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I’m sorry, dear brothers and sisters, it seems that we’ve been fed a rupee pouch of lies. According to Nintendo, this was never going to actually happen and was built on rumors from untrustworthy sources. Odd, given the high-caliber, trustworthy sources that printed the story, but I guess someone they thought was an insider turned out to be a lying dick. Apologies for the language, friends, but this is upsetting. But what might be even more frustrating is the disjointed, roundabout way Nintendo broke this news. And it leaves us wondering…well, read on. (more…)


In Honor of Women’s History Month (although I didn’t quite know it was Women’s History Month), Nintendo is highlighting some of everyone’s favorite female characters such as Samus Aran, Rosalina and Toadette.  Paving the way for diverse and interesting female protagonists in video games, Nintendo has picked a few of their popular leading ladies that merit this recognition for the month that honors outstanding women.

In a series of images invoking the World War II-era Rosie the Riveter posters, Nintendo calls our attention to seven leading Nintendo ladies. Tetra, Toadette, Bayonetta, Rosalina, Lucina, Samus and even Bombette each remind women that “We can do it!” (more…)

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It’s one hell of a time to be a nerd. I’ve never played ‘Legend Of Zelda,‘ but even I know that the show was more about Link than it was Princess Zelda. You just pick that stuff up along the way. I was more of a ‘Space Harrier’ fan, even though the longevity comparison between both games is woefully huge. In fact, let’s take a vote! If you were to make a TV show or movie about a video game, which would it be? Keep in mind that those efforts often fail at the box office. You gotta be very careful about that. In the case of television, you gotta aim for those coveted ratings instead. That is, unless you’re doing ‘Legend Of Zelda.’ (more…)


Now that 2015 has fully rung itself in, let’s make with something new in the way of an all new Loot Crate! If you haven’t already heard, subscription box services are quickly becoming a popular ‘thing‘ and Loot Crate is arguably one of the more popular ones available. Once a month, and for less than $20 USD including shipping, the guys and gals at Loot Crate fill up a little black box with geeky nerdy little things just for you! Pretty sweet of them if you ask me. Plus, they promise that each box will be of at least $40 USD in value!

Now, before you grumble about how they clearly sent this to me for free, (and I will obviously say nice fluffy, buttery things about them for doing that) they didn’t. I am paying for this service, so my twenty bucks (well… more like $30 since I am a Canadian, but anyway,) my cash is on the line just like yours. Did January’s Loot Crate satiate my nerdy cravings? Will I find what my geeky heart desires? Let’s open the thing up and see… (more…)


If you don’t know the name Avi Arad, I’m sure then that you know the name Spider-Man. Well, Arad is the man that’s been producer of every live-action Spider-Man movie made from the good to excellent films by Sam Raimi through to the subpar Spider-Man 3 and on through the flaccid one-two punch of The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2. So let’s split hairs and say that Arad’s batting average at franchise management is .500, and then ask this question: Is Avi Arad the kind of man you want involved in making a new Super Mario Bros. movie? If you answered no, then good news, it seems that Arad has convinced the fine folks at Nintendo into letting him have the movie rights to the game. (more…)


18 years. That’s how long it took one player to retrieve the so-called “Impossible Coin” from an infamous level of Nintendo’s Super Mario 64. By comparison, it took them four years to build a prototype atomic bomb, and it took them 10 years to (allegedly) go to the moon, but to spend nearly two decades trying to collect one singular coin that may have been left in the game by mistake? Well that’s a level of dedication that’s not merely obsessive compulsive, but it puts obsessive compulsive in the rear-view mirror and keeps driving till it ends up somewhere completely unrecognizable. So how did this dedicated gamer finally do it? Read on. (more…)


Despite the fact that the majority of gamers are having a wonderful time playing GTA V, today will go down as a sad day for gaming. We now have word that Nintendo’s former President, Hiroshi Yamauchi, has passed away at the age of 85.

Running the company from 1949- 2002, Yamauchi was responsible for Nintendo throughout not only the most important years of the company, but also the most important years in gaming. Taking over as president of Nintendo when it was still just a trading card company, he made the decision to move the company toward electronic entertainment, and his vision and creativity is seen through Nintendo’s entire gaming history, as he grew and expanded video gaming itself.

Having been president of the company through its ground breaking NES console, all the way through to its performance focused GameCube, Yamauchi was a major player in arguably the best period in gaming; okay, I know that is almost the entire period of gaming, but you can just look at what gaming has morphed into, from what it originally was, and you’ll see Nintendo’s, and in turn, Hiroshi Yamauchi’s, fingerprints all over it.

As a man that has helped build the gaming industry into the unbelievable monster that it is today, and in turn has provided us with years of entertainment, the legacy of Nintendo’s former President will surely live on. It is without a doubt that Hiroshi Yamauchi’s influence will continue to be felt throughout the gaming world for years to come.


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E3 has come and gone for another year. There were some HUGE announcements, along with some HUGE disappointments. I’m looking at you, Microsoft, even with your shameless backpedaling. But Sony scored big when they finally unveiled the PS4, and Nintendo, well, they’re still making Mario games and I can never find fault with that.

YouTube channel, VideoGamerTV has released an abridged version of each of those big three presentations compiled by Matt Lees (@Jam_Sponge). They’re hilarious and likely more informative than the constant influx of information that hit your Twitter stream during the conference. So sit back, relax, and relive the ups and downs of this year’s E3.