McFarlane Comments on Rebooting ‘Spawn’

- 02-23-12Comics Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

In a recent interview with Newsarama, writer/artist/Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane, among other topics, talked about the glacial pace of the new Spawn movie. The tale about a former government assassin who goes to hell and comes back as demonic avenger of justice has been in a perpetual state of development hell since the release of the first film in 1997, but in the meantime, the comic book has moved on and is currently on its 216th issue.

But reboots are very in right now, so Newsarama got McFarlane to comment on the state of going back to issue #1 in today’s comics.

All the ancillary stuff will come pouring out fairly quickly once I get the big component done, once I announce a movie.

Do I keep nibbling away at it? Yeah. Do I keep getting distracted? Yeah. You know, we just had another conversation where I talked about clearing my schedule for a month and just going away and getting out of the office to finish it up. Because I just keep nibbling it, but I don’t get tunnel vision on it like I should have.

People are still interested in it. An Academy Award winning actor came out to the offices and said, Todd, I want to be in it, so get that thing done. He calls me once a week going, let’s go! Let’s go! So we’ll get that thing off the ground.

But I just got #216 out, so there’s Spawn available. I still have comic books and other things that I do. Another book done. We did 15 issues. Spawn did 15 issues last year, with the exact same writing and art team, and in all honesty, I can’t recall the last time that was done not just by us, but by anybody. You know, 15 issues by the same creative team.

But nobody responded to it. Instead, what seems to be the trend is starting things back at #1, which I think is sort of a more short-term business move. We keep coming up with these short pops in the sales to do this stuff, but we’re not helping the customer in the long term. I don’t know. Maybe I’m becoming a bit of a dinosaur. I like the number 216. And the way to get sales up isn’t to put in a new writer and a new artist. It’s just to basically renumber. And the sales will go up, just by that one move. Don’t change anything else but that one renumbering move. And mentally, the people ordering it and some people buying it go, oh, a jumping on point. I can get in there. So maybe I’ll do a #1, then the second issue could be #217.

You know, Cerebus ended at #300, so I have to get to at least #301, just to break the record.

Source: Comic Book Movie