Stranger Things

For the past month, your friends have endlessly told you on social media, “You Got to Watch This Crazy Netflix Show Called Stranger Things! It’s Awesome!” The 8-episode sci-fi/horror show centered in the 80s has taken the world by storm. You can see our endless praise on the show HERE. The show left many immediately wanting a second season but so far the streaming service has not yet greenlit season 2. But with an impressive 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and endless praise across the board, it’s just got to… it’s just gotta. Netflix however, does not release their ratings to the public, so gauging how many people actually watched the show (which determines on whether or not a show like this gets a second season) proves a little difficult…. Until now.  (more…)


Fans might not have to wait as long as they initially thought for the return of Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) to Netflix. Bernthal was fantastic as the Punisher in season two of Netflix’s Daredevil. That performance directly led to a spinoff series about the troubled vigilante, but no one expected that new series to get done by 2017. Now thanks to a Reddit posting there is a chance that the Punisher series might make it to Netflix sometime in 2017. (more…)


For the chord cutters, Hulu has been almost a salvation. Unlike Netflix, the streaming and video on demand service have been perfect for those who wanted to be entertained without breaking the bank. Users had the option of using the free service which would show television shows a few days after the episode aired with advertisements. The other option would be for users would be the paid service, Hulu Plus, where they would either pay $7.99/month for limited commercials, or $11.99/month for no commercials. Unfortunately, Hulu will be changing their business model and doing away with the free service, becoming a full subscription service. (more…)

Luke Cage

With a little more than a month before it premieres, Marvel’s Luke Cage has been in overdrive! The third Marvel/Netflix series will follow the titular character as he heads to Harlem, NY after the events of Jessica Jones. They recently release a new trailer at SDCC and we are more than excited for the new show. Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker has promised that the show will be unique, deal with many issues surrounding the urban community, and even compared it to The Wire.



According to the normal rules of TV, when you’ve got something good you keep cranking it out until no one wants any part of it anymore. Netflix isn’t following any established method though, they’re taking a different approach: always leave them wanting more. Such is the case for their slate of Marvel Studios programming. One would think that with the tremendous, flattering success of Jessica Jones, and the warm reception for Daredevil season two, that Netflix would want to get new seasons of those shows rolling post haste. But no, we won’t see those shows again for a while. About two years to be precise. (more…)

Agent Carter

Thanks to the streaming service Netflix, some show are able to get a second life. Not bound to commercial advertising, the streaming subscription service has the freedom and flexibility to produce content as they see fit. Based on their users’ ratings and recommendations, the show crafts the Original Programming to suit their wants and needs without the need to please advertisers. As a result, some shows that were canceled get a second chance. Netflix was able to bring shows like Arrested Development, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Killing, Trailer Park Boys, Longmore, Fuller House (Full House), and Gilmore Girls back for additional seasons. As a result, whenever a show with a strong fan base is cancelled, the first thing they want is for Netflix to bring it back. ABC canceled Marvel’s Agent Carter after its second season due to declining ratings. The semi spin-off of Captain America: The First Avenger and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. followed agent Peggy Carter as went on her secret agent adventures in the 1940s was a critical hit, but in the second season did not garner the rating needs for the show to remain on the air.



Netflix’s Stranger Things has become one of the most talked about shows in recent memory. While many did not know much about it before it premiered this month, it’s received a strong word-of-mouth thanks to social media and is destined to become must-see TV for the streaming site. Many love the show for its great storyline which has science fiction, supernatural, horror, mystery, and action elements. Another thing that everyone is truly digging is that the show accurately captures everything we know and love from the 80s. Not only is everything accurately from that era, but the TV series pays homage to many films from the 70s and 80s as well. The Duffer Brothers, who directed the show filled many scenes with homages to Stephen Spielberg and Stephen King and have received rave reviews for the show.  You can see our impression of Stranger Things right here, it’s great!

Recently journalist and superfan Ulysse Thevenon created and uploaded a video capturing many of the films that Stranger Things pays homage to. This gives the audience a side by side view of many of the scenes of the show and where they drew their inspiration from. (more…)

Netflix’s Stranger Things to Get Second Season

stranger things2

Stranger Things, which popped up on Netflix on July 15th, has become a new favorite for many among the plethora of high quality original content on the streaming platform. The show largely plays homage to horror twinged, adventurous ‘boy’ films of the 1980s, with an even heavier atmosphere. The show itself is about the disappearance of a young boy, Will Bryers, in 1983 Indiana, and the increasingly strange circumstances that happen afterward (or rather, because of it), including the appearance of a mysterious girl with unnatural powers.  While many fans loved it, they thought it was truly over. It seems, however, Netflix has other plans.  (more…)

Netflix Announces New Show-Sharing Feature: Flixtape


Once upon a time, when people watched TV, they had to be there in front of the box at the exact time it was being broadcast, or else they missed it. Potentially forever. Someone would have to tell you what had happened in the last episode if you wanted to make sense of the next one and, maybe, one day, you might be able to see it as a repeat. Though that may be many years in the future. Today, we don’t have those kinds of problems. Almost everything is available on catch up – and that’s if it was ever broadcast at all, rather than exclusively streamed online. (more…)

Stranger Things Poster

This weekend the streaming service Netflix unveiled their latest Original Programming show Stranger Things upon the public. Set in the 1980s surrounding the mysterious disappearance of a small child in small-town Indiana, the show has become a bona fide hit. Already with a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, critics and fans alike are delivering high praise for the eight-episode television show steeped in nostalgia, science fiction, action, comedy, and horror. The show pays homage to many of the classics from the 1980s as well, drawing influence from Stephen Spielberg, John Carpenter, Stephen King, and many others. Many fans are already clamoring for a second season, and Netflix hasn’t even said if they were going to do one. Rest assured, if Marco Polo can get a second season, Stranger Things will sure get one as well!