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As previously reported, Brian Fuller and Neil Gaiman’s adaptation of Gaiman’s original work, American Gods is finally coming to television on April 30th. Other than a trailer and some info leaked around the net, there hasn’t been too much information released on the various characters (Gods… we mean Gods) who are going to be making up the cast… until now! Starz has released 10 new character posters and we have them here for you to check out.


American Gods makes its way onto the small screen on Starz April 30th, based on Neil Gaiman‘s best-selling book of the same name. This new trailer sets a dark and bloody tone for the series produced by Bryan Fuller and Micheal Green which stars Ricky Whittle (The 100), Ian McShane (Deadwood), Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), Orlando Jones (Mad TV), Crispen Glover (Back to the Future), and Emily Browning (Sucker Punch). Check out the trailer below. (more…)

After almost three decades of waiting, the first collaborative novel between Sir Terry Pratchett (Discworld novels) and Neil Gaiman (American Gods, Stardust, and Coraline) is finally being made for television! Development for an adaptation of Good Omens began in 2002 as a film, but the project remained somewhat mired in development hell for years. By 2008, the project appeared dead in the water. Fortunately, for fans and pretty much everyone else who appreciates amazing fantasy fiction, Amazon greenlit the series, which is set to premiere sometime in 2018.


Neil Gaiman To Produce Dimension Hopping TV Show


Legitimately legendary author Neil Gaiman harbors a dark secret. Either he has actual tiger blood, is a neutron star in a human disguise, has formed a dark pact with ancient gods or simply has an army of tousle-haired clones at his disposal. There can be no other explanations for how he can have so many projects on the go at once. There’s TV versions of American Gods and Good Omens on his plate as well as a radio version of Stardust, and that’s just for starters. Now he’s been announced as producer of a brand new Science Fiction show that intends to hop around the multiverse in an abandoned skyscraper. Good god man, it’s okay to just have a lie-in sometimes.

‘Sandman’ Movie Faces Yet Another Setback


One of the most successful comic series in the past fifty years, Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman has won numerous awards and accolades, inspired a range of spin-offs and garnered an enormous cult following that continues to grow by the day, despite the comics now being nearly thirty years old. In 2005, IGN declared Sandman the best Vertigo comic ever published. The spin-off television series, Lucifer, was renewed for a second season in April this year. Despite meeting with the kind of success that most comic creators can only dream of, Sandman has still not been made into a feature film. (more…)

SDCC16: Starz Releases “American Gods” Trailer


Finally! The first live action trailer for American Gods has been released at Comic Con. The Starz panel, which included several of the cast members, the producers, showrunners/writers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, and the man himself, Neil Gaiman, also included the announcement that Kristin Chenoweth was announced as landing the role of Easter, the goddess formerly known as Ostara, the goddess of spring. (more…)


Perhaps one of the most anticipated television adaptations in recent history, Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods has had a solid cult status practically since it was first published. The imagination and creativity that Gaiman put into every aspect of the story – from the wonderful imagery to the stark contrast between the modern setting and the ancient mythology – seemed like the perfect foundation for a great show. Since Starz announced in July 2014 that they would finally be adapting the novel for TV, fans have been lapping up every scrap of news they can find. (more…)

New Documentary Gets Closer Than Ever to Neil Gaiman

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Having written consistently brilliant pieces in almost genre of entertainment – from comic books to novels to television – Neil Gaiman is a writer with almost unparalleled flexibility and dedication. His creative output sees multiple pieces flooding onto shelves every year, with stories, novels, comics, films and even games included in his multi-genre, multi-platform bibliography. His efforts have resulted in a global community of Gaiman fans, who flock to see him read, create awesome cosplays of his most distinctive characters and give him hand cramp from signing so many books and posters. And that’s not even starting on the numerous awards to his name. (more…)

Neil Gaiman’s Announces Norse-Inspired Novel

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From Sandman to Stardust, Neverwhere to Wayward Manor, Coraline to American Gods, Neil Gaiman‘s writing is rich with legends and mythology from around the world. His work draws on every fantastical thing from fairy tales to religions, putting his own unique spin on each new incarnation he creates. His stories are populated by witches and sprites and ghosts and gods in a way that blends the down to earth and the magical in a convincing and gripping way. Gaiman famously said that his fascination with mythology meant that he had to do only minimal research to confirm the occasionl fuzzy memory while writing American Gods. (more…)

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman‘s now legendary novel American Gods was first released in 2001. Coming from such a flexible and dedicated writer – whose work ranges from Sandman to Coraline, Wayward Manor to Doctor Who – its solid cult status is hardly surprising. The book explores belief in all its forms, showing modern incarnation of gods through characters like Media and The Intangibles (spirits of the stock market), as contemporary faith shifts away from established religion. (more…)