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The helm of the Punisher in films has been played by: Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson, with each iteration only being only slightly better than the last.  Marvel’s Daredevil Season Two on Netflix’s will see The Punisher on screen once more, this time played by Walking Dead‘s Jon Bernthal.  Will fans get a proper Punisher this time around? According to ex-Daredevil showrunner, Steven DeKnight, fans can expect this version of the character to be true to the comic series.  (more…)


Obviously, Daredevil generated a lot of excitement when it premiered on Netflix earlier this year. Although Marvel Studios‘ other television endeavours haven’t been universally-praised, the Netflix format and distribution structure were definite assets for Daredevil, a bone-crunching, high-stakes, complex crime drama. But can lightening strike twice? Netflix has four more Marvel series to launch, and the next up at plate is Jessica Jones. Expected later this year, Jones can be seen as almost a bigger gamble than Daredevil, but after the success of the Man Without Fear’s series, can the private investigator formally known as Jewel possibly surpass expectations with her own series? Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg is betting on ‘Yes.’ (more…)

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When X-Files was released in 1995, I was just a wee lad of 10 years old. I was still governed by the tyranny of a bed time and the expectations that I be able to wake up and function in the morning for school. My folks understandably followed this childhood rule quite rigidly, with one very notable exception: I was allowed to stay up and watch The X-Files, my absolute favorite show at the time. It was the perfect blend of mystery horror, still 2 of my favorite entertainment genres, and had the ever lovely Gillian Anderson on its side. It was the perfect show. Now, by way of some miracle, we’ll get to spend more time in that amazing world. The best news, though, is that we got our hands on a nice little teaser to share with all of you fine nerds. Are you ready?  (more…)


We haven’t really heard much from Brian Michael Bendis, the co-creator along with artist Michael Gaydos of Jessica Jones, about the new Netflix Jessica Jones series and that’s kinda strange. Bendis is usually very vocal about his creations and what’s going on with them. In a recent Ask Me Anything on his Tumbler Page Bendis! he explained why we haven’t heard much from him and his thoughts and reaction after watching the first two episodes. (more…)

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If you’re anything like me, you’re slowly abandoning regular television and cable channels in favor of the almighty Netflix. They’ve already proven with series such as Daredevil, House of Cards and Sense8 that they can create adult programming that not only has viewers raving, but has critics impressed as well. Let’s face it – Netflix is kicking some serious ass right now. The best thing is, they’re just getting started. Unfortunately, with great power of programming comes… price increases. Yup, you can expect your bill to increase sometime in the coming years. Scroll on to find out the ins-and-outs of the change. (more…)


Upstage, much? Just as Comic Con continues on the left coast with hit after hit post, mostly about projects not from Marvel Studios, up pops Marvel Studios with some news of their own. As you are surely aware, the first season of Jessica Jones is presently filming in New York for its debut on Netflix later this year, and the shoot is getting hot. Because there’s a building on fire, you see, not to mention one of the heroes. In other words, you can keep your Jokers, and panels, and surprise trailers, and Quentin Tarantino Q&As because right here, right now, we’ve got Luke Cage being a bad ass! (more…)


We’ve seen Jon Bernthal ‘s research runs to the local comic book store to bone up on his Punisher lore. Now there’s some pictures of his first day on Netflix‘s Daredevil set in New York as Frank Castle. Season two of the incredibly popular Marvel and Netflix series starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murduck/Daredevil will pit the two in a season long battle that could well determine how justice is served in Hells Kitchen. (more…)


We haven’t seen much out of the Jessica Jones Netflix production lately, not because they aren’t working as this explosive new video proves. Maybe it’s just flown under the radar the past couple of weeks due to all the other comic book hero production’s SDCC 2015 media ramp-ups. Well the drought is over with this new video. (more…)


We didn’t get to see her in Daredevil Season One but she was clearly mentioned.  Keen viewers who heard Foggy Nelson ask “what about that Greek girl?” when inquiring to Matt Murdock (played by Charlie Cox) about his former college fling, will have picked up on it as an obvious reference to Elektra Natchios; the on-and-off again love interest of Daredevil, who later becomes a Sai wielding deadly assassin and Ninja overlord.

Daredevil fans hoped this was more than just an Easter Egg, and that we would get to see the character integrated into Season 2; as she is such a central part of the Daredevil comic book mythos.

With filming currently underway, Netflix has announced the assassin/sometimes hero will indeed fill out the second season cast. And fans should be delighted to find that they picked the right lady for the job.  (more…)