Netflix‘s IronFist has cast the second half of the Daughters of the Dragon. Simone Missick was cast as Misty Knight in the upcoming first season of Luke Cage and now Jessica Henwick (Game of Thrones) has been cast as Colleen Wing for the fourth Netflix Marvel series Iron Fist. That makes at least two actors from Game of Thrones in the series, Henwick and Finn Jones as the lead Danny Rand, could more be on the horizon? (more…)


One week ago today, Marvel and Netflix unleashed Daredevil season two. The praise has been very high, as it was for the first season, with laurels for the performances from original cast members Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson, as well as newcomers Jon Bernthal and Élodie Yung as key Marvel Universe figures the Punisher and Elektra, respectively. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed the series through to completion, perhaps you’re only part of the way, but in any case you’ve probably had one eye open on all the various Easter eggs and references to the comics, to other properties, and all the other corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How far did you get? (more…)


Marvel Studios and Netflix launched Daredevil season two this past weekend, and considering the hype of including major characters like Punisher and Elektra, not to mention the good willed sewed with the tremendous first season, it’s safe to say it was another hit. Between Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the building hype for the fall premiere of Luke Cage, and the presently in pre-production Iron Fist, Netflix is where its at for Marvel characters (at least until Civil War comes out), so why not bring other established Marvel characters to Netflix? Hawkeye for example? The man who plays Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner, has some thoughts on that. (more…)

You Bet We’ll Hear About Him: Luke Cage Teaser Is Up!


The Hero For Hire isn’t exactly a newcomer to the Marvel Netflix Universe, what with him already having made waves on his guest appearances both in Jessica Jones and Daredevil. The toughest man of Hell’s Kitchen is finally confirmed to be getting his own show, if the newest spoiler-free teaser is anything to go by…   (more…)


Since the last season of Daredevil, fans have been existing in a kind of desert, devoid of the hard-hitting, character-driven, brilliantly plotted spectacle that was season 1. As the Netflix premiere of season 2 of draws nearer, fans desperately await the gritty oasis that will finally slake their vigilante thirst. Well, fans, prepare to wet your whistles a bit with this two minute featurette just released by Marvel. The clip features interviews with Charlie Cox and Jon Bernthal about their characters, as well as plenty of new footage heavily focused on the new character the Punisher. So if you thought the thirst for nonlethal vengeance might overtake you before Friday, pull up a seat and allow your eyes to drink in this beautiful footage, friend.



There’s only a couple of days until Netflix‘s Daredevil Season 2 hits on Friday and Jon Bernthal, aka the Punisher, has just posted a behind the scenes video and picture of the Punisher in action, doing the things the Punisher does best, throwing lead. Fan and critic’s reactions to Bernthal’s Punisher will be key to any movement on a solo Punisher series or movie going forward. Marvel may have denied any plans, but overwhelming positive reviews might sway that decision. (more…)


Following up on the news that Luke Cage will be streamed far and wide this coming September, a key Marvel Entertainment figure is now talking about that show’s follow-up, Iron Fist. Of course, the journey of Iron Fist has not been a smooth one, as work progressed steadily on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, Iron Fist seemed to be stuck in neutral, unable to even make it off the drawing board. At one point there was even a rumor that Marvel and Netflix were going to scrap Iron Fist for a series based on The Punisher. But now that there’s forward motion on Iron Fist, we’re being told to expect something, ahem, different when it finally debuts. (more…)


So far, the collaboration between Netflix and Marvel Studios has been two-for-two with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but can they make it three-for-three? That will be the big question when Luke Cage debuts on the streaming site later this year, but when will that be precisely? Cage will have a leg up because the character’s already been introduced in Jessica Jones, but it will be a bold new step for the Marvel Movie and TV Universe as it will be the first to feature an African-American hero, one with a cult following and a lot of history. So when will you get a chance to see Luke Cage? Think “Back to School.” (more…)