Does Zack Snyder have the moxie to make a Superman movie worth a damn? We wont know until the flick is signed, sealed and delivered, but whether the Internet likes it or not, he’s on the right track. Production is well under way and there’s virtually nothing for anyone to complain about. Er… OK, the lack of red undies on Supe’s suit was a Superclusterfuck. But that’s it! Brilliant choices in casting; Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, Amy Adams as intrepid reporter Lois Lane,  Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Ma and Pa Kent, Micheal Shannon as General Zod.  Beyond that, I think the set photos, especially the ones released today, speak volumes to the non-stop wise decisions Snyder has made. It’s all adding up to mean the promise of a successful, cinematic reboot.

So…as mentioned earlier we have a new batch of set photos to gander at. Good ones too.

For starters, we have a few pics of Michael Shannon with a production assistants head up his ass (as seen above), whilst wearing a black, Superman style, Kryptonian suit. If the suit wasn’t menacing enough, check out Michael rocking the Zod style chin beard, it screams villain.


Here are some new hi-res images from the Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man. Now, some of these have already come out online but they don’t look as good unless they are in high resolution. It’s just a fact people.

San Diego Comic-Con proved The Amazing Spider-Man is going to be something very special. When Spider-Man himself, Andrew Garfield, pulled the blushing fanboy move it showed his dedication to the relaunched franchise. It’s safe to say that this Spider-Man definitely isn’t a Sam Raimi knockoff, it’ll stands as a very strong picture on its own.

See all the hi-res action after the jump

Sony has just released images of costumes, scene, and key characters to appear in The Amazing Spider-Man. These images give everyone a good look of what to expect before the official film footage release at Comic Con. After taking a look at some of the photos I must say that I really like the fresh new image of Andrew Garfield as Spidey. He looks amazing as Peter Parker, and in the suit he looks just like the classic Spider-Man.Writer Russ Fischer of Slashfilm describes Andrew Garfield as:

“potentially all awkward and a bit gangly but primed for the transformation into a hero.”

Check out the photos after the jump, and tell us what you think about this new step in the Spider-Man franchise.