Neil Gaimans‘s The Sandman is still in the early stages of development, however, that isn’t stopping David S. Goyer (*shudder*), Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gaiman from going full steam ahead with casting ideas in regards to the possible actors who could potentially play the lead role of the titular character – otherwise known as Morpheus. Recently, word on the street (…well, the word on the interwebs) was that Goyer and Levitt had been working on a script for the movie adaptation and Warner Bros. liked the draft they handed in. Also, following the news of the script, everyone involved sounded a little more upbeat about the project after a long period of worrying silence . Thusly, Gaiman, Goyer, and Levitt‘s enthusiasm is a real bonus to getting the project pushed along further; and maybe even fast tracked after the new year. (more…)

Joseph Gordon Levitt

The recent lack of information regarding the movie adaptation of The Sandman has been rather depressing. Considering it is was among the first of planned Warner Bros. comic book adaptations after Man of Steel, it’s omission from the studios recent movie schedule was rather disconcerting. However, Neil Gaiman has explained why it was absent from the DC schedule announcement. This is because The Sandman is a Vertigo Comics Property, and it might sit as a standalone movie unattached to DC Cinematic Universe (Guillermo del Toro‘s Justice League Dark could possibly head in the same direction). Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jack Thorne and David S. Goyer are working on the movie adaptation with Levitt and Goyer recently discussing the state of the script and reassuring fans that Neil Gaiman is still very much involved in the writing process. (more…)

Neil Gaiman’s Vision of Satan Coming to Fox TV


Some may be disappointed that Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic series isn’t getting a proper television series (instead being regulated to a 2-hour movie), but it looks like one of Morpheus’ co-stars is getting to move to the small screen instead. You may remember him from the ‘Season of Mists’ story arc (Sandman issues #21-28), though he has been present within the DC universe in one form or another since as far back as the early 60s. His name is Lucifer and this fallen angel is now the subject of a new pilot being produced for Fox. (more…)


It is a safe bet that fans of Neil Gaiman’s comic masterpiece Sandman have been waiting on any news of the new movie being developed over at Warner Bros. that they can get.  After Joseph Gordon-Levitt took the initiative and decided to take the project on as director (he will also likely star), news has been pretty non-existent, not a great sign to those who have followed ever project that the series has almost spawned.  Thanks to a great interview with Moviephone, JGL has given fans a reason to breathe a little easier. (more…)

The ‘Sandman’ Movie Has Found Its Writer


Ever since Joseph Gordon-Levitt announced his intention to turn Neil Gaiman’s much-loved Sandman series into a movie, fans (myself included) have been sitting on the fence. The story of Sandman is incredibly complex and even the enthusiasm of Gordon-Levitt may mean very little if they don’t have the right people working behind the scenes to make the movie as true to its source material as possible. Now, the first piece of the Sandman puzzle has been found. It looks like Jack Thorne will be the one to write the script. (more…)


Fans of Neil Gaiman everywhere likely know of the horrible state of affairs that has followed the potential for his Sandman comic series to make it to the big screen.  This idea has been floating around since many years before the series finished its run, but nothing good has ever come of it.  Now, with the popularity of comic book flicks and the desire to milk every available property they can, the powers-that-be may be looking to finally take the plunge.  What’s more, there are a couple of interesting names being attached to the project.  Read on for more Sandman-y goodness. (more…)

sandman overture

If you’re a Neil Gaiman fan, you’ve no doubt already heard plenty about the coming of the new Sandman book, The Sandman: Overture.  Yes, after all these damn years, Gaiman is returning to the roots of his fame and bringing us a brand fkn new Sandman comic.  And now, courtesy of an interview via San Diego Comic Con, we here at Nerd Bastards have a video for you in which Gaiman and his artist J.H. Williams III talk a bit about the new series and what to expect.  Check it out below:

Personally, I’m all fanboy about this one.  What do the folks out in Nerd Reader-land think about it?  More Sandman good?  Or do we need a prequel at all?


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Good news for fans of Neil Gaiman – The Sandman is back in the news.  In addition to the coming of a new comic, The Sandman: Overture (the cover of which you can see above), it looks like there may be a little pull from DC to get Warner Bros. working on a movie adaptation of the original Sandman series.  Check the rumormill highlights out below.

Apparently, DC President Diane Nelson, in a recent interview, said that one of the top DC titles on her list of “make these into movies” is Gaiman’s The Sandman.  It may seem like nothing that the prez of DC said that she wants to see Gaiman’s work turned into a big screen flick, but she also happens to be the one at DC with the biggest pull when it comes to pushing Warner Bros. towards new projects.

Given that Warner Bros. already has enough on their plate with the Man of Steel success and their subsequent race to start competing seriously in the super hero movie wars, it could be some time before they get around to it, even if it is on their list.  And we certainly don’t want a repeat of the first attempt at a Sandman movie, in which the movie execs tried to alter the story by having Morpheus summoned into the world via a group of teenagers doing a ritual at a party.  With the popularity of the comic and the rabid nature of fans these days, there would likely be a riot.

Those that want to check out The Sandman: Overture can expect to see it hitting shelves this fall.  As for the movie… well, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  MaybeDC has something to say about it at SDCC this year? <crossing fingers>  Make sure to check in with Nerd Bastards to see whatever it is that DC has to say over the weekend, Sandman related or not.


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