Geek Composer Vs. Geek Composer: Animated Interview With Bear McCreary

- 02-23-12Cool Stuff Posted by Chris D.

Some dude plays the comedian Richard Lewis in this video where he actually chats with Bear McCreary, the mastermind behind the scores for Battlestar GalacticaThe Walking DeadHuman Target and others.  It’s actually pretty damn funny; he ribs McCreary for being a fuckin’ nerd (which is totally awesome) and poses “who would win?” scenarios like John Williams vs. Hans Zimmer (I’m rooting for Zimmer).

It’s totally worth watching – check it out!  “He Shoots, He Scores” is a pretty clever title.  If anything, watch it for that!

So it says that that’s the TV-PG version… As far as I can tell, a non-PG version doesn’t exist. Having to point that out makes it all very misleading; I was looking forward to some non-PG shits and giggles.

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“You, Me and Optimus Prime”: A Bromance Made In Heaven

- 12-19-11Funny Videos Posted by NickBungay

You know you have a real nerd-sized hard-on for a fictional character when you write a song for said character. Or you’re a really fuckin’ sad loner. Either way, Canadian singer-songwriter James Struthers definitely has some of that crazy shit going down. James’ newest video, “You, Me and Optimus Prime”, is the closest we may ever get to a bromance between human and autobot that won’t be filed in with the spank bank on your computer. (Or will it?)

Even if you’re not a fan of this kind of music, it’s well worth it to watch Optimus piss gasoline onto a fire. That’s right: Optimus Prime pissing on a fire and making it bigger. (By “it”, I mean the fire, you sick fucks!) If that’s the only reason you’d be interested in watching this video, so be it. Just fuckin’ watch it! And, y’know, if watching Struthers and Optimus Prime fuck around all day is something that gets you going… We aren’t judging. (Yes, we are.)

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‘Star Wars’ Cello Battle Brings the Force

- 12-05-11Cool Stuff, Funny Videos Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

There have been so many Star Wars fan videos, it takes a fair bit of creativity to really get people excited about them. To wit, here’s some classical music. It’s one guy, playing two guys, playing the cello, dressed as Jedis, with lightsaber bows. Boom. There it is. There’s also cool cameos from Chewie on third cello and Darth Vader as a particular Forceful music critic. Oh, and the musical arrangement of the classic Star Wars score is pretty good to. Click play and enjoy.

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For Nerds About To Rock: 10 Nerd Bands That Should Be On Your iPod

- 11-17-11Featured Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson

Or your Zune, if you have a Zune, did anyone actually ever have a Zune?

Let’s face it, the mainstream music scene is a wasteland of terrible premanufactured pop bands meant to sell products more than perform music. As we go through this crazy think called life it is hard enough to find a decent soundtrack to it on the radio. Couple that with our unique tastes as nerd,s geeks, and freaks and sometimes you have to work harder than a cat trying to bury a turn on a marble floor to find something worth listening to. Where is our music? We are here to help.

Nerds rock, so do geeks and we’re going to prove it. The following ten acts cover the spread of Nerd Rock, Hip Hop and, music in general. Some you may know, some will be new to you. ALL should be enjoyed.

For Nerds About To Rock starts after the jump.


10 Cheesy-Yet-Infectious Songs from Action Movies

- 11-03-11Featured, Film Posted by Allison Babka
There are a lot of bad movies floating around, and there are a lot of bad songs that go along with them. Action films — particularly those from the 1980s — have many of the worst soundtracks, and yet some of our most iconic verses have come from Rocky, The Karate Kid and so forth. Did any of the Members Only-jacket-wearing producers at the time know this would happen? Of course not. Will they take credit for our love of cheesy lyrics and guitar solos? Absolutely.
After the jump, check out 10 oddly mesmerizing songs from the action films of yesteryear. Fair warning: these songs will suck up valuable brain space, and you’ll be singing them for hours.


A ‘Star Wars’ Music Double Shot For Your Friday

- 09-30-11Funny Videos, WTF? Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson

If there is one thing that kicks off the weekend here at the International Nerd Bastards Inc. World Publishing Headquarters and Waffle House, it’s fresh Star Wars related music. A second thing would be MORE Star Wars related music!

Want Chewbacca Gangsta Rap? You got it! The coolest rendition of the Imperial March played on out dated technology you will see? We’ve got that for you too, right after the Jump.


Now Available: Music Inspired By ‘Firefly’

- 09-28-11Cool Stuff Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

New from Adam WarRock,”the internet’s foremost comic book rapper,” comes an album of hip-hop inspired by the Joss Whedon television series Firefly, and its spin-off feature Serenity. With the assistance of KHill and the ThoughtCriminals, WarRock has put together a collection of songs based on the characters, stories and themes of Whedon’s cult classic. You can order the album through Warrock’s website, and listen to some hits from The Browncoats Mixtape below. Probably not on the album: “Browncoat’s Delight”, “Fuck the Alliance” and “The Message.” Give it a spin, and let us know what you think.

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Check Out This Badass Puppet Rap

- 09-15-11Funny Videos Posted by NickBungay

Some puppets sing about the alphabet and friendship. This puppet however, is working on being the biggest name in rap and hip-hop. Sesame Street ain’t got nothing on this.

Directed by Sam Macaroni, Puppet Break-Up is the highly NSFW rap video that anyone with a sense of humor could enjoy.

With lyrics like “I’ll f@#$ all the other muppets on Sesame Street” this definitely isn’t something you bring to the daycare for the little one before nap time.

Watch the music video below and enjoy some awesome puppet rap

Someone call Jay-Z on the double, he needs to sign the first rapping puppet right away.

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Oh Joy!: The Complete Evolution of the Doctor Who Title Sequence

- 07-04-11Cool Stuff, TV Posted by Luke Gallagher

Ah, the theme to Doctor Who. No matter the variation, that electric synthesised composite, which evokes an eerie sense of adventure, gets me all juiced up. A TV tune I can replay time and time again. It’s right up there with Remy Zero and their song “Save Me” from Smallville.

Doctor Who has been on for damn near 50 years and in that time the title sequence has gone through a number of changes. It’s music, logo, fonts and other visuals have evolved.Today’s video is a complete history of those revisions— with commentary! — showing how it’s changed while still remaining faithful.Maybe I’m just of fan of Doctor Who, or maybe I just get off on TV title sequences, but I find it fascinating to see how all the incarnations of the Doctor were introduced, how the decades influenced the fonts used, the style of music, the graphics..etc. Nah, I just got a fetish for title sequences (as I say with my dick in hand).

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Pogo, Remix Master, Strikes Again With New Tune, ‘Bloom’

- 06-24-11Cool Stuff, Film, TV Posted by Sarah Moran

If you’ve spent any time on the interwebz you’ve probably run into a few Pogo mixes. Pogo? Yes, Pogo. The brilliant re-mixer, known in the real world as Nick Bertke, is the creator of such gems as: ‘Upular‘ (Pixar Remix), ‘Skynet Symphonic‘ and ‘Murmurs of Middle-Earth‘. What Pogo does sounds simple enough, but by sampling hundreds of different movies and television shows he creates phenomenal bits of music. His latest remix might be his best yet.

This is the video for my track ‘Bloom‘, a patchwork of vocals and musical chords from various Disney films. I recorded the harp sample from ‘Sleeping Beauty’, and a series of chords from ‘A.I: Artificial Intelligence’ to form the base of the chorus. The vocals are sampled from Disney films, each of which are illustrated in this video.

It’s Friday morning, you’re groggy, the coffee still hasn’t kicked in. Tune in, drop out and let ‘Bloom’ take you into the weekend.

For other Pogo remixes check out his Youtube page. Personal favorites of mine are, ‘Alice‘ and ‘Toyz Noize.’