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Guys, we are in the final stretch, Game of Thrones Season 3 is almost here! In anticipation last week’s Entertainment Weekly featured a ton of Thrones‘ goodies, including quite the glamorous photo shoot with Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, and more of the cast. A few of those photos had been released online but since the magazine’s dropped the whole set has become available. Check ’em out below,

Continuing the Thrones media push, Daenerys and Drogon make an appearance in this adorable Time Warner ad playing off last season’s desperate chant of, “Where are my dragons!?”

But enough promotional material, how about something from the upcoming season. Sky Atlantic has posted an impressive gallery of shots from the new season and we’ve got a sampling below,



Sherlock is one of those shows I feel hangs out in the fringes of nerdom. Were it not for it being created by Doctor Who‘s Steven Moffat and star Star Trek Into DarknessBenedict Cumberbatch and The Hobbit‘s Martin Freeman many of you might not have heard of it. Unless I’m misjudging our audience and you’re all really into BBC crime dramas, or you all have spectacular taste and were early adopters to the Sherlock fandom. If so, I apologize, but it’s more often than not I’m reporting on these guys in relation to their other, more high profile gigs. ‘Course, this could also have something to do how long it’s been since we’ve heard any news of Sherlock Season 3.

It’s been over a year since the Season 2 finale, “The Reichenbach Fall.” That’s a very long time to keep us waiting. And with that cliffhanger!? Jeez, it’s been a tough 14 months for us Sherlockians. Good news is filming for Season 3 is set to begin next week, starting Monday, March 18th. Woo-hoo!! Finally!

Deadline reports the plan is for the first two episodes to film before the summer, when the production will then take a short break to accommodate the stars’ busy schedules, then resume to finish up with the third episode. As of now the plan is for Sherlock‘s third season to air this winter. Who knows when we can expect a U.S. air date as they always seem to be delayed.

Now, what of another season? Speaking with the Radio Times, Cumberbatch said,

We’ve agreed to two more series but I could get into trouble for saying that. All I know at the moment is I’m doing these three [episodes of the upcoming series] and another three.

So three episodes make one season, three more make another season, right? I believe the man just confirmed a Season 4 will be on its way. When? Well, that’s anybody’s guess.

First Look at Linda Hamilton on ‘Lost Girl’


You know you’re big when your show starts attracting the creme of the crop of genre talent. Lost Girl, welcome to the big time.

Terminator star Linda Hamilton is appearing in an upcoming episode of the fantasy series Lost Girl. The episode, called “Delinquents,” airs Sunday March 24 on Showcase in Canada, and on Monday March 25 on Sy-Fy in the U.S.

So who is Hamilton playing? According to the press release posted below, she’s playing someone from Tamsin’s sorted past, and Bo, Kenzi and Dyson get caught up in the mystery.

Here’s the press release from Showcase:

Golden Globe-nominated Linda Hamilton (The Terminator) will guest star on an upcoming episode of Showcase’s hit series Lost Girl airing Sunday, March 24 at 9PM ET/PT.

In the episode titled “Delinquents,” Hamilton portrays Acacia, a tough, sexy and ruthless assassin who has resurfaced from Tamsin’s (Rachel Skarsten) secretive past. Her arrival spells trouble for Bo (Anna Silk), Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried), who are undercover at an urban camp to catch a serial killer Fae preying on at-risk youth.

The hit Showcase original series’ third season will finale on Sunday, April 14. Rounding out the season three cast are Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland and K.C. Collins.


Episode 310 “Delinquents”

Airs Sunday, March 24 at 9PM ET/PT

Bo, Dyson and Kenzi go undercover at an urban camp to catch a serial killer Fae who preys on at-risk youth. Meanwhile, a blast from Tamsin’s past makes an appearance, but the visit may not be purely social. Bo is given some hard to accept emotional news.

Be sure to visit Nerd Bastards every Monday for our Lost Girl precap.


While most of you are probably marathoning Season 2 over the coming weeks, for those who don’t have the time HBO has put together this nifty little recap show to get you back up to speed. As if you could forget anything from last year’s dramatic season, I know. But rather than just a compilation of clips the recap show, titled “A Gathering Storm” as a nice little nod to the third book, also includes interviews with the writers and cast giving their thoughts on Season 2’s events. It’s a nice touch.

Watch “A Gathering Storm” in its entirety below,

Ready for Season 3? Oh, I believe I more than ready. This is it, this is the season they needed to reach if they want to cement the show in television history. I can’t wait for everyone’s reactions to what – fingers crossed! – will be Game of Thrones best season yet!

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on March 31st at 9pm EST.


We’re mere weeks away from the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 3 on HBO March 31st at 9pm EST, and still it feels as if we’ll be waiting years to be in Westeros again. Thankfully, the promotion of the series’ return is in full drive so you can’t go a day without hearing something about Thrones. In an interview with Mother Jones, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss – who must at the same time have the best life and the busiest life – chat about finally getting to Season 3, how they went about convincing HBO to pick up the show, and how long they think it can last.

Here’s a few choice quotes,

MJ: How much obligation do you feel toward the source material?

B&W: We’re under no contractual restrictions with regards to the storytelling. It’s just that we pursued these books—and pushed for the show’s green-light—for almost four years before we got to shoot the pilot. We gave up other opportunities because we love these books and want to do them justice. So for us, it’s about adapting the books according to our notions of justice—which won’t mesh with the fundamentalist book fans’ notions. Which is fine with us because if the fundamentalists were running the show, there wouldn’t be a show.

MJ: I take it the response to Game of Thrones has exceeded your expectations?

B&W: When HBO was mulling whether or not to green-light the pilot, we kept telling them the show would be a big hit. But we’d never made a TV show before so we didn’t actually know what we were talking about. And we knew we didn’t. We thought it was likelier than not that we were full of shit. In the rare event that we end up not being full of shit, it is always a surprise to us.

MJ: Okay, I’d like to get your take on this whole notion of “sexposition.” Do people really pay closer attention to intricate plot points delivered during a sex scene?

Benioff: Personally, I pay less attention to intricate plot points delivered during sex scenes.

Weiss: Yes, that’s a tricky line to walk. Sex grabs people’s attention. But once it has their attention, it tends not to let go of it.

MJ: I gather that Game of Thrones could last eight or nine seasons. Does that mean putting novel writing on hold for a decade?

B&W: Yes, if we live that long and HBO keeps wanting to make the show. We have the opportunity here to tell a coherent story that lasts for 80 hours. And while a canvas of that size presents all sorts of storytelling problems, it also allows us to spend more time with these characters we love than we’ll ever get again. Every once in a while we get five minutes to think about thinking about novels. But mostly we’re just happy when we get to read one now and again.

You heard it here, 80 hours, so start making room in your schedule for the marathon and begin saving up for that box set. Head on over to Mother Jones to read the full interview. How are you passing the time before Game of Thrones returns? Have you rewatched Seasons 1 and 2? Read book three, A Storm of Swords?

Source: Winter is Coming


That didn’t take long at all! Only earlier this week George R.R. Martin was discussing how the title for his Game of Thrones Season 3 contribution, episode 7 or 27 or 307 depending on whose system of counting you prefer, was again changed. He gave the clue, “I lost a title, but gained a song,” which led many, myself included, to suspect the title was now “The Bear and the Maiden Fair.”

Ding! Ding! Ding! Internet, give yourself a pat on the back, we were right. Here are the rest of the titles to just about every episode of Season 3,

Ep. 301 – Valar Dohaeris
Ep. 302 – Dark Wings, Dark Words
Ep. 303 – Walk of Punishment
Ep. 304 – And Now His Watch is Ended
Ep. 305 – Kissed by Fire
Ep. 306 – to be determined
Ep. 307 – The Bear and the Maiden Fair
Ep. 308 – to be determined
Ep. 309 – The Rains of Castamere
Ep. 310 – Mhysa

Wow. What a lineup! Those solely watching the TV series, just understand you’re in for a wham bang of a season and that you should likely avoid this post’s comments. March 31st will be here before we know it! Book readers, join me below the cut to hash out what these titles are all about.

Source: Winter is Coming


Gimple Confirmed as New ‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner


AMC has officially confirmed that Walking Dead writer Scott M. Gimple will be picking up the baton left by Glen Mazzara and taking over the writers’ room as showrunner of the cable net’s highly-rated zombie drama. AMC also announced that Greg Nicotero and Tom Luse were being promoted to executive producers.

“Scott’s voice has been an integral one since he joined the show. Greg Nicotero is a true artist whose work is simply brilliant. And, Tom Luse has really created the machine that allows this very large show to get made week to week. We congratulate all three in their new roles on the series and look forward to ramping up production on season four,” said Joel Stillerman, AMC’s executive vice president of original programming, production and digital content.
Mazzara previous discussed Gimple’s importance to the series.”He and Evan Reilly were my No. 2 writers, breaking story while I was working on other material,” Mazzara said. “Scott was very helpful with schedules and delivering material.”
Gimple steps into the role of Walking Dead showrunner at the best of times and the worst of times. The show is enjoying unprecedented heights critically, commercially and creatively. But at the same time, Gimple will be the series’ third showrunner in four seasons, and there’s really been no compelling answer as to why AMC can’t hold on to anybody in the big chair for very long, including the man who brought the series to AMC in the first place, director Frank Darabont.
“I’m thrilled to continue the tradition of the spectacular, cinematic, horrifying, exciting and emotional storytelling of ‘The Walking Dead,’” said Gimple. “I’m a huge fan of the comics, and started with the show on the other side of the set, as an avid viewer. Over the past two years, it’s been an incredible privilege making such great television with the best cast and crew I’ve ever worked with – I can’t wait to make some more.”
“Scott has been an essential part of this show since he came aboard at the very beginning of season two. He’s contributed to guiding this show in a substantial way that has resulted in a lot of the key scenes and story lines fans have dubbed signature moments of ‘The Walking Dead,’” added Robert Kirkman, creator of the original comic book series. “I am thrilled to begin work on a brand new season of ‘The Walking Dead’ with Scott at the helm, and I truly believe we could be embarking on what will be the best season of this show yet.”
Season four of The Walking Dead is set to go into production this May for an October premiere date. The series is currently airing the second half of its third season Sundays on AMC.
Source: The Wrap


While I’m still basking in a warm glow of dragonfire from that Season 3 trailer, there’s a few Game of Thrones bit and bobs we can update you on. We’ve still got weeks of waiting, did you have anything better to do? Thought not. Anyway, the title for episode 23 will be “Walk of Punishment.” Why they’re numbered as if it’s all one giant season is beyond me, and still no title for either episode 21, or episode 22.

And there’s been a change to the title of episode 27, the one written by George R.R. Martin. Originally it was titled “Autumn Storms,” then it was changed to “Chains,” and now it seems it’s been altered again. Martin wouldn’t divulge the new title when he announced it was again changed o his blog, but he provided the hint, “I lost a title, but gained a song.” Hmm, what could that mean?

Some are thinking the new title could be “The Rains of Castamere” as that song has already been introduced in the series and it’s extremely significant to events that will likely serve as the climax of Season 3. But if that’s the case, episode 27 would be a little too early for that. Winter is Coming suggest the song could be “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” and I think it’s a better fit. Plus, it makes my Dany/Jorah shipper heart flutter.

As we desperately count the days until Game of Thrones returns on March 31st, HBO is about to release a Season 2 recap video which will include extra interview footage to HBO On Demand beginning March 9th. You can check out a littler teaser below, and yes, I too found Dany’s face in the video’s freeze frame to be hilarious.

Lastly, you probably heard that Game of Thrones was the most pirated show of 2012. And you were shocked, I’m sure. Turns out one of the series’ directors, David Petrarca (“Garden of Bones” “The Ghost of Harrenhal”) doesn’t really give a shit that you illegally downloaded his episodes, or any of the episodes. At the recent Perth’s Writers Festival when the topic of piracy came up this was his response, according to Sydney Morning Herald,

But Petrarca shrugged and said the illegal downloads did not matter because such shows thrived on “cultural buzz” and capitalised on the social commentary they generated.

“That’s how they survive,” he told the crowd gathered at the University of Western Australia.

He said HBO alone had 26 million subscribers in the US and 60 million worldwide, which meant there was plenty of money filtering in and allowing the channel to produce high quality content despite any illegal downloading.

I like to think of piracy as a sign people are frustrated by paying for things they don’t like. At least, that’s how I view it. I’ll obtain a show through whatever means I can, watch it, and if I like it enough I’ll buy it when it’s released on Blu-ray. That’s exactly how it went down for Game of Thrones Season 2, and I feel confidant I’ll do the same for Season 3. That is, if the piracy police aren’t already tracking me down. And maybe I’m relying too much on the honor system, expecting  most people to eventually purchase what they’ve illegally obtained. What do you think?

Game of Thrones returns in 33 days!

Sources: Winter is Coming (2), The Mary Sue


It’s here! It’s almost here! The trailer for Game of Thrones‘ Season 3 is upon us, and I don’t know about you but I’m literally squirming with excitement. Sure, it’s only a trailer, and come the end of it I’ll only be wanting more, but it’s a sign that our long wait is almost over. The trailer will premiere tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live! so make sure you tune in to ABC at 11:35 EST.

Below is a very short video teaser, because yes, we live in a time where trailers have trailers, and below that is the official press release.


– Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m./ 10:35 p.m. CT on ABC –

New York, N.Y., February 21, 2013 – The Season 3 trailer of HBO’s Game of Thrones makes its exclusive world premiere on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC) on Friday, February 22nd. A big fan of the series, Kimmel kicks off the countdown to the new season premiere on Sunday, March 31 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on HBO, with the all-new 60-second trailer that will offer a first look at the action and treachery that continues in the visually stunning series that has become a pop culture phenomenon.

Stated Kimmel, “I am so excited about this trailer, even I might watch my show.”
The trailer will be posted to the Game of Thrones YouTube channel immediately following its east coast debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Based on the popular book series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” by George R.R. Martin, the Emmy®- and Golden Globe®-winning fantasy series Games of Thrones chronicles an epic struggle for power set in a vast and violent fantasy kingdom. Beginning on March 31st, Games of Thrones will air on HBO on Sunday nights at 9:00p.m. ET/PT.

If you happen to miss the trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, come back here as soon as you can, we’ll have the trailer up once it becomes available online.

Source: Winter is Coming

‘Lost Girl’ Precap – There Be Answers Ahead


Last week, Lost Girl went where it hasn’t gone before, but given its subject matter it probably should have (much like the season premiere “Caged Fae”). Except instead of a women’s prison, in “Eyes Wide Fae” it’s a sex club. Strangely enough though, with everything else going on the episode, the whole sex club idea was almost more of an afterthought.

We open with Bo and Lauren at the Dal looking for a little succubus snack, and while Bo does the deed with a stacked blonde, Lauren tries to find a more scientific way to curb Bo’s tremendous hunger. Kenzi’s doing some research too, but wait! Wasn’t Kenzi dragged away by some unseen force last week? Didn’t she have some terrible flesh-eating disorder on her arm?

Regardless, Kenzi’s found an unusual happening on the internet, a story about an average husband who spontaneously turned to goo in front of his wife. The husband was a regular (with his girlfriend on the side) at a sex club run by Roman, a Light Fae, a Bacchus, who feeds on the indulgences of humans. Business at the club is hopin’, but there’s more than one victim turning to goo, and after some undercover work, the team discovers that Roman is harboring a Manta, an giant squid like UnderFae that the club patrons would, ahem, play with if they’re looking for a new, ahem, game (so to speak).

But the big news this week is Bo kills again. The strumpet Bo and Lauren take home ends up dead, and at the crime scene, Dyson definitely smells Bo’s presence. Brought in for interrogation, Bo confesses that she has no idea what happened to the girl except that she was alive when they were done. Kenzi backs up the story, saying that she personally saw the woman leave their home, alive. But Bo let’s herself go while fighting the bad guys at the club, and for a minute there she seems completely out of control before Lauren’s able to talk her down. Whatever’s wrong with Bo, it’s getting harder to control.

Speaking of things that are wrong, there was something just a little bit off about Kenzi this week. She seemed more clingy than normal and she even tried to pay for her beer at the Dal, but most telling was that she ate some peanut laced Thai food, and Kenzi’s allergic to peanuts. So who is this wearing a Kenzi suit, and what have they done with the real Kenzi? Let’s look forward.

This week’s episode is called “The Kenzi Scale,” and in it we get some idea about what’s been going on with both Bo and Kenzi. Naturally, there are more questions than answers. Here’s what to look for:

1) Guess Who’s Going to Prison? – If you said whoever’s posing as Kenzi, you’d be wrong. Bo takes Faux-Kenzi to the Dal and tries to get her to confess, but turning the tables, “Kenzi” instead puts it all on Bo, who’s promptly jailed by Trick and the others.

2) Case of the Week – Trying to sort out the secrets and lies. Bo knows Kenzi is not Kenzi, but how can she prove it from her cell under the Dal? Meanwhile, the non-Kenzi is seeing her schemes maybe come apart, how long till Bo’s protests are finally heard by one of the gang? And Kenzi herself, how is she going to get out of her current predicament, tapped in a cave and guarded by UnderFae?

3) Opportunity Knocks If there’s one person utterly jubilant about Bo’s predicament, it’s The Morrigan. She presses Tamsin to get proof that Bo is responsible for putting that Dark Fae in a coma, but Tamsin’s not so sure she wants Bo butt in Dark Fae custody anymore, especially after they share an adventure together in this episode. But The Morrigan warns Tamsin not to get sucked in by the “happy sunshine gang.”

4) Speaking of Tamsin… – We finally get to see this week what a Valkyrie is capable of, and let’s just say it’s not pretty. Literally. Tamsin’s Valkyrie face will give you a real Walking Dead vibe.

5) And Kenzi’s a What Now? – There may be some interesting implications in Kenzi’s future. Meaning that maybe she left her last visit to the Norn with more than a rash. But the Fae currently running around with Kenzi’s face is Inari, a Kitsune or Fox Fae. Inari has a knack for going all Fatal Attraction on anyone that might call her friend, but her power was taken by the Norn and bottled amongst the Norn’s other stolen items till Kenzi broke it during her Texas Chainsaw Massacre in last season’s penultimate episode. But there’s a line in there that has some pretty interesting implications for Kenzi. That perhaps her spilling of Inari’s power left her with more than a rash.

6) Trouble in Paradise – What about Lauren? Well, she goes along with the whole locking up her lover thing as it will give her an opportunity to study Bo and find out why she’s been killing people on the side. Bo, obviously, doesn’t take the betrayal well and promises Lauren that she’ll be more than a little upset if Kenzi dies while her girlfriend studies her from a cage.

7) Survey Says… – We do find out why Bo’s been going off the reservation since the beginning of the season. Obviously that’s a pretty big spoiler, and the revelation ultimately sets up what’s to come for the rest of the season. A hint? Sure, I can sum it up in one word: evolution. Let the guessing game begin.

8) Burning Questions – “Who died and made you king?” “Eating every day’s a bit much don’t you think?” “Who else would I be?’ “Would it kill you to smile?”

9) How does it end – “We have a lot of work to do.”

NEXT WEEK: Lost Girl takes the week off. See you March 4.