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TV and comic books are both uniquely built to surprise. Sometimes, a character meant to be minor has such a profound affect on the overarching narrative that they end up becoming a bigger part of it than originally planned. So meet Felicity Smoak, a nervous, chatty, but obviously talented IT girl working at Queen Consolidated. Since Oliver Queen and his “something else” secret identity occasionally need advanced technical support, she’s the one he went to, and imbued with charm by Emily Bett Rickards, it didn’t take long for the Arrow producers to realize that they had something, or someone, special. Now, completing Felicity’s rise from day player to central figure of the show, she gets her own origin story, “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak.” (more…)

TV REVIEW: ‘Arrow’ S3E3 – “Corto Maltese”


Corto Maltese, the titular island for this week’s adventurer, is entirely made up. Like a lot of locations in the DC Universe. It was introduced in The Dark Knight Returns as a Cuba surrogate, your basic South American hellhole. In Tim Burton‘s Batman, Corto Maltese was Vicki Vale’s last stop before Gotham City where she was taking pictures of a massacre stemming from the uprising of some local rebels. On Arrow, one gets the sense that Corto Maltese isn’t so bad, at least no worse than the average banana republic/tax shelter for rich guys that want to disappear in luxury. Sound like anyone we know? (more…)

TV REVIEW: ‘Arrow’ S3E2 – “Sara”


Before we dive into this week’s Arrow let’s agree about one thing: Laurel kinda sucks. No disrespect to Katie Cassidy, she’s done fine work with what she’s been given, but to be honest, what she’s been given hasn’t been very much. The Arrow team is clearly trying to create a more compelling path for Laurel, one that was hinted at in last season’s finale when Sara gave her big sister her Black Canary jacket. Said jacket made a reappearance in tonight’s episode, a moment of epiphany for Ms. Lance, and the audience, that says “Oh yeah, I have a destiny.” With all subtlety of a bat crash through the library window at Wayne Manor, Laurel now realizes that she must become someone else; she must become something else. And that thing is a hot, blonde, leather-clad crime-fighter with the initials B.C. (more…)

mark-shaw-manhunterDear Arrow season three. You rock! We haven’t seen a single frame of film yet with the exception of the Comic Con trailer from a couple of weekends ago, but to us, you’re already awesome! Please keep up the good work. Signed comic nerds everywhere.

Today’s love-letter to Arrow is brought to you by the letter “M,” “M” standing for Manhunter. The DC Comics villain is the latest established DC Universe character to appear on the CW series based on Green Arrow. Joining a roster of guest spots that already includes Black Canary, Huntress, China White, Deadshot, Amanda Waller, Nyssa al Ghul, and Bronze Tiger, Manhunter will take his place amongst his comic book brethren in the third episode of Arrow’s upcoming third season. But in what context will he appear, and who will be playing him? Read on… (more…)

Superman Coming to ‘Arrow’ as The Atom


Well, that’s kind of a confusing headline. What do we mean? To put it simply Devon Aoki‘s Katana isn’t the only new DC Comics character to join the cast of the third season of Arrow, as Superman Returns star Brandon Routh has now signed up to play Ray “The Atom” Palmer in the CW series. And nope, this looks like no mere cameo either as Routh has been booked for what looks like an extended stay in Starling City. (more…)


Dessert has been served for fans of the NBC series Hannibal with news that the critically-acclaimed serial killer drama serieshas been invited back network’s dinner table next season for more fine murders and even finer cuisine. Easily one of the best dramas on TV, and the best drama on network TV period, this renewal is huge news for the small but dedicated group of Hannibal fans who can now look forward to more mind games and more grotesque displays of human savagery come next year. (more…)


At this very moment the Sherlock panel at San Diego Comic Con is wrapping up. Sadly, I’m not there, and I’m guessing neither are you. But guess what!? Neither are stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. They’re simply too damn busy.

Not ones to leave their fans at Comic Con – or elsewhere, for that matter – hanging, the two recorded separate video messages which were then played at the panel. Entertainment Weekly presented the panel, and because they’re awesome and swell, have uploaded the videos online for us all to enjoy!

And enjoy it you will. Martin’s segment is short, but very sweet. And I love his hobbit-y hair. Benedict has more fun with his, the cheeky bastard, even sharing the secret of how Sherlock survived the fall in “The Reichenbach Fall”!

The video’s not embeddable, so click the image to be taken to EW’s site,


In addition to the video message, fans in attendance of the panel are getting sneak peeks at some footage from the highly anticipated Season 3! As Sherlockology tweets,

They also report the footage being shared at the panel was, “a rough cut, with uncorrected audio, and will not be released online.” Well, bugger. I don’t care if it’s handicam footage filmed guerilla style, I want to see that footage!?

Hopefully, later this evening either EW or PBS will upload the panel in full. Until then, keep it tuned to Nerd Bastards for all your SDCC needs!


Andrew Scott, who plays Jim Moriarty on BBC One‘s Sherlock says the cast would be sent to the gallows for disclosing any spoilers to the outside world.  I’ve always assumed staying silent on one’s projects if you’re an actor, Apple employee or CIA official is just an inherent part of The Way Things Are.  Evidently not.

BBC One is making extra sure that no leakage happens to keep fans on their toes.  At the close of the last series, Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Sherlock suffered a fake death after being (wrongly) accused of being a serial killer.

According to Scott:

If I told you what happens they would kill me.

I ­never guessed how the last episode would end. It even surprised me.

It has been fantastic filming the new series but we have all been banned from telling our families or friends what is in the scripts.

We are not allowed to speak to anyone.

I don’t think everyone thought it would be so successful.

I can see it still on TV in 20 years as we all started working on it very young.

The next series airs this fall (in the U.K. anyway), and only then will we find out what happens.

What do you guys think, what’s your spoiler policy?

Source: Digital Spy, The Mirror

‘Sherlock’ is Coming to Comic-Con!

Sherlock 2 Specials

Bloody hell, have you heard!? That consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes and his “platonic”, live- in assistant, Dr. Watson, are coming to San Diego Comic-Con!

All right, so as of now Sherlock stars and rising nerd icons, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, have not been confirmed as attending. Simmer down, Cumberbitches. But Entertainment Weekly has just announced PBS is bringing their Masterpiece hit to Comic-Con in what will be the first PBS program to ever hold a panel at the convention in its 44-year history!

Confirmed to appear are Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Sue Vertue, which surely isn’t too shabby of a line-up, now is it? They’re  also promising “surprises”. Soo… a pre-recorded message from Cumberbatch and/or Freeman? Footage from Season 3? At the very least a frickin’ trailer? Come on, BBC, we’re frothing at the mouth for new Sherlock!

The series will return on BBC later this year, but for us in the U.S. we’ll be waiting until 2014 for Season 3. I’m sure we’ll hear a confirmation on that at the panel, of which Comic-Con will release the exact time and day for tomorrow, so stay tuned!

How awesome is it to see a show like Sherlock, one not one usually considered just for the nerd crowd, holding a panel at Comic-Con?

‘Thrones’ Finale Sets a Record… For Piracy


For over a decade, online piracy has been a problem for major entertainment companies whether it’s music, movies or games, and certainly HBO’s Game of Thrones has been a high value target for people looking to get around the cable channel’s draconian insistence to have people pay for its service. So considering how much Game has been talked about in the media lately, it should come as no surprise that it is one of the most downloaded shows on the web. Well, it turns out that’s only half right.

A website called Torrent Freak is reporting that the season 3 finale of Game of Thrones is not only one of the most downloaded episodes of TV ever, it is the most downloaded episode of TV ever. According to Torrent Freak, over 170,000 people were sharing the episode within just a few hours of its first appearance online, a number that swelled to over 1 million within 24 hours; a record that “no other TV-show comes close to” matching.

The piracy of Game of Thrones has been a big issue as the series has gotten more popular, and one of the series’ own directors commented on how the illegality of episodes being ripped has helped build buzz for the show (comments he had to walk back shortly after mind you). With this news that Game now owns the record for being the most illegally downloaded, unless HBO suddenly becomes free, I think it’s probably unlikely that people are going to suddenly stop. Perhaps the channel should just take it as a compliment.

Source: Blastr