Rick and Morty

Want to gauge just how popular a show is? Don’t worry, the Internet will tell you. And right now, social feeds are still wildly a buzz thanks to  the long-awaited third season premiere of Rick and Morty which aired on April Fool’s Day. However, Rick and Morty is something truly special in that, it is so popular, it has the influential power to bring back a retired 20-year McDonalds dipping sauce.  (more…)

Fans of Rick and Morty have been aching for news of the show’s third season since Mister Poopy Butthole told us at the end of season two that we’d have to wait about a year and a half before we saw another episode. In the time since, there have been all kinds of rumours flying around, convincing people that it was coming on whatever date, only for that date to come and go with no sign of Rick’s inevitable escape from prison. The creators had no end of fun teasing fans with mysterious tweets and other such cruelly tantalising slips. (more…)

Fans of Rick and Morty have been clamoring for any and all information related to the upcoming third season for a long time and today, of all days, a blessing of all blessings has come down upon the heavens that is AdultSwim. Rick and Morty is NOW AIRING it’s premiere episode on AdultSwim.com!! What the fuggity f**k!?!?!

What are you doing? This is not an April Fools joke. Go. Watch it now. Read later. (more…)

Fans of Rick and Morty have been clamoring for any and all information related to the upcoming third season for a long time and it looks like things are finally moving forward. The third season was initially expected to air sometime last year, but has been delayed for an unknown number of reasons. We recently reported on creator Dan Harmon and his exploits on Twitter addressing production, but this news is less rumor and more cold, hard facts. Rick and Morty season three is in production!


Fans of Rick and Morty have been clamoring for any news related to when season three might finally premiere. It was first thought the series would return towards the end of 2016, but that didn’t happen. While they may be more patient than fans of other series, the people awaiting new episodes of what has been called the most scientifically accurate animated comedy are getting anxious, which may be why co-creator Dan Harmon spoke out today via an interview on Indiewire addressing the delay in the premiere of season three.



There’s still three months to go until the March 2017 premiere of Adult Swim‘s third season of Rick And Morty, but creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland couldn’t wait to give fans a taste of the new season. This unfinished video with some serious “F” bombs should lighten your day and help you get through to the weekend. Just turn down the sound if you’re at work or put on headphones so that annoying co-worker in the next cubicle can’t complain to HR and check out this sneak peek.

Dan Harmon Undertakes New Cartoon Project

harmonquest 1

Dan Harmon, most known as the creator of cult classic television comedy Community and co-creator (with Justin Roiland) of [adult swim]’s cosmic success Rick and Morty, is a busy man. Between the ongoing promise of a Community movie, the third season of Rick And Morty, and the weekly Harmontown podcast (of which there’s even a frigging documentary), you would think the man would be unable to give us any more than he already has— and yet, today he announced another show coming soon to our screens! (more…)


Where to even begin with Rick And Morty? What began as an inside joke between animators grew into a pitch-black parody of Doctor Who, filled to the gills with trans-dimensional adventures, ridonculous super-science and naked nihilism. It was only natural that nerds everywhere loved it and we were willing to settle for the promise of a new season sometime around 2017, until Dan Harmon went ahead and ruined everything by ramming his face into the hype-train’s controls and make it launch out of its tracks and into orbit at full speed with his latests statement…



One tweet. Five words. “Pocket Mortys. Mobile. January 14th.”. That’s how the news broke about Adult Swim‘s new Pokemon-style game featuring the titular characters from Rick and Morty. For anyone planning on grabbing the free mobile game for iOSand Android devices, get set for what will surely be a sci-fi infused, foul language filled romp as Rick, who must battle with and collect different Mortys from across the multiverse.The game’s voice work will be handled by the show’s co-creator Dan Harmon, while fellow co-creator and avid gaming enthusiast Justin Roiland is currently working on his own unrelated mobile game for the HTC Vive. (more…)

Adult Swim Picks Up Season 3 of ‘Rick and Morty’


Rick and Morty are on a roll! The Season 2 premiere of the animated comedy series aired July 26, securing the #1 spot for its time period (11:30 PM/ET). Season 2 charted triple-digit delivery gains over Season 1, and cultivated 29.7 million streams in July. All that being said, it’s no wonder Adult Swim announced they’ll be ordering more wacky intergalactic episodes with the Rick and Morty Season 3 pickup.