Real Life Supervillain Rex Velvet Thwarted by 12 Year Old Agent C

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How do you take down a super villain? Well, super strength, detective skills, and the advanced wealth of a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist is a start, but what if you don’t have any of those things?  What if your a 12 year old with muscular atrophy? That’s when the Make-A-Wish Foundation and a great group of volunteers step in.

Rex Velvet (above), the real life ‘super villain’ of Seattle may be more known for openly taunting local hero Phoenix Jones, but even a guy like him has a heart when it come to the kids. Especially a young 12 year old named Colby. Pairing with the local chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the local super-villain helped make Colby`s wish come true, capturing the villain under the name Super Agent C.

Diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy as a baby, 12 year old Colby is unable to walk, is slowly losing function in his hands and has trouble eating, but that hasn’t stopped him from foiling the attempted kidnapping of the Seattle Seahawks mascot Blitz and Robin Hall, a former Make-A-Wish kid. Watch the video for the whole story, but bring a few tissues because your gonna have something in your eye.

“I’m trying to stop my arch-nemesis called Rex Velvet,”

Special Agent C said, and by chasing clues on the streets of Seattle, finding a piece of fur on a strip of duct tape, Special Agent C and his team then took to the air in a helicopter in their search for Rex. Once Rex’s location was discovered by air, a Silly String fight at Lake Washington between Special Agent C and Rex lead to the capture of Rex, and all his henchmen.

“It’s probably the best birthday anybody is going to get,”

Colby said, as the day also coincided with his 12th birthday and the 5,000th wish granted by the local chapter. Great job from everybody involved, including Rex Velvet. Answer the call if your local Make-A-Wish Foundation chapter ever gives you a call to help out, you’ll never forget it.

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An Interview with Rex Velvet, Seattle’s Real-Life Super Villain

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Many of us have seen the movie and read the Kick-Ass comic book, and we’ve heard the stories about real DIY superheroes and vigilantism, particularly in the Pacific Northwest where Phoenix Jones has taken to the streets to fight crime with varying degrees of success and controversy. Some people rave and hold these masked men (and women) up as true heroes, while others, like Det. Mark Jamieson of the Seattle PD, just want them to stop before someone gets hurt, telling ABC News: “They don’t have the training. They don’t have the authority.”

Suddenly though, and by way of the internet, we have learned of a new player in this battle for the Emerald City. Rex Velvet, a monocle wearing, mustachioed mad man with a bowler hat, a sword cane, a Space Needle dagger, and a propensity for grandiose statements and red cocktails, has made himself and his intentions known. The Emerald City has a genuine super villain too, and while he seems like he was pulled strait out of a comic book to stand against Phoenix Jones and the Rain City Superhero Movement, I can attest that he is very real, and very committed. The question is, is Rex Velvet trying to do something legitimate or is he just an attention seeking clown seeking to piggyback atop the micro-fame of a group of people who are actually, and foolishly I might add, going out in the street in an effort to help people?

I spoke to Mr. Velvet this afternoon while doing my best Vicki Vale impression and we discussed his secret evil plan to stop Phoenix Jones, his love of puppies, his henchmen headcount, and the importance of letting the police do their jobs.

Here now is our exclusive interview with Rex Velvet. (more…)

Irony News: Real-Life Superhero Evades Jail Term

- 11-24-11Comics, WTF? Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

Seattle’s resident crime-fighter Phoenix Jones has evaded a jail sentence related to his crime-busting activities. However, the man behind the mask still has to deal with the drama that’s come out of his legal issues.

Jones, who’s real name has sadly been revealed as Ben Fodor, was accused of assaulting a group of citizens while trying to break up a fight. He allegedly pepper-sprayed several men and women in the process of trying to break up the fight and was arrested for assault himself. Seattle city attorney Pete Holmes later dropped the charges though because there were “proof problems,” plus it’s kind of hard to prove malicious intent since he was coming to the rescue of some people.

“It is unlikely a jury would find beyond a reasonable doubt that Fodor intentionally sprayed all of the people at the scene.” He added: “Mr. Fodor is no hero, just a deeply misguided individual. He has been warned that his actions put himself in danger, and this latest episode demonstrates that innocent bystanders can also be harmed.”

Even though he was forced to reveal his secret identity and he lost his job working with autistic children in the process, Jones is staying upbeat and his planning on getting some payback, which funnily enough, might use the very legal system that Phoenix Jones shirks. 

I’m going to have to seek some way to make myself whole again,” he said adding that he was looking into legal action against the police.” The judicial system did it’s job. I’m ecstatic I’m not being charged. I lost my job, people call me by my real name on the street, criminals say they know where I live. it’s affected my life, and for something I didn’t do.”

So I guess we’ll refrain from making any rising from the ashes jokes, but I think that what Phoenix Jones needs is a Commissioner Gordon in his back pocket.



The Ballad Of Phoenix Jones

- 10-14-11WTF? Posted by Jeremy R! Hudson

For the past few years Phoenix Jones, the self proclaimed “Guardian of Seattle“, has had some ups and downs in the real life superhero game. Over the past week it’s been a down but he did get to pull off his own Tony Stark-esque reveal.

Facing charges for assault for trying to break up a street fight (for more and the video of the altercation, visit our friends at, Jones found himself stripped of his costume and crime fighting gear by police and facing down any superheros worst nightmare (real or otherwise), a public unmasking.


Can Real Life Superheroes Really Make A Difference? Phoenix Jones Thinks So Damnit!

- 01-05-11Cool Stuff, WTF? Posted by Rachel Hill


“When I walk into a neighborhood, criminals leave because they see the suit. I symbolize that the average person doesn’t have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing.” Sounds the opening to the sequel of Kick Ass right? Wrong.  These words were actually uttered by a mere mortal; a real life superhero named Phoenix Jones.

Jones’ dons his black and gold suit accompanied by a bulletproof vest, mace and taser.  Just like in Kick Ass Phoenix Jones just wants to help keep the common folk from getting the shaft.  Phoenix Jones recently helped a Seattle man avoid having his car broken into and from having any harm done to them in the process (Holy shit is that badass!).

It’s nice to see, as our disgruntled and poor excuse for a superhero Dave Lizewski comments in Kick Ass, that people in this world are aspiring to be more than the next Tila Tequila.  Also, in case you guys missed it, Rolling Stone did a piece a while back on real life superheroes.  So what do you guys think about this shizzle… is it blurring the lines between fantasy and reality or do guys like Phoenix Jones make you wanna suit up and join the fight??

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