Star Trek Girl – Phasers Set on Cute

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MY WEEK IN VIDEOS . . . I’m on a video treadmill here.  “Oh, Oh, Oh, she’ll be your Star Trek girl” . . . damn . . . that’s not getting out of my head for weeks . . . maybe months.  Cute and quirky really racks up those YouTube views and Meekakitty has both in droves.  Even though this is a little rough in spots and thank the Lord above for Auto-tune, by the end of the week it’ll have half a million hits.

Meekakitty is that popular.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been watching these video blogs of hers for a while now.  I’d have to give up my “dirty old man” card if I didn’t.  She does these great “multi Tessa” videos where she talks to each other.  She’s lots better at that than most of the other video bloggers that try it.  Let’s go to the video before I write something old man creepier than I already have.

The song is available on Itunes

Meekakitty . . . My one request . . . you have to rock an original Star Trek Mirror Universe bare midriff mini skirt costume.

Via: GeeksareSexy

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Hot Chicks in Batman Shirts, It Must Be My Birthday

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(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

How can a beautiful woman be made better without using photoshop or voodoo to “enhance” her figure, the answer may surprise you.  (Not really since you’ve already finished reading the title)

Thanks to Batman any woman can become 10 times hotter then she already is and it’s hard to be better than 100% beautiful. The page once again proves that if you can think of it Tumblr must have it. It’s like their part of the ‘clean’ rules of the internet, as in rule 88: Any superhero shirt will make a woman sexy to nerds (and non-nerds). Don’t let the name fool you though, it’s not just about Batman being on a shirt, he’s on a few pairs of underwear and other pieces of clothing too. If you don’t mind seeing a sexy young woman wearing Gotham city’s protector on their body then this is right up your alley, just don’t bring your parents (we don’t need another Bat person just yet).

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Doctor Who Pole Dance

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Screen shot 2010-07-19 at 10.36.57 PM

I think my Tardis is broken and by Tardis I mean penis.

OK. So here’s the premise. A fine ass looking nerdy girlie, dressed as Doctor Who, works a stripper pole, all to the tune of the shows sweet electric theme. I quite frankly don’t need to write anymore than that. I’d actually be quite surprised if your not already watching the video. Are you still reading? Oh, your not a fan of Doctor Who you say? Ahem, may I remind you of the stripper pole and the hot girl? Oh, your of the opposite sex and or gay? Well, the girl has an uncanny resemblence of David Tennant, who as I am told is a fine looking man. This is a win win for nerds of all orientation. Actually, now that I think of it. I just wanked off to a girl dressed as dude. What does that say about me? I think my boy parts are confused. Oh, and if you didn’t watch the VID because you don’t like  videos shot on a cell phone with little to no production value. Well your just a picky bastard.

source: toplessrobot

Sexy Cosplay of The Week: The Wonderful WahWahs of Windsofthestars

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Bringing fictional hot characters to reality is a task not easily done. For starters you have to be hot or at least moderately attractive and have a form that fills out the character you are portraying. This is important because if your a fatty and expose yourself in ways you never should, well, then your just on the fast track to social failure. So, basically you need to have a good canvas to work with. You then have to don yourself with an outfit that represents the character. The more accurate the better. You get brownie points for making it yourself. Do all this and have a nice pair of boobies to boot then you get mentioned here on

Case in point. Cosplayer Windofthestars, also known as Windy-Chan. An active cosplay since 2004 who takes extra care in making fictional characters look better in real life. See, costuming for Windy here is her form of fan art….and boy does she do it well. Of course she caught our attention with her supple shabba-do’s (fancy word for boobies), adorable face and rockin, super hero like bod, but her embodiment of manga and anime characters is what really blew us away. There’s hobbyist and then there’s this girl. A costumed mad woman we tell you. Spot on portrayals of characters in ways you never thought possible. OK, maybe we’re over exaggerating a bit but regardless this girl knows how to make and sell a costume. She’s the perfect example of how to do cosplay right. Whoever said Americans don’t know how to cosplay never met this girl.

click after the jump for a collection of manga madness by Windofthestars .

to see the rest of her cosplay be sure to hop on over to her web page


Sexy Cosplay of The Week: The Remarkable Rack of Ruby Rocket

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(Every friday, here at nerdbastards, you can come to find the sexy side of nerd pop culture in a little weekly feature we call “Sexy Cosplay of The Week”. Cosplay is a known term in the nerd-verse when fans dress up as their favorite characters from pop culture, either from movies, comics, TV, gaming and so on. A lot of times it’s quite sexy and what we do is find the sexy and bring it to you, you’re welcome.)

Since the inception of nerdbastards, Sexy Cosplay of The Week we’ve recognized quite a few of the sexiest, most revered ladies in the cosplay community. We’ve acknowledged the mammary madness of Bellechere. The bountiful bosoms of Meagan Vanburkleo and many others. It would be a sin to continue this feature without paying worship to holiest of holies, Ruby Rocket.

Ruby Rocket is an amazing burlesque dancer who has a thing for Superheroes and their costumes. With a naturally blessed, curvaceous form she is a comic book vixen come to life. A jaw dropping knockout that has, without question skyrocketed the Cosplay phenomena. Rocking out nerd cons for many years with her various, true to form, displays of super heroin costumes, coupled with her monumentus milk bombs (LOL milk bombs) has gained her the title: “Queen of Cosplay”. Regardless if you think that title is debatable it’s agreed that all who set eyes upon this wonderful wonder are subject to complete, obsessive, infatuation.

Much can be said about Miss Rocket but all we can do is thank her for making our rockets A-GO-GO.

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Sexy Cosplay of The Week: The Mammory Madness of Bellechere

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(Every friday, here at nerdbastards, you can come to find the sexy side of nerd pop culture in a little weekly feature we call “Sexy Cosplay of The Week”. Cosplay is a known term in the nerd-verse when fans dress up as their favorite characters from pop culture, either from movies, comics, TV, gaming and so on. A lot of times it’s quite sexy and what we do is find the sexy and bring it to you, you’re welcome.)

How could we continue along with Sexy Cosplay of the week without recognizing one of the most convincing and sexiest cosplayers of all time? Heck, one could say the recent popularity of Cosplay sky rocketed because of this big chested babe. You could very way say she is a foremother of Cosplay. I am of course refering to Bellechere. You may not know the name but if you have ever googled sexy nerds then you’ve seen her. Belle took the internet by storm back in Dec. 2009  as Ivy Valentine from Namco’s Soul Calibur. Convincing would be an understatement. She was and is the physical embodiment of Soul Calibur’s top heavy whip wielding dominatrix. Ivy may be her most recognized and appreciated form of Cosplay but this curvy lass has been able to use her assets to fill other busty characters of pop culture. Red Sonja, the she devil with a sword. Brian Pulido’s Lady Death. DC superheroin and everyones favorite eye candy Powergirl. She-Hulk, Black Cat, Spiderwoman, Belle has rocked them all.

Big boobed characters of fiction are often unrealistic forms of nerd fantasy but Belle proves that this can be real. We salute you good woman. You keep dressing up and will keep drooling.

For a gallery for Bellecheres greatest displays of Cosplay click after the jump


Nudy Cosplay Gone Wrong

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This is not our Sexy Cosplay of The Week, (Done every Fri. afternoon BTW) far from it. However we felt the need to post this as a warning. If you are a fatty, butter face and or are disproportionate in some areas then perhaps bodypaint cosplay is not for you. FYI cosplay is when folks dress up as their favorite characters of pop culture either from movies, T.V., comics and so on. Case in point. The quartet of fugly in this display of nudy cosplay will do nothing short of make your genitals sad. We apologize for being harsh. It takes balls to put ones self out there like this. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. We’re not going to beat up on these girls anymore because that would just be mean but I don’t think any of us will ever look at The Phoenix, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Emma Frost the same again.

NSFW (not safe for work) image after the jump.

source: geekologie


Sexy Cosplay Of The Week: Cookie Monster Slayer

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There is always one member of the Sesame Street crew that we all wish death upon. In this case, Michelle Rodriguez here (tell me she doesn’t look like her) obviously is very protective of her cookies and our beloved, googly eyed, blur furred, cookie monster fucked with the wrong girl. He paid the price of eating her cookies with his head on a stick and his carcass made into barbarian winter wear. Personally I take significant offense to any harm done to cookie monster. If anyone deserves to have his head on a stick it’s Elmo. F’N annoying, useless, idiot, red bastard if you ask me. Ya, I’ll tickle you alright, tickle you with knives.

Anyway, as disturbing as this cosplay is we must give this babe (whoever she is) props for creativity and awesomeness. Much like cookie monster I too want to touch her cookies (by cookies I mean breasts). Unless, I want my head on a stick I should probably stay far away from this girl. Ah fuck it, “Me want cookies!!!”

source: unrealitymag