Power rangers


With a trailer debuting at NYCC, an Angel Grove High School newspaper website ramping up the tension day by day and reams to teasers and merchandise dropping left, right and centre, the 2017 Power Rangers movie is pulling out all the stops to become one of the most anticipated reimaginings of next year. An origin story for characters that have not been on the big screen for nearly twenty years, the new movie will see Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Jason evolve from ordinary high school kids to the colourful crime-fighting team we all know and love. (more…)

2017 is already shaping up to be one blockbuster of a year. Two of the most anticipated movies are slated to come out that year. Thew New Power Rangers film is set to debut in March of 2017 while Justice League will hit theaters later that year. So it only makes sense that the two combine their marketing powers to form one giant campaign. Initially, the idea sounds really silly, but one could argue that it’s so silly it could work. However, don’t expect this to be a crossover you see on the big screen. The Power Rangers and the Justice League will come together starting January 11, 2017 at your local comic book shop.



It’s easy to imagine two kids on the playground arguing about which group would come out on top if the Voltron team (Keith, Lance, Pidge, Hunk, and Princess Allura) fought the Power Rangers‘ Megazord. Now those two kids can find out because Youtuber ismahawk and crew have gone full fan(boy & girl) fight in making this incredibly fun video. Seriously, it isn’t often that one finds something that they unknowingly needed to fill a hidden void in their lives. Start your weekend off right and check it out below. (more…)

New York Comic Con 2016 has come and gone, but the media blitz for the new Power Rangers movie is still going on. Today, more photos of the cast as well as a new synopsis were released via the movie’s website. Many of the photos are stills from the trailer that debuted over the weekend, but in case you couldn’t pause the clip, here’s your chance to take a good look at some of the scenes from the trailer. After the jump, there will be a break down of some of the new photos as well as a small discussion whether or not the trailer resembled another film from not too long ago about kids who came across a weird object and gain super powers.



It seems rather proforma, but when you reboot something, it’s just expected that you’d invite cast members of the original incarnation to make an appearance. Sometimes it works, like when Bryan Singer put actors from the original 1950s Adventures of Superman series in Superman Returns, and sometimes it doesn’t, like in the recent Ghostbusters where cameos from the original cast stuck out like a sore thumb and were messily integrated into the film. The danger exists, but its at least polite to ask, right? Tell that to the makers of the new Power Rangers movie because apparently they didn’t even bother to ask originals to make an encore appearance. (more…)


The big budget modern day reboot of Power Rangers is set for a 2017 release. The cast and crew are keeping the details of the movie under wraps as much as possible. However Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Malcolm in the Middle), who is set to play Zordon has admitted his reluctance to taking the role and shed light on reports that this isn’t his first rodeo where Power Rangers is concerned.  (more…)


With the upcoming Power Rangers film debuting in 2017, the cast and crew have been very busy getting things filmed and ready for the big screen. This weekend at San Diego Comic Con, fans are eagerly waiting for a chance at seeing the first trailer for the film. It has not been said whether or not it will happen, and there isn’t a panel for the film, but, the actors are in attendance and doing signings. During these autograph sessions, a little bit of extra information was also leaked!  (more…)


You might remember the old Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and their costumes; the headgear they wore looked a bit like hockey helmets with sun glass lenses pasted on. Of course, the whole show had a homemade quality to it with rubber monsters smoking cardboard cities as they battled, before cutting to badly dubbed footage from the original Japanese series. That kind of stuff won’t stand in modern movies, so this Power Rangers coming next year from Lionsgate has to be all top shelve from the costumes, to the monsters, to the epic climactic destruction. So keeping that in mind, let’s get a close-up look at the new versions of two important pieces of the Power Rangers mythology. (more…)


When the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers premiered way back in the hallowed 90s, the Rangers’ costumes were little more than plastic helmets and spandex suits, hardly cutting edge for the advanced alien tech (or whatever) the characters were supposed to have. The producers of the big screen Power Rangers remake though have promised something less Spider-Man and more Iron Man when the new Rangers make their debut in cinemas in the spring. What does a more Iron Man-ish Power Ranger look like? Glad you asked because below is the first image of the new Rangers, in costume, looking out at something… Whatever it is though, their masks fell off in disbelief. (more…)