You’ll Be Able to Binge Watch Marvel’s New ‘Daredevil’ Series

- 05-11-14Comics, TV Posted by Jacob Knight


This will probably be a kind of “no duh” update for those of us who understand how business models work, but it looks like those who enjoy stuffing themselves with as much TV as they can in one sitting are going to be pleased with the planned release of Marvel’s upcoming Daredevil series.

Comic Book Resources recently sat down with former Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Joe Quesada (who has since been promoted to Chief Creative Officer), and it seems like not only is Daredevil a mere heartbeat away, but the series is also going to follow the traditional Netflix model of distribution. Quesada comments on many different topics during the interview, but the most intriguing quotes described just how hands on he is in the process of developing these series.


‘Orange is the New Black’ Already Has a Season 3 Order

- 05-05-14TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


With about a month to go before the release of the second season of the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, it appears that the online streaming site is jumping the gun and presuming the popularity of the new episodes by renewing it for a third, 13-episode season. The announcement isn’t official, but it has been confirmed by a couple of sources close to the production as legit, which is good news for the show’s growing fanbase that has continued to be built up since the show’s premiere last summer. (more…)

Marvel’s New Netflix Shows will be Part of the Cinematic Universe

- 04-28-14Comics, Internet, TV Posted by James Daniels


As we first announced last year, online streaming video giant Netflix will be presenting a total of 5 new programs based on Marvel Comics characters, starting with Daredevil in 2015, which will be written and run by Drew Goddard. Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage will follow–all leading to the team-up series The Defenders. Like many Marvel stories, these shows will all be set in New York City (and filmed there, too).

There hasn’t been a great deal of information on these shows available–but recently, in an appearance on Kevin Smith‘s Fatman on Batman podcast, Marvel Entertainment CCO Joe Quesada discussed a few key details:  (more…)

New Trailer For Netflix Series ‘Orange is the New Black’–Season Two

- 04-17-14Internet, TV Posted by James Daniels


Orange is the New Black, probably the most popular and critically acclaimed original series on the online streaming video service Netflix, will return with a second season on Friday, June 6th. Watch the trailer, and a short interview with the cast, after the jump:  (more…)

Terry Crews Throws His Hat Back in the Luke Cage Ring

- 03-11-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


Just when he thought he was out, he decides to throw himself right back in. Now that the Marvel/Netflix Luke Cage series has been green lite, Terry Crews says he wouldn’t say no if offered the role. Why did he publicly take himself out of the running in the first place? (more…)

Mythical ‘Star Wars’ Companion Short ‘Black Angel’ Gets Re-release

- 03-07-14Cool Stuff Posted by James Daniels


No, I’m afraid Black Angel is NOT a lost chapter in the Star Wars saga itself. Rather, it was a companion short and directorial debut of Star Wars art director Roger Christian shown only in select areas back in 1980 when The Empire Strikes Back first opened. It was only screened in Europe and Australia, and after disappearing without a trace, was long believed to be an urban legend by many Star Wars fans until it resurfaced in 2011.

Hit the jump for more info, and two clips from the legendary film.  (more…)

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Final Episodes Hit Netflix & Dave Filoni Teases the Series’ Future

- 03-07-14TV Posted by Sarah Moran


Today the entirety of Star Wars: The Clone Wars becomes available through Netflix’s Instant Streaming service. Along with the five seasons that aired on Cartoon Network between 2008 and 2013, there are also 13 previously unaired episodes – referred to as “The Lost Missions” – that serve as the conclusion to the celebrated animated series. For now, anyway. (more…)

Marvel’s Netflix Shows to be Shot Entirely in NYC

- 02-26-14Comics, Nerd Culture, TV Posted by James Daniels


(ABOVE: Disney CEO Bob Iger, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo & Marvel CCO Joe Quesada)

In an unprecedented move, New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced a multi-million dollar incentive program designed specifically to convince Marvel to film their 5 new Netflix series in New York City. As it’s rare for a show or even a movie to have the cash or resources to actually film in New York–and seeing as how that’s where all 5 shows are set anyway, Marvel accepted.


We’ve Finally Got a Trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions’

- 02-24-14TV, Uncategorized Posted by Mark Poynter


We’ve finally got a trailer for the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions that will be hitting Netflix later this March. There’s a lot of little tid-bits in the trailer and a ton of Yoda. What’s the little green Jedi Master up to this time? (more…)

Last Season of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Coming to Netflix

- 02-13-14TV Posted by Mark Poynter


There were a lot of Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans left hanging when the series was suddenly yanked from Cartoon Network amidst all the changes that went along with Disney buying Lucasfilm. Now fans will get the chance to see all the un-aired episodes of the last season as well as some of the other bits and pieces left over on Netflix. (more…)