Ender’s Game Gets Official Release Date

It has been a long time SciFi favorite since it first started to see print as short story back in 1977 in Analog. Then came the novel that expanded the story a bit more, then a series of novels. Earlier this year the thought of an Ender’s Game movie inched closer to being real. Geek Tyrant is reporting that Summit Entertainment has announced the movies official release date. March 15th 2013, with Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) on the slate as director.

Orson Scott Card, the books author, spoke to Geek Tyrant and gave some insight into the production:

“The problem with the book, as a movie, is that all the important information about ender’s motives comes from internal monologue – his thoughts. Since voiceovers are loathsome, Ender’s actions would remain unexplained, and he would appear to be little more than a violent kid.

Also, the book would make a movie that was at least four hours long. Much has to be cut – including all of Peter’s and Valentine’s online exploits, the mind game, and much of the incidental material before Ender gets into Bonzo’s army.

In short, much will be omitted. But I remain confident that as long as the character of Ender himself, with his relationships with other kids, is in the movie, it will still be Ender’s Game to my own satisfaction and the satisfaction of the fans.

…Whoever plays Ender will almost certainly be an actor you haven’t seen before, and with any luck, a child who has not gone through the soul-numbing process of being cute on camera. In other words, I hope it is a child who never had an agent, but who is very, very intelligent and therefore can take direction.

Here is my own source of greatest confidence: The movie will not erase a single word of the book! That’s how I endure knowing that Peter Jackson committed the repulsive crime of removing the Scouring of the Shire from the Lord of the Rings movie, which is akin to removing the last chapter from EG. THAT, at least, I know will not happen in the EG movie – all the producers understand that the point of the story is finding out that the very thing that allowed Ender to defeat the formics (loving his enemy in order to defeat them) makes his discovery all the more galling to him.”

It is nice to see Card admit the adaption will have to be creative to keep true to the source material. Even if it was just an attempt to bring the original short story to the big screen it would be tough. I’ve re-read his words a couple of times now, to try and reach some level of nerd calm about this movie. I am, as I sure many of you are, excited to see how it all turns out on March 15th, 2013.




You’ve probably never heard of Aaron Sims. He’s a conceptual designer / special effects master but you have definitely appreciated his work on films like War of the Worlds, Transformers 3, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Thing, and Sucker Punch. Sims has worked queitly in the movie industry for 25 years and worked with some of the movie giants like Steven Spielberg, Zack Snyder & Martin Campbell on big projects.

Sim’s latest project is the short film ARCHETYPE and it is simply stunning to look at. As well as working on the robot, set, and special effects design Simms has stepped behind the camera to direct.

The story synopsis is:

RL7 is an eight foot tall combat robot. Only problem is he’s starting to remember once being human. Now on the run from an all powerful corporation that will stop at nothing to destroy him, RL7 desperately searches for the truth behind his mysterious memories before it’s too late.

Archetype stars Robert Joy, David Anders and Elle Newlands. I am excited to see the final product after that teasing trailer. The robot look is fantastic, menacing while still remaining tragic.

“The Event” Picked up by SyFy?

After being canceled by NBCThe Event show’s creator Nick Wauters and executive producer Steve Stark toldfans that there was a possibility for the sci-fi drama to continue elsewhere. Looks like it might be happening at the SyFy channel in the form of a miniseries. Greasing the wheels is the fact that Syfy and The Event producer, Universal Media Studios, are NBC Universal corporate siblings. If mini series does well, it could potentially launch another season of the alien drama.

This Nersbastard isn’t going to get his hopes up. Scifi on SyFy? Can SyFy spare the room and not show another boring Ghost Hunters or Ghost Whisperer? Really, who watches those shows except guys hoping for a “running” scene? If they made that show more like Baywatch I might get interested. Don’t forget all that wrestling programming. Can’t let any real science fiction get in the way of showing this weeks new character wrestler pummelling some unknown or has been.

My guess is even if this gets done SyFy will just screw it up by putting the whole miniseries on at 2am on Wednesday morning in one lump marathon. You’ll only hear about it the day before on an obscure website and SyFy will use some technological magic to screw up your DVR and make it record more wrestling and ghost programming.

All you Wrestling and Ghost hunter fans can now flame me in the comments section below. I’m not against that programming, just the amount that SyFy relies on it for what ever dismal ratings it can garner during the week. I would rather watch old SciFi television shows. That is a good idea. Someone make the SyFy-Land programming happen, Buck Rodgers, Battlestar Galactica, Logan’s Run, Planet of the Apes, there are a ton just sitting around gathering dust.

What old SciFi television show would you want to watch?

Ender’s Game Movie Gets New Life

Orsen Scott Card’s Ender’s Game has been a Scifi favorite when it first published in 1985. Since winning that years Hugo award there have been numerous attempts to bring it to the big screen, but each has ended like a used blow up sex doll. The promise of pleasure followed by a long hissing sound and stunning disappointment. Not that I know anything about that, no I just heard about it. From my cousin, yeah, that’s the ticket, my cousin.

So although I greet the news that Summit has pitched in to help finance and distribute an Ender’s Game movie based on a Gavin Hood (Tsotsi, Wolverine) script treatment with a child-like hope, I know that these things have a difficult birthing process and it’s not over until the film is in the can. Even then things can still go wrong. Gavin is also getting the directing duties so that shows that Summit is on board with the current script and direction.

Deadline puts forth the thought that Summit is looking for a replacement for the soon ending Twilight series. Ender’s Game is the first in a series of books with a large young and old Scifi fan base. Many schools have Ender’s Game on their required reading lists these days. With the excitement brewing over the Hunger Games movie in development, Ender’s Game could be Summit’s choice to latch unto that popular market.

If you haven’t read the series then I do recommend it although I would also tell you to skip The Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind until you read the rest of the books in the series. It just goes along better that way in my opinion.

Squeee!”Face Off” Renewed For 2nd Season


I don’t have much time for live TV anymore, but one of the shows that I’ve been curling up in front of (knees bent to chest with t-shirt tucked over, like a 5 year old) is Syfy Channels “Face Off“. I normally hate reality competition shows, but this is really something worth nerd attention. The premise? A collection of talented special effects make up artists show off their skills in weekly challenges and compete for the title of top artist. Watching this troupe of colorful personalities create everything from zombies to horror monsters is like watching Bob Ross paint. Seeing something amazing come together from nothing is fascinating. Plus, like any reality competition you have an opinion on who you think is going to win and as such you’re vested in their journey, and are obviously hooked for the rest of  season. In short, the inside look at the makings of cool creatures and astounding make-up, coupled with the drama of competition makes “Face Off” essential nerd viewing.

Obviously I’m not only one showing love for the show, ’cause viewership was enough for SyFy to renew ‘face Off’ for a second season.  Syfy Programming President Mark Stern had this to say;

“With strikingly intense personalities and creatively stunning challenges, Face Off has ignited viewers’ imaginations, making it Syfy’s best unscripted franchise launch ever. We look forward to another exciting season showcasing some of the best special effects make-up talent in the country.”

Face Off has had steady ratings over its first seven episodes with an average of 1.4 million viewers when you add in DVR.

Tune in tonight for the season one finale. My vote goes to Tate. That burly wonderful bastard is poised to take it all.

Ryan Gosling to Star in Logan’s Run Remake?


“Life Day! Renew! Renew!” *cough* Sry, something in my throat, I mean reboot! Reboot! Logan’s Run was a pre-Star Wars film originally meant to be one of the first sci-fi trilogy films of it’s time. Adapted from the novel of the same name by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, it depicts a dystopic ageist future society in which both population and the consumption of resources are maintained in equilibrium by requiring the death of everyone reaching a particular age .With the first incarnation well over 30 years old it’s only fitting that the once formidable franchise takes part in it’s own carrousel.

Reboot talk has dated back as early as the mid- 1990’s. Back then it was to be produced by Joel Silver and to be written by and directed by Skip Woods. In 2004 Bryan Singer was brought in to develop and direct but got too caught up with the demands of X-Men and Superman Returns. In 2005 a new script by Christopher McQuarrie was written and Directors Robert Schwentke and James McTeigue were approached for the project, but neither ultimately signed on. In the time-line since, there have been even more writers and directors who have had their hands on  the project. Ultimately leading to Carl Erik Rinsch who was hired to direct and screenwriter Alex Garland was brought on board to write the script. The latter currently remaining attached.

Canadian indie movie star Ryan Gosling is in talks to make the switch into a major movie role, possibly bringing along collaborator and indie director Nicolas Winding Refn. This remake may be a slim chance , but if these two individuals can unite and join script writer Alex Garland, who finished the script nearly a year ago, this shit might actually happen. Deadline reports:

Warner Bros is finalizing a deal with Ryan Gosling to reunite with his Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn on Logan’s Run, the remake of the 1976 futuristic drama about a man who tries to outrun a mandatory death sentence that awaits  all 30-year old’s.

Ryan recently turned 30 years old which fits perfectly with the movie as people who turn 30 are subject to renew with carrousel or die.

Personally I liked this reboot the first time, when it was ‘The Island’. If that wasn’t a re-make of Logans Run, then I don’t know why they’d bother to do it again

Production on the newly rebooted Logan’s Run will start in the fall, after various failures since 1994.

Via: Deadline

Syfy Cancels Stargate Universe!

Sad news my nerd brethren. This is the first autumn since SG-1 premiered in 1997 that there won’t be a new season of Stargate.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Syfy  has announced it won’t renew  Stargate Universe for a third season, putting an end (for now) to the long-running Stargate franchise on the network.

Are we surprised?

*sigh* I don’t know how I feel. ‘Stargate Universe’ was too serious and dark, too much of a drama. It’s like it wanted to be Battlestar Galactica. It forgot that it’s predecessors (Stargate and Stargate: Atlantis) success derived from being a light hearted adventure series. With that said it was so story and character driven. Yes, the first season wasn’t great, but it finally started to pick up, all those nice little threads started to come together. I think it’s a mistake to essentially shutdown the Stargate franchise. It has served SyFy well for many years.

So instead we get to see another BBC rip-off, another Heroes rip-off, and another failure to cash in on BSG.

Syfy has a slate of new scripted projects lined up for 2011, including the series premiere of Being Human on Jan. 17, the recently green-lit one-hour drama series Alphas and the much-anticipated Battlestar prequel pilot movie, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome

Stargate Universe will retun to finish its second season in the spring of 2011.

‘The Walking Dead’ Hits Big, 8.3 Million Big

Did y’all have a good Halloween? Ya? Well I know a few folks who had a great Halloween. Regardless of how much candy you scored Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore, Frank Darabont and the folks at AMC scored something much sweeter.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting a record breaking night for The Walking Dead:

In adults 18-49, Walking Dead garnered 3.6 million viewers to become the highest-rated cable series premiere in 2010. In addition to the original 10 PM airing, AMC re-ran the Walking Dead pilot at 11:30 PM and 1 AM for a cumulative audience of 8.1 million viewers. “It’s a good day to be dead,” said AMC president Charlie Collier “We are so proud of this series, its depth of storytelling and the remarkable talent attached.”

Damn! That’s great news! Ya know what’s even better? Review aggregator Metacritic, which aggregates the input of both critics and views, currently ranks the show at an 85 with a 9.2 user score, meaning a lot of the folks who tuned in this past weekend could likely return for more when episode two shambles onto screens next week. Reiterating America’s love affair with Zombies. Looks like we have a lot more ‘Walking Dead’ to look forward too.

It was a gigantic win for the guys over at AMC. The show was amazing and definitely deserved to draw such large audience share.

Classic Daleks to Return (Again) in Doctor Who


Even though the shiny new Daleks destroyed their predecessors in Doctor Who‘s fifth series episode “Victory of the Daleks” we haven’t seen the last of the classic Daleks, promises showrunner Steven Moffat.

The new Doctor Who Brilliant Book quotes Moffat as saying:

The fact is, we’re not going to lose the old Daleks. We’re keeping them. They’re coming back. We’ll just use them all at once, and have different ranks. All I’ve done is give the Daleks an officer class.

So in other words “We can’t afford to throw out the old props”.

I love the Daleks, I really do. But, come on now. These new Skittle colored Daleks? Seriously, WTF fuck? Ya, ya I know they’re reminiscent of the colored Daleks in the Peter Cushing Dalek movies, but classic bronze is so much more threatening.

Color or no color, I can’t help but feel like I’m taking them less seriously nowadays when they kept being just on the virge of coming back, and then getting wiped out, then coming back again. Make them a constant threat, rather than the leftovers of one. Or, even better. Don’t keep bringing them back. At-least not for several  years. They are classic villains that have grown less interesting through overexposure. Give it a break.

Nerd Bastards Retro Movie Review: Dune

(‘Retro movie review’ is a bi-weekly feature by guest writer Delilah Dawson. D. takes a look back at some of our generations best nerdiest movies and makes us appreciate them all over again.)
And I’m talking about the theatrical version of the original 1984 David Lynch interpretation of Frank Herbert’s classic saga, written in 1965. This is *not* the long version, *not* the super-extra-long version, and *not* the fancy new miniseries they did in 2000.

Are we good there, Dune purists? Okay. Moving on.