‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Tied Up Until 2018


As one of the shows that is really putting Netflix on the map in terms of being a creator of amazing original content, Daredevil has treated the world to a stellar two seasons so far. The first season was a true masterpiece of television, with every tiny detail carefully considered to the extent that there was hardly a fault to be found in the casting, the dialogue, the soundtrack… well, all of it. The second season proved a worthy follow up, with so many pieces falling perfectly into place. It opened the door for other darker Marvel shows, like Jessica Jones, to get screen time and even has a spin-off on the way in the form of Punisher. (more…)


With Stranger Things being greenlit for a second season, production is about to begin for the fan favorite show. The producers have already started releasing a few details about the show, including the titles for the upcoming episodes. Due to the critical and fan praise for the show, they know that expectations are high and producer/director Shawn Levy promises that season two will be “next-level” and fans will be happy with where everything’s going.



Netflix and Marvel‘s Luke Cage is almost here, by the end of the week we’ll all be binge watching the latest in a string (Daredevil, Jessica Jones) of highly entertaining and critically acclaimed Marvel television series. If only ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. could get on the band wagon. Mike Colter‘s Luke Cage first appeared in Jessica Jones and now he’s got his own problems to sort out. Will there be some hints or even a cameo of the upcoming Iron Fist? Maybe, but even if there isn’t Marvel has set a high bar and it will be interesting to see if Luke Cage can maintain that high standard. (more…)

netflix originals

The subscription service that is revolutionising the way the west watches television, Netflix became a household name practically overnight. Having all your favourite shows and a boatload of movies available to view on demand makes life so much easier for anyone with a job or a hobby or a life, who can’t always be there when shows are broadcast live. It saves having to remember to record stuff and costs a hell of a lot less than buying or renting everything you want to watch individually. Already instrumental in forging the future of home viewing, Netflix moved into creating its own original content in 2013.

There are tons of things you can watch to get to grips with the kind of content Netflix is capable of creating, and it’s well worth doing. Though it’s as guilty of the occasional dud as any other network, there is enough great quality original stuff on there to keep you occupied for months on end.

If you’re new to Netflix and want somewhere to start, you could do a lot worse than checking out these cool shows. (more…)

White rabbit

The trio that made up the “build team” on the hit show, Mythbusters, looks to be getting their own Netflix show. Confirmed at this years DragonCon, the show will be called the White Rabbit Project. About 2 years ago, the team which, consisted of Grant Imahara, Kari Byron, and Tori Belleci, suddenly and unexpectedly announced that they would be leaving the show. Little did anyone know that Mythbusters would only be around for one more season following their departure. Now the quirky build team will make a triumphant return with their own show.



In what may well be one the fastest renewals in television history, Netflix original production Stranger Things was officially renewed for a second season in less than six weeks since its first broadcast. Creators the Matt and Ross Duffer have promised that the new season will have ” a lot of new and interesting dynamics” that weren’t included in the first season. Though it won’t be out until 2017, the first run was such a compelling piece of television that fans are already clamouring for more information about what they can expect. (more…)

Fans Beg Netflix to Make Thor and Darryl a Thing

Thor and Darryl

Though the iconic Asgardian hero is never too far from any true Marvel fan’s attention, Thor hasn’t had that much of a role in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe recently. His last solo movie, Thor: The Dark World, came out in 2013. That’s a full three years ago, if you can believe it. It doesn’t feel like it. Though it makes sense that he would be somewhat preoccupied, what with his new movie Thor: Ragnarok due out in 2017, a lot of fans were confused not to see him weigh in with the other Avengers in the conflict that rocked Captain America: Civil War. (more…)

Season 2

Netflix really knocked it out of the park with Stranger Things. With little marketing efforts the show was released on the streaming service this July and by the end of the weekend was the talk of the town! The nostalgia-driven 1980’s centered supernatural show captivated audiences. By the time everyone finished the final episode, fans were immediately demanding the show be renewed for a second season. The creators, The Duffer Brothers stated that they had many plans for a forthcoming season if Netflix decided to renew the show. Earlier today we received notification that the show has been renewed for a second season. They even released a teaser trailer.


Bill Nye to Save the World… With a Netflix Series


Long before the Doctor made bow-ties cool, there’s was another man of science trying to make learning everything about the universe cool while wearing a bow-tie, and his name was Bill Nye. In the 90s, he was The Science Guy, and like science-tainment hosts of the past like Mr. Wizard, he tried to get a generation of kids high on science, and for five years between 1993 and 1998, he did just that. But in these extraordinary times of anti-science sentiment, we need more than a “Science Guy”, we need someone to Save the World. Starting next year, Nye will do just that in a series called, appropriately enough, Bill Nye Saves the World(more…)

Luke Cage

With less than a month remaining before Netflix releases Luke Cage, the excitement is growing. The bullet-proof street-level superhero was last seen on Jessica Jones and will soon have his own show with him on the run in Harlem, detouring from the previous landscape of Hell’s Kitchen. With the titular character being in a predominantly African-American location the show will have a completely different vibe than the other Netflix/Marvel shows. In addition to the location and the diverse group of people, another change in the show will be the music and how it is incorporated in the show.