Jonesin’ For Some Kaiju? Machinima’s Got Your Kaiju Fix with New Web-Series ‘Enormous’

- 03-21-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Hot on the heels of Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim and just before Gareth Edward‘s Godzilla reboot comes Enormous, a new web series from Machinima based on the Image comic series of the same name by  Tim Daniel and artist Mehdi Cheggour. We’ve got the nine minute teaser here. (more…)

ILM Releases Incredible Visual Effects Reels for ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ & ‘Pacific Rim’

- 01-08-14Film Posted by Mark Poynter


The awards season is a great time to see some of the behind the scenes work that goes into the movies we love. ILM and other visual effects companies often release visual effects reels to the awards voting community to show exactly how much their work impacted the overall movie. We’ve got three visual effects reels for Pacific Rim and Star Trek into Darkness from ILM for your viewing entertainment. (more…)

Oscar Shortlist for Best Visual Effects Announced

- 12-05-13Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


It’s the end of the year, and you know what that means: lots and lots of Best and Worst lists! True, but it also means that awards season is just around the corner. Today, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, AKA: the people who give out the Oscars, announced their short list of 10 potential nominees for the Best Visual Effects category, and you’ll notice a definite nerdy trend amongst the ten films that will be vying for that golden trophy early next year. (more…)

‘Pacific Rim’ Gets The ‘Everything Wrong In 9 Minutes Or Less’ Treatment

- 11-13-13Film, Funny Videos Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson


Let’s start by saying that Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim was the pure definition of a popcorn movie. Mindless meaningless fun meant to dazzle and entertain without asking the viewer to get to invested into it. The kind of movie you just sit back, relax, turn off the higher functions and enjoy; right? Wrong. We are nerds and that is not what nerds do.

Get ready to nitpick!

The fine folk over at CinemaSins have turned their acerbic wit to the giant-robo-on-giant-monster epic to compile nine minutes of the movies most egregious errors. Truth be told, it is really hard to argue with some of these (and personally I loved the crap out of Pac Rim,) check it out for yourself after the jump. (more…)

‘Pacific Rim’ Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

- 10-23-13Film, Funny Videos Posted by Mark Poynter


Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim is over the top entertainment, and that’s why we love it. Screen Junkies gives the movie the Honest Trailer treatment, but even while they pick it apart, they can’t help making sweet, sweet love to the movie that touches everyone’s inner child. (more…)

Del Toro Confirms That ‘Pac-Rim 2′ is Still Alive and Kicking

- 10-16-13Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro always has a couple of projects on the go, and one of those currently spinning plates is Pacific Rim 2, the sequel to this past summer’s giant monster versus giant robot nerd-pleaser. But wait a minute, you may say, didn’t Pacific Rim tank at the box office? First, you’ve got some nerve buster! And second, according to Box Office Mojo, it’s made over $100 million domestically and another $300 million worldwide, effectively breaking even. So game on for a sequel? As far as del Toro’s concerned it’s game on for a sequel script at least. (more…)

‘Pacific Rim’ Goes Nutty in Humorously Entertaining Gag Reel

- 10-09-13Film, Funny Videos Posted by Mark Poynter


Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim is scheduled to be released on Blu-ray/DVD next week and we’ve got a taste of what fans might find in the package, besides a lot of giant Jaeger robots fighting incredibly huge Kaiju. Strap in, crank up this blooper reel video, and prepare to crush your funny bone like Godzilla strolling through Tokyo.


China Says ‘Pac-Rim’ is American Propaganda

- 08-28-13Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


So how deeply can you read into a movie about giant robots fighting giant alien monsters? Well, if you’re China’s People’s Liberation Army and you’re talking about Pacific Rim, then you see it as a piece of American propaganda about how the U.S. is the world’s savior and defender, and how all other countries are powerless and victimized without American assistance.

Leaving aside the whole fantasy aspect of the film and the fact it was made by Mexican-born filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, several nationalities were well represented in the film, including the Chinese who had, arguably, the coolest robot, the three-armed Crimson Typhoon. Also, the key battle in the film was about the remaining robots defending the city of Hong Kong, a Chinese city, from being destroyed. You’re welcome, China.

Still interested in what Chinese officer Zhang Jieli has to say about Pac-Rim? Here’s some of his comments from the official paper of the Chinese military, the PLA Daily:

“Hollywood has always been the best American propaganda machine. The decisive battle against the monsters was deliberately set in South China Sea adjacent to Hong Kong … The intention was to demonstrate the U.S. commitment to maintaining stability in the Asia-Pacific area and saving the mankind … [The film pushes] American values and global strategies … Soldiers should sharpen their eyes and enforce a ‘firewall’ to avoid ideological erosion when watching American movies. More importantly, they should strengthen their combat capability to safeguard national security and interests.”

Interestingly, this seems to be the minority opinion as since being released in China a couple of weeks ago, the film was already made more money there than in the United States. At $106.2 million, the total Chinese box office for Pacific Rim accounts for more than a quarter of the film’s $397 million worldwide take. So either the Chinese army is over-reacting or Chinese moviegoers are drinking the Kool-aid. Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS KAIJUS! But I digress.

Source: Blastr

‘Pacific Rim’ Writer Tells Flop Critics to Check Their Math

- 08-13-13Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Nobody likes rejection or criticism, no matter what they say or how they outwardly display it, their true inner reaction is all too often quite human. The other week we saw the director, producer, and two of the stars of Disney‘s The Lone Ranger respond to critics publicly, now the writer of Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim has taken to the Twitter-verse to respond to folks calling the film a flop.

It’s all because of Pacific Rim‘s soft weekend opening, face it, the movie took a few days extra to reach expectations and although the movie has made money, a sequel was still in jeopardy awaiting overseas sales in China.

What is truly interesting to me is that Beacham can’t let it go. You’ll see some other sites with some zippy responses to Beacham, but look at those Twitter account numbers and do a Google or two about the posters and you get… nothing of note. Much like one would get from Google-ing me, and no one is going to do that unless it’s as slow a news day as today has been.

Via: Blastr

Charlie Day Talks About His Vision for ‘Pac-Rim 2′

- 08-05-13Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


There are still some high hopes that Pacific Rim will get a sequel, not many, but there are some. One of the hopers is Charlie Day, who played one of the scientists studying the monstrous kaiju in the film, and recently he talked to about would could happen, and what he’d like to see happen, in a potential Pac-Rim 2. You can read the full and complete interview by clicking on the link, but the pertinent gold nugget can be read below:

“I remember when I first met with him (Del Toro) that he liked the idea of Newt becoming a bit of a villain in the second film. But, I think over the course of making the film, and the way the character resonated with the audience, I don’t think he would want to turn him into a villain now, but I really have no idea….Guillermo is one of these guys that his mind is so active that he might have an idea about something and then it’s a completely different idea five minutes later. I’m hopeful that we get to drive a big punching robot. I think traditionally in those comics, sometimes the science guys put together a cheap, dorky version of one of the robots so maybe we’ll get to do something like that.”

Sounds like Day wants a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robot version of a jaeger. There seems to be a lot of fun speculation about what a Pacific Rim sequel might entail, but it’s worth pointing out that as of this past weekend, after a full month of release, Pacific Rim 1 has yet to cross $100 million domestically. Money might still roll in overseas, but that low of a box office number for North America might be a turn off for the studio when considering any sequel talk. Maybe Day should but his ideas in a comic book of his own. Alas.

What do you Bastards have to say? Still want a Pac-Rim sequel?

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