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First of all, “Emerald Knights” is a thing, right? I mean, I remember reading that in a comic book at some point in reference to the dynamic duo of Green Arrow and Green Lantern. Or maybe it isn’t. But if you intend on re-using it, please credit me.

Anyway, the reason for all that preamble is that in discussion on who from the DC Comics universe might find their way into the TV world of Arrow in the upcoming second season, the man who would be Speedy, actor Colton Haynes, let slip a possible answer.

While talking to Flicks and the City, Haynes said, “There’s going to be some new characters, I’m sure you guys have read, that are going to be joining, some very very well known characters that have been in prior movies so I think it’s going to be exciting to see.

Prior movies,” he says. Who could he possibly mean? Batman? Superman? Jonah Hex? Naw, the safe money’s on Green Lantern’s Hal Jordan, who, in the comics anyway, is Oliver Queen’s BFF. So the question then becomes, how, if at all, will Arrow, a very realistic take on the Green Arrow, approach the whole thing with the Green Lantern ring and space aliens and the like? Maybe Hal Jordan will just be a cocky fighter pilot that likes the cut of Oliver’s jib, that is to say if it’s Hal Jordan at all.

Maybe we’ll get some more hints at the upcoming Arrow panel at Comic Con, in the meantime, let’s get the lowdown from Haynes himself in the full interview from Flicks and the City.

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Back in 2011 Summer Glau got her first taste of being a superhero outside being a terminator or a gifted intellectual with psychic abilities on NBC’s failed series, The Cape. A lot of people cursed the show and it resulted in an early cancellation, and a lot of bit parts for Summer. Now it looks like DC and The CW are welcoming Glau to Starling City.

According to TV Line, Glau will join the second season of the CW series, Arrow as Isabel Rochev, who fans of the comics will recognize as a strong villain in Green Arrow’s Rogue gallery. This marks a substantial role for Summer and will be her second role in the DC Universe, the first being her role as Supergirl in the animated Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. Fans of the series will recognize Rochev’s name as it was referenced once in the first season of Arrow. In Season 2 she is described as, “the beautiful and dangerous Vice President of Aquisitions for Stellmoor International, a company  looking to take over Queen Consolidated. Per DC lore, Isabel fancies herself a bit of a rightful heir to the Queen family business, and as such she will be eager to get Ollie out of her way.”

Summer should fit quite well into the role, as she’s played many characters in the past are who soft-spoken, but highly dangerous individuals. No word on when she will begin filmingto , but look for her to be possibly present at this year’s SDCC as Arrow will be highlighted at the convention next week.

Arrow Season 2 premieres on the CW Wednesday, October 9th.

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While most who worried about the fate of their most beloved television shows already learned whether they’d be renewed or not, fans of NBC‘s Hannibal – Fannibals, for those not cruising Tumblr tags – have been waiting, in agony, to learn if the series would be picked up for a second season. Finally, today NBC decided to renew for a second season. And there was much, much rejoicing.

Deadline broke the news only hours ago, with NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke commenting,

We’re so proud of Bryan [Fuller]’s vision for a show that is richly textured, psychologically complex, and very compelling. There are many great stories still to be told.

Raise a glass and toast to another season of cannibal cooking lessons, food puns, and Hannibal Lector’s ever growing collection of ridiculous suits only he seems capable of pulling off. Need a fine wine to fill that glass? Movie theater chain, Alamo Drafthouse has prepared something special for the occasion,


Two wines are offered, a red and a white, called Cannibal Chianti and Suit Yourself Pinot Grigio. Bottles are available for purchase, as well as Lector’s Package* – yes, I laughed too – which gets you, “a bottle to rub the lotion on your skin, some fava beans and a recipe from Alamo Drafthouse Chef Trish Eichelberger.”

*Liver not included


Arrow‘s first season was a surprising success. It not only broke free of Smallville‘s shadow, but proved a “grittier”, more “realistic” and grounded superhero show could prove popular. Greenlit for a second season our thoughts turn to what new heroes and villains we can expect to appear in Starling City. For bad guys, they’re going to need a real strong pick to follow John Barrowman’s Merlyn. And with his son, Tommy, uh, out of commission, I don’t believe we’re going to see a son-succeeds-the-father kind of thing anytime soon. So who’s a likely candidate to be the big bad in Season 2? My money’s on Manu Bennet as Slade Wilson’s better known alter ego, Deathstroke. It’ll be twice as conflicting for Oliver since we’ve seen the two share a past with their time on the island. And with Bennet being promoted to series regular, I think I’ve made a smart bet.

Executive producer, Marc Guggenheim also teased we’ll see not one big bad in Season 2, but rather two, with one fulfilling the sleazy, corporate role of Barrowman’s Well-Dressed Man and another in the more hands-on role. To MTV, Guggenhiem said, “They’ll both be very recognizable names to fans of the comic book. We’re really excited about both of them.” So if Deathstroke’s the “get your hands dirty” villain, who will be brains behind the brawn?

And with more villains, you need more heroes, right? Colton Haynes, the soon to be sidekick of The Hood because, come on, there’s be no more obvious plot line in television history, hinted at a superhero team in Arrow‘s future. Speaking with MTV, Haynes said, “A few of the most important DC characters are going to be coming to Arrow, and quite possibly working in a team together.” Most important DC characters, huh? That immediately makes you think the Trinity, but I can’t imagine they’ll show up in Starling City anytime soon. I’m thinking we’ll see some high profile, non-powered heroes since they’ll tie in better with Arrow‘s premise. Nightwing, maybe? That’d be a neat tie-in to Gotham without actually including Batman, and they’ve sure name-dropped Nightwing’s other stomping grounds, Bludhaven more than once. How about Wildcat? He could feature as not only another hero but maybe a trainer for Oliver. And hell, maybe we’ll finally see Laurel become Black Canary. Were that to happen, I could die happy.

What heroes and villains would you like to see join Arrow next season?

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NBC tried to squash the little web series, but through determination and the outpouring of fans Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time couldn’t be stopped. Inspector Spacetime, as most of us know it, is working on its second season and they just cast the voice of B.O.O.T.H. or Bio Organic Omnidirectional Time Helix. Think of her as the Inspector’s TARDIS. If his TARDIS could regularly talk with him and starred on a hit 90s sitcom.

Mayim Bialik (Blossom, The Big Bang Theory) worked with series creator and star, Travis Richey, at ACME Comedy Theatre in Hollywood and after reconnecting a few years ago Richey asked Bialik to join the show. It’s only an audio role for now, but I wouldn’t put it past them to pull a “Doctor’s Wife” in the future and involve Bialik in a more fleshy, tangible capacity.

On casting Bialik, Richey said,

I am beyond thrilled to have Mayim involved with the series. Besides being an amazing actress, she’s a brilliant and wonderful human being. Her take on the personality of the BOOTH made us go in and completely rethink the character. It’s so much more interesting now, and of course we had add more lines for Mayim.

Bialik added,

I am thrilled to be part of the Inspector Spacetime world. As a Doctor Who fan, Inspector Spacetime satisfies all of my theatrical and nerdy desires. Putting on an admittedly poor fake British accent and working with the awesome and talented Travis Richey made me feel like a bonafide nerd-girl.

Yes, because her role on Big Bang must make her feel like a fake nerd-girl. I kid, I kid. I’m stoked for Bialik to voice the B.O.O.T.H. and I can’t wait to hear what kind of personality she brings to it. Now, we just need to get Karen Gillan on board and they’re set! Richey told us at Gallifrey One they’ve written a role for her, so come on guys, start asking!

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Just in time for a pre-Season 3 marathon, Season 2 of HBO‘s Game of Thrones is now available on Blu-ray and DVD (Psst! You can win a copy of the Blu-ray from Nerd Bastards!) and it’s loaded with all sorts of goodies to please any and all fans. Some of these treats are hidden as Dragon Eggs – like Easter eggs, get it? – or at least they were until they were, like everything, shared on the internet. Now available for all to enjoy are these four deleted scenes from Game of Thrones‘ second season.

SanSan fans will most definitely enjoy the third clip, but the others featuring Irri and Doreah, Loras and Margaery, and my favorite, another sparring match between Littlefinger and Varys, are great additions to what was already a fantastic season. Check ’em out below and let us know which is your favorite? Any of these you wish they had left in the show?



While progress on the next Mortal Kombat film has come to almost a standstill, fans of the Kevin Tancharoen created and directed Mortal Kombat: Legacy have had much more to look forward to. The Machinima Inc. and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution webseries proved it’s worth capturing the souls of 60 million viewers in the first 9 episode season.

The wait is almost over. The second season is almost upon us.

Premiering at last night’s 3rd Annual Streamy Awards, to recognize and honor excellence in online video, fans of the series were treated to the first teaser to Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season two. Directed by Kevin Tancharoen, and cowritten by Josh Baizer and Marshall Johnson, the second season delves more into the characters before the events of the original game, while blending martial arts with the Mortal Kombat mythos. Honestly, Kevin and everyone involved stepped up their game for this season and it really appears that it could pay off later on in the year.

Check out the teaser below:

One of the nice things about Mortal Kombat: Legacy, this season, appears to be the direction its taking… and it’s being well received by all. Watching Liu Kang, played by Brian Tee, as a member of Outworld’s force compared to his melancholy hero role from the original Mortal Kombat of nearly two decades ago is a surprise turn for the character, a real attention grabber. Speaking of casting, seeing Cary Tagawa reprise his role as Shang Tsung, even if it’s not another feature film, brings back all kinds of nightmares and newcomers Harry Shum, Jr., Casper Van Dien and Mark Dacascos are a welcome fit to the group. So far they’ve already outdone themselves.

How this all plays out will really depend on our reaction in the coming months, maybe it could even help speed up production of that Mortal Kombat movie we’re all waiting for?

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It’s finally happening! Prepare for the next level with the second season of Mortal Kombat Legacy. Kombat producer and director Kevin Tancharoen makes the announcement official in the video below saying that this season is going to be all about the tournament; more fighting and more effects. Click play to check out the awesome video announcement, which includes teases about what characters might show up to… FIGHT!!!

Props to Tancharoen and his team for making a teaser announcement almost as entertaining as the series itself. Especially those beat-box-ers. Impressive.

More news as it develops.

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In the Season 2 Finale of The Walking Dead, we got a glimpse of a cloaked figure brandishing a katana sword, and ‘chaperoned’ by two chained up armless zombies. Fans were left at the edge of their seats hoping to catch a glimpse of the beauty under the hood. ‘Talking Dead’, Robert Kirkman, and AMC have done their best to contain themselves by only revealing the name of the character, Michonne, who is one of the lead characters in the comic book series, takes no prisoners, and is a lethal bombshell.  After this week’s sneak peek of Season 3, fans were wondering ,” Where is Michonne?”

Well just in the nick of time, we receive from AMC and Entertainment Weekly, and exclusive first look at the infamous and most talked about character for The Walking Dead Season 3 straight from the set.


While fans are wondering why Kirkman picked an unknown actress to play the part of Michonne he replied:

“We looked at a lot of talented people that were really fantastic, but we were waiting for that one spark, that moment where everyone was completely in agreement and completely excited, and we felt like we had found the essence of this fictional character that just randomly appeared in another person, and that person was Danai Gurira. She kind of came in and really just blew us all away. She’s got incredible presence, and she’s got a theater background, and is very physical, and was just perfect for the role.”

Kirkman also wanted fans to know that Michonne will change between adaptations:

The essence of the character — her personality, her motives, everything that makes Michonne Michonne — remains intact from the comics,” says Robert Kirkman (the creator of the comic and executive producer of the TV adaptation). “But like a lot of things on the show, there will be little tweaks and differences here and there. We saw that her introduction is slightly different from how it was in the comic, and her interaction with Andrea is really going to be a really cool addition to the character that I think will get television viewers up to speed, and they’ll get to know her a lot faster than comic book readers did.

So her entrance into the TV adaptation seems to fit with the dark and creepy mood mentioned by the cast in the sneak peek, how do you think Michonne’s entrance will shift the dynamic, and storyline for the book? With shooting currently taking place in the prison, word is that making it a zombie-proof playground will not be easy, so place your bets and chart out who will survive this season. Let the Zombie-Games BEGIN!


Thundercats is coming back to Cartoon Network on March 24th but not on their usual Friday night. Thundercats is joining the new Saturday morning cartoon block along with Ben 10 and the new DC Nation, airing at 9:30am. We shared some blurbs about the first two episodes of the second season last week and today we’ve got two clips from the first episode, “New Alliances.”

In the clips we’re introduced to Mumm-ra’s new generals, Addicus and Kaynar, and in the second clip you’ll get a little bit of Lion-o kickin’ ass with the Sword of Omens. Enjoy!

Thundercats returns March 24th at 9:30am!

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