We’ve all had those jobs. The jobs that we want to storm out of, double-handed flip-offs on full display with a smile and a string of profane words so severe that they would make Andrew Dice Clay wash his own mouth out with soap. Sadly though, that’s just a fantasy for most of us. A “one day I’ll” that dances around in our brains during the blissful peace of a cubicle daydream. That’s why Chris Roberson (iZombie and Superman) is destined to become a momentary icon, not only did he tell his boss to go to hell, but that boss was DC Comics, and he did it in a very public, and embarrassing way by questioning their ethics and the way they treat writers.

Now, Roberson wasn’t explicit in speaking on the details of his mistreatment by DC, hell he didn’t even say he was mistreated — and who knows, maybe a few well placed tweets on the way out the door are merely the appetizers to a more stout statement on DC, everything is a teaser for another teaser nowadays, an ad for the big reveal. Maybe that’s how Roberson will play this, and maybe he won’t say anything more — focusing on his work and building a career away from DC. One thing is clear though, it takes guts to stand in against Goliath and it is something that is uncommon due to the long memory of powerful people. (more…)

With glowing reviews for The Avengers beginning to surface, I can’t help but wonder if the films May 4th release date will mark the end of Marvel’s movie madness, or if it will be just the beginning? In my opinion this is it; anything post-Avengers will pale in comparison. I mean, how can you reach the pinnacle of the super hero genre with a team driven dynamic (of epic proportions), one that has been building through five separate preceding films and then go back to making standalone features, especially if those features are required to service the narrative of the bigger world? If I could use fireworks as an example: The Avengers will be the grand finale. Would you want to go back to sparklers and firecrackers after seeing a wide-eyed spectacle in the sky? (more…)