8 Saddest Sci/Fi Fantasy Film Moments

Every movie has a conflict point…Just like every rose has its thorn?….Never mind that. I find that even the saddest scenes in a hardcore drama can affect you sometimes worse than real life drama. For example, In “Boys Don’t Cry” (Not on this list), Tina Brandon is raped by her friends when they find out he is a girl. Terrifyingly brutal. Even after you left the the theater it resonated so deeply, years later, the tuning fork vibrations of silently thunderous realism hit home too closely to an uncomfortable level. THESE movies are the moments in SCI -FI /FANTASY films that made you sad. To say that real drama is dramatic just screams of an easy tear jerk. I’m talking when a NerdBastard type film can get you moving, get the eyes all welled up, THAT, my friends, is brilliant work.

Not to say that these films aren’t kinda terrible (Lets face it, alot of them are, and we love them REGARDLESS of poor quality), because, well, they are a little. If an Ewok can make you sad. This is the site for you, and just the list to get you thinking. (more…)

Dollhouse Has Been Cancelled (Are You Surprised?)


We all new this was coming. THR reports

 “Dollhouse” is closing its doors at Fox. The network has canceled Joss Whedon’s cult fave, which in May beat the odds with a second-season pickup despite low ratings.
The sci-fi series, which is filming episode 11, is expected to finish its 13-episode order.After some dismal performance in the fall, despite the ratings bumps “Dollhouse” got from DVR viewing, Fox benched the show for the November sweep after four episodes.
It is not clear whether Fox will air the remaining episodes starting Dec. 4 as planned.

I dunno why Fox even extended the show to a second season. Dollhouse had been semi enjoyable and for Whedon Fan’s a must watch but for mass appeal, not so much. Had the show not been on the Friday night death slot. Had Eliza Dushku not been the lead (sorry she’s not a leading lady) and had the quality of the episodes been more consistent then maybe Dollhouse would have stood a chance. It had flashes of brilliance at times but the show was inconsistent and un-even on so many levels. However, even a mediocre show like this would have had a longer shelf life on SyFy Channel or CW. Joss Whedon needs to approach those networks for future shows, or the other way around.

The worst news in all of this is with Dollhouse out of the picture Fox will now officially be dubbed the “Seth Macfarlane Network”.

Most Iconic Handheld Movie Weapons

Grab yourself a Mountain Dew, take a piss while your up, come back and plant your butt down. When you get all nice and settled we’d like you to behold nerdbastards list of the Most Iconic Movie Weapons! We’ve kept this list isolated to hand-held weapons because fictional WMD’s would be a whole other list entirely. We are pretty confident that we have listed every noteworthy gun, sharp object and everything in between. The list is in no particular order but it is a definitive layout of the most recognizable weapons in cinematic history. Our thought process here was nothing special, in fact it was simple. If you had to struggle to think about a weapon then it shouldn’t be considered to be in the pantheon of most memorable.
Will you agree with our choices? Maybe. Will you be up at arms with what we didn’t list? We‘re expecting pitch forks and torches. Even if you don’t agree with us and think our list is complete shit we’ve included a few fun facts to ensure that you will have walked away with a modicum of enjoyment. (more…)

Joss Whedon Wants To Buy Terminator Franchise


Here’s just one more reason Joss Whedon is beyond awesome. As soon as the George Lucas of TV caught wind of the Terminator franchise going up for sale…. Oh yea we forgot to tell you, the Terminator franchise is up for sale. Halcyon Holding Groups which own the rights to the franchise has gone bankrupt and is trying to  sell off its rights to the Terminator franchise to pay off it’s debts. You can read more on that over at /film. Anyway, when Mr. Whedon the genius beyond Buffy and Dr. Horrible found out about the selling of the beloved franchise he went and made an offer. You can read his hilarious tongue and cheek letter here (after the jump)

Source via scifiwire



Warner Home Video has released a brand new deleted scene from the upcoming Terminator SalvationDVD, which hits the shelves along with the Blu-ray edition on December 1. Click the video above to watch this deleted scene that features actress Moon Bloodgod topless. As many of you know this scene was cut because it was going to push the films rating from PG-13 to an R. All I gotta say is WTF?!?!? This is what all the hubbub was about, SIDE BOOB!! This is actually a beautiful scene that it my opinion is not sexual in context, it didn’t even give me half a stock. The MPAA is a fucking joke!

source via traileraddict


We’re as interested as you are in any info about the plot of next summer’s Robert Rodriguez-scripted Predators reboot. Today our friends at the Latino Review,  got a chance to read a 90-page script dated July 12, 2009 and they’ve been kind enough to share some info.

 The draft is a “bloody, violent, Hard-R script” that pits a team of seven kidnapped humans against Predators on the aliens’ home planet. Reportedly, the team of seven are:

  • Royce, a Steve McQueen type
  • Cuchillo, a Mexican enforcer for a drug cartel who has twin uzis strapped to his back
  • Nikolai, a bear of a Russian armed with a four-barrel gas-powered rotary machine gun
  • Isabelle, a French woman armed with a sniper rifle
  • Stans, a San Quentin prisoner with a shaved head, armed with a prison-made knife
  • Mombasa, an African member of the Sierra Leone death squad
  • Hanzo, a Yakuza enforcer
  • Edwin, an unassuming man who was formerly on the FBI’s most-wanted list.

I dunno, sounds more like a bad video game to me but I have faith Rodriguez will deliver. check out Latino Review for more details.