-seller. A lot of big name people have been stapled to this proposed movie, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro for example, and yet it still hasn’t been able to reach theaters everywhere. Maybe what this thing needs is a legendary filmmaker, a man with a proven track record of creating quality sci-fi projects. Can someone like Ridley Scott be the solution? It’s possible, but has Microsoft approached the filmmaker? No. No, they haven’t. (more…)


With the next-gen consoles we’ve been hearing so much about coming out so soon, it’s time to take a closer look at the Playstation 4 vs. the Xbox One. However, every time the two new gaming consoles are compared, people seem to come to the same conclusion: it’s a toss-up! The fact is, these devices have nearly identical specs and capabilities, and in terms of sales, they’ll probably break even according to loyalty. As in, those who are familiar with Xbox 360 will purchase Xbox One, and those who prefer PS3 will opt for the PS4. But here’s a quick overview of the specs and features. These are deets that are out there and most gamers have become familiar with. We felt, however, another run down couldn’t hurt. Ought to be helpful to those casual gamers who haven’t followed along with the rest of us. Especially with the holiday season upon us, you gotta start weighing in on what might be the better buy.



Aw yeah! I know you’re all excited to finally have the chance to get your hands on Microsoft‘s new XBOX One. It was all the rage at E3 and was what everyone couldn’t stop talking about. Okay… that’s because it was a colossal disappointment with many reporting Microsoft as already losing this generation’s console war before it even began.

And in all honesty, I haven’t heard from one person who’s generally excited for the XBONE. I’ve heard from a few who’ll begrudgingly pick it up out of loyalty to some of those XBOX exclusive titles, but more than a few XBOX 360 super-fans are already planning to snag the PS4 for their next generation purchase.

When can we expect those consoles to release? The XBOX One will be available on November 22nd in the US, UK, as well as Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, and Spain. Don’t live in any of those places? I don’t know what to tell ya, except, you’re probably not missing much. Besides, if you’re in North America why wait for the XBONE on the 22nd when you can already get yourself a PS4 on November 15th. Those in Europe will have to wait until November 29th for the PS4.

Are you picking up a console from this generation right away? If so, which?

Source: IGN


After wasting our time with their announcement conference and all the backlash former CEO Don Mattrick pulled at E3, Microsoft hasn’t been too kind to the Xbox One. With no official release date announced fans are wondering just when they’ll need to make camp at GameStop stores around the world. We might not know the answer, but at least we know what everyone is going to be playing.

Over at the Gamescom trade fair in Germany, Microsoft announced their line up of games available once the Xbox One hits store shelves. A lot of these titles were already on hand to players, running off PC specs during E3, so none of this should come as a surprise. The official releases are:



E3 has come and gone for another year. There were some HUGE announcements, along with some HUGE disappointments. I’m looking at you, Microsoft, even with your shameless backpedaling. But Sony scored big when they finally unveiled the PS4, and Nintendo, well, they’re still making Mario games and I can never find fault with that.

YouTube channel, VideoGamerTV has released an abridged version of each of those big three presentations compiled by Matt Lees (@Jam_Sponge). They’re hilarious and likely more informative than the constant influx of information that hit your Twitter stream during the conference. So sit back, relax, and relive the ups and downs of this year’s E3.


Really the title says it all, yes it appears Microsoft has reupped their meds and realized that the crippling DRM restrictions on their nextgen console might hurt sales a pinch (i.e. all of the sales.) In one of the greatest flip flops on console history the XBox One will NOT have to call back to the mothership/hivemind every 24 hours to continue to function, thus making it possible for off-line play. Microsoft has also decided to rescind all the restrictions on used games, meaning users are free to trade borrow and rent once more!

Hit the jump for Microsoft president of interactive entertainment Don Mattrick and the official statement: (more…)