Nerdy Bits: Body Painted Supergirl, Ginormous NES Controller, 7 Stages of Skyrim Addiction, 64 Different Horror Films in 5 Minutes and MOAR!

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Every day the internet produces an astounding amount of goodies and gems. Most hilarious, some amusing, but all worth at least a few seconds of your time. We here at Nerd Bastards try to bring you the best bits of news and nerdery the webz has to offer, with a bit of snark thrown in. But sometimes not everything makes the cut.

Monday through Friday we’ll be bringing you our inbox leftovers, our forgotten bookmarks, the nerdy bits that simply slipped through the cracks. You can submit items to Nerdy Bits by emailing us at

ABOVE: So here’s a fantasy girl who has Superman’s logo painted on her tits. I think anything I type here is completely unnecessary because, unless you’re George Takei, you’re not looking at anything past her tits. So, I’m just gonna say…kebert xela, blabberin blatherskite, timey whimey, snozberry, dingle dangle. [VoyeurWeb]


Hot Chicks in Batman Shirts, It Must Be My Birthday

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(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

How can a beautiful woman be made better without using photoshop or voodoo to “enhance” her figure, the answer may surprise you.  (Not really since you’ve already finished reading the title)

Thanks to Batman any woman can become 10 times hotter then she already is and it’s hard to be better than 100% beautiful. The page once again proves that if you can think of it Tumblr must have it. It’s like their part of the ‘clean’ rules of the internet, as in rule 88: Any superhero shirt will make a woman sexy to nerds (and non-nerds). Don’t let the name fool you though, it’s not just about Batman being on a shirt, he’s on a few pairs of underwear and other pieces of clothing too. If you don’t mind seeing a sexy young woman wearing Gotham city’s protector on their body then this is right up your alley, just don’t bring your parents (we don’t need another Bat person just yet).

See some of these Bat beauties after the jump.

Sexy Cosplay Of The Week: Alice Malice

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(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

It’s Friday…finally! Ending the nerd week comes our ever-popular ‘Sexy Cosplay Of The Week’, and this week is a special entry to the archive of sexy. Every week we go out and look for those that spend their weekends at conventions getting asked “Can you bend to the left a bit more?” If you’re someone who’s constantly getting asked to bend in awkward positions (not by a group of drunk idiots) then your in luck. You just might be our pick of the week! Ha…and your mother said dressing up would get you nowhere, well suck on this mother!

This week we speak the name of: Alice Malice

Not much is currently known about this Tampa, FL vixen Alice Malice, but that only adds to her mystery, not to mention the beauty. Known as a alt/cosplay/fetish model she doesn’t just dress as Zatanna for a weekend, she dresses up everyday of the week. When isn’t working the cosplay art (which is also her favorite hobby) Alice Malice can be geeking out more than most men. A self professed “Huge Geek” she sometimes uses her downtime between shoots to read comic books or play video games. Outside of her work/play Alice has been known to be a tabletop rpg player, most recently destroying armies in Warhammer 40k. Nothing is sexier than a woman that knows kicking your ass with a dice role is more painful then getting kicked in the dice.

Alice Malice got into cosplay when she was 14 years old and she enjoyed every minute of it. After becoming a legal adult she jumped into the world of nude cosplay and all the can be said is “well played”. Playing greats like X-men’s Rogue and X-23 to being both of DC comic’s sexiest pair of criminal vixens, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. In between hitting up comic books and anime (check out the shot of her with Jessica Nova) she was the ‘gamer girl’ for Geek girls online (must be 18) and has been part of the cosplaying nirvana Cosplay deviants , quite a feat.

Always enjoying what she does Alice Malice is a rarity to behold. She considers her work to be live fan art for the masses to enjoy at home or abroad. It’s quite enjoyable to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good show, it’s even better when the person your watching actually enjoys what they’ve set out to do. Alice Malice has an almost drool worthy aura around her that all women should be happy to have. Being comfortable in your own skin is a hard act to follow, doing it next to nothing is almost impossible. If you got a few minutes to spare in your day then head to Alice Malice’s facebook or twitter page. Her homepage, is still under construction but that shouldn’t be of any concern soon.

Thank you Alice Malice for being this week’s ‘Sexy Cosplay Of The Week’ it was a real delight. Seeing someone that enjoys her work is a real treat to behold and most people don’t do. If you come into contact with Alice Malice be nice and say hello to the pretty woman. Congratulations on being this week’s choice among the nerdbastards crowd. Hold the symbolic trophy up high, but just remember that it doesn’t come with a cash prize.

Wanna see more of Alice Malice? Check out the pictures after the jump.

Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Angelic Dream (Boy, she ain’t kiddin’)

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sexycosplay(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Once again we have reached that special time of the week, it’s the last day of work and you don’t know what to do. Well Let the Nerdbastards give you what you need to get you into the weekend with this week’s ‘Sexy Cosplay Of The Week’. Every Friday we here select one special cosplayer and give her our version of ‘star treatment’. This person goes to conventions in sometimes next to nothing, has people take photos of them all day and there’s no real thanks to having all that fun. With the holidays right around the corner it would be nice to see something other than fake beards and elf’s that are over five feet tall. This Friday is for you to have our readers sit back, find out who you are and that you for what you do:

This week we speak the name of: Angelic Dream

The blue eyed Capricorn from South Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been cosplaying since 1999 and Angelic Dream looks just fantastic in anything she wears. If this theater acting specialist isn’t cosplaying Samantha can be found designing web pages or dancing to ballet, jazz or tap in her spare time. As long as you don’t wake her in the morning, show her any snakes or act like a racist moron then you should get along just fine with each other. It’s easy to see why she’s called the Blue Angel, seeing that her favorite colors are Teal and Purple. Her favorite anime series Rurouni Kenshin, Magic Knight Rayearth, Peach Girl, Video Girl Ai, Mars, and Paradise Kiss. A couple of very adult themed anime (except for Video Girl Ai that is), perfectly suited for a very adult woman.

Angelic Dream doesn’t just stick to anime & video games when she goes out to cosplay, she’s branched out to greater things. Crafting original cosplay ideas from 60’s Go-go dancing to My Little Pony’s Lickety split, which I might add is pretty damn awesome. Thanks to cosplaying she’s even been part of’s Girls of Dragon*con 2009, shown in Animerica Magazine and this isn’t her first rodeo, she’s been a featured cosplayer before. Back in March of 2006 she was the featured cosplayer of American Cosplayer Paradise thanks to her take on Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter. With 36 more costumes to choose from and an upcoming appearance at Dragon*con 2010 Angelic Dream has plenty to keep her busy.

If you happen to catch Angelic Dream at a convention before the year is out make sure that you play nice when you ask to take her picture. There’s no need to have a family member see that you were beaten to death by an anime character, that’s just wrong. If you want to see more of Angelic Dream then why don’t you take a moment and check out Angelic Dream’s homepage or perhaps her ACP page. Any kind words of encouragement for her will be greatly appreciated as a sign of good will.

Angelic Dream is this week’s ‘Sexy Cosplayer of the Week’ and we thank her for being our pick this week. It must have been tough to be chosen out of hundreds of thousands (3) choices. Raise that symbolic trophy up high and smile that golden smile, the other are going to needs glasses. With a name like Angelic Dream you can’t go wrong and for that we thank you. So back here bright and early next week.

Wanna see more of Angelic Dream? Check out these sneak peeks below:


Sexy Cosplay Of The Week: Charmedseed

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deedlit-sacrifice06(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Happy Friday readers, it’s that special time of the week. When people get away from their families, hold up in front of the computer and and read about this week’s ‘Sexy Cosplay Of The Week’. Cosplay has a very weird history: making it’s way from Japan, into the United States and up into the nether regions of Canada. It brings designs the will never be part of mainstream fashion, from anime to video games, into the lime light. People have even been know to dress as female versions of male characters. Yet, there’s one common thread to everything: It always has a pretty woman involved.

This week we speak the name of: Charmedseed

Cosplaying since 1998, but as early as 1993, the resident of Denver, Colorado represents the “Simple and Clean” style of anime and manga. If Charmed Seed isn’t playing ‘The Sims’ or sewing and making jewelry she’s teaching children at elementary school. That’s right, this self-confessed “geek for life” can not only portray someone who’s a teacher she can assign you actual homework. Although, I could use a weekend lesson in “multiplication”. Having appeared in magazines, television and various Internet sites doesn’t hurt either. Her site however, was the making of the Charmedseed name. A combination of her commission site (now closed) and her personal websites the end result was what we’re talking about today.

A fan of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki films, and numerous other anime series and movies. This is someone you do not get into a nerd fight with or you might as well raise the white flag of surrender. While keeping close to her “simple and clean” cosplay style Charmedseed has begun to branch out into a more detailed and accessorized costume style. She considers herself an extremely frugal cosplayer but is more then willing to spend more on her accessories then the fabric she’s wearing. It’s no wonder she started cosplaying at the largest convention in the world, San Diego Comic con, as Super Sailormoon.

With 57 (!) different costumes at her disposal Charmedseed can become whomever she wants to be. If you ever happen to catch a glimpse of this costumed beauty at a convention do the following. Stop, turn around, say hello and tell her she looks fantastic. Charmedseed pulls no punches with what she decides to come up with. If you have any questions as to how she makes her costumes or buys her fabric check out her f.a.q page or her tips and tricks . Want to send her a message? Contact Charmedseed at her LiveJournal page, Charmedseed Studios, or email

Charmedseed this week we bow to you and those countless yards of fabric. Congratulations, your this week’s ‘Sexy Cosplay Of The Week’. While we have no prize, we can offer this. For every person that reads this page you’ll get one more fan to add to your collection.
Wanna see more of Charmedseed? Check out these sneak peeks below:

Sexy Cosplay Of The Week: Lilith Astaroth

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EverQuest Forever!!(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Come one, come all, it’s that fabulous Friday and we all know what this means. It’s time for another round of “Sexy Cosplay Of The Week’ and this week the format is a little different. While each week we here at Nerdbastards give a “Cosplayer” (one who dresses as a fictional character of pop culture) a moment in the spotlight, this week our chosen individual is a character in themselves. This person  performs, does vocals, acts and and wears eccentric clothing that could rival any cosplayer. It’s a special day, why not a special pick for the week?

This week we speak the name of: Lilith Astaroth

Sure, it sounds like the name of a cosplayer, but it is most definitely not. Lilith Astaroth is the eccentric spitfire who was born and bred in Boston, Massachusetts. Her music career started with a piano at age 5 and she picked up her first guitar, a black Gibson Sonex Deluxe, at 14. She eventually started her first band, “Blodgett”, in 1997 with some friends in which she was the singer and rhythm guitarist. Finding a positive outlet in performing was what gave birth to the Lilith Astaroth name.  Still actively involved in music, after being part of bands like ‘Cried’ and ‘Kari Nations’, Lilith Astaroth now plays in the Boston, Massachusettss band Sorrowseed as “The Reaping Willow”. From aggressive energy to death metal singer she only became better from there.

Even with all the work she still manages to have free time for herself and that’s quite a feat. An avid gamer, Lilith started playing Atari 2600, leading into NES and Sega Genesis (with a brief bought of Sega Master System).  At 10 years old she was hooked on Infocom games including Zork, Wishbringer, Witness, and Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur.  From there she progressed to Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, and Diablo. From there, she played Ultima Online where she had a Grandmaster Necromancer named Slayana, on the Atlantic server. Although she later tried World of Warcraft, LOTRO, DDO, Star Wars Galaxies, and EQ2, she became bored with of all of them rather quickly.  Her one true MMO love has always been the original EVERQUEST, where she currently plays on the Xegony server. Besides gaming she enjoys shows, clubs and hanging out with friends.  What she really likes is being an example to those that are different. She is a strong, colorful woman and it is her hope that her persona and attitude sends a positive message to others. Showing that it’s ok to have a nerdy side.

If your ever in the Boston area and you see Lilith Astaroth just get on your knees and bow or at least check out a Sorrowseed show (with concert listings here ). Putting the “risk” in risque while still keeping a person wanting more, Lilith Astaroth has gained a plethora of followers. If you wanna see for yourself or join her “army” then why don’t you check out her homepage. While your there send her an email telling her Nerdbastards sent you and how much you love the site. Lilith Astaroth, you are this week’s ‘Sexy Cosplay Of The Week’. Thank you for coming and in the words of Kevin Smith “Have a week”.

Wanna see more? Check out the pictures of Lilith Astaroth below.


Sexy Cosplay Of The Week: Fire Lily

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Lily(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Another week, another Friday and we all know what that means. It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy another episode of every one’s favourite entertainers. Sexy cosplay of the week is that special 10 mins out of your day to enjoy our hand picked cosplayer. People who cosplay take days, even weeks to complete a costume they may only wear once over the course of a 3 day convention. Each day they could have hundreds of people asking to take photos of them and this is their special spotlight for what they have to put up with. Looking sexy can be tough when your surrounded by a few dozen photography cameras.

This week we speak the name of: Fire Lily

The resident of Reston, Virginia has been involved in cosplay since 2004 after one of her friends invited her to a convention and she hasn’t stopped since. This 28 year old enjoys everything from hot chocolate, tea, arts and crafts, cartoons (Duck Tales, Pirates of Dark Water, X-Men, and He-Man) to sushi and fried alligator! This is a woman who could dress better than you. No wonder her favourite colors are black and blue, that’s all you’re gonna see if you try asking for more then a hand shake and a hello. A competitor of craftsmanship awards since November 2006, Fire Lily continues to create more intricate and extravagant costumes. Honest and very straight to the point, the graduate from the University of Texas, with a BA in Ancient History tends to keep to herself but will be more then happy to say hello on a convention floor.

Hand making all her own costumes, Fire Lily likes to make her costumes after characters she’s familiar or enjoys. She even takes the time to decide what costumes are for fun and what ones are for competitions. Fire Lily has 41 completed cosplay costumes under her home-made belt and with 10 more costumes in the works it looks like Fire Lily doesn’t plan on stopping just yet.

Next time your chilling out in Virginia at a convention and you see Fire Lily say hello or at least complement her on what she’s wearing. Fire Lily Takes her time on everything she puts herself into, literally. Wanna see more of the Fiery Fire Lily, you can check out her home page, Deviant art or her personal Live Journal.. With her design plate filled for what may be the next few years, Fire Lily has plenty to keep her busy but don’t be shy to say you like what she’s doing. Fire Lily, your this week’s ‘Sexy Cosplay Of The Week’. Now take a bow and thanks all the little people or at least those that keep using cameras.

Wanna see more? Check out the pictures of Fire Lily below.


PLAYBOY Goes Back To The Future (Giggity)

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(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Great Scott! With the 25th anniversary of ‘Back To The Future’ being released now on Blu-ray and DVD it has come to our attention that adult magazine Playboy has offered it’s own spin on the time traveling duo. In honor of the very date of when the original ‘Back To The Future’ on film Playboy had Playmate Kimberly Phillips and Playboy Radio host and cyber girl Jessica Danielle “fill out” the iconic characters. Now, before you think this is just a way to promote the film and show b00bs just stop right there, this is for charity. Play is auctioning all the props used in this photoshoot, that are also signed, with all the proceeds going to Parkinson’s research.

Did you want to own Doc’s futuristic metal shades, signed and worn by Jessica, or Marty’s classic vintage Nike shoes, signed by Kimberly? Well bid on these and they could be yours when it’s all said and done. Sure these are from the “future” but it’s a welcome blast from the past. It’s a going to a good cause and who doesn’t want classic Micheal J. Fox Gear worn by pretty ladies? If you don’t feel like bidding however you can still donate to the Team Fox page and click “Contribute.” Cause where we’re going we don’t need roads, we need a cure.

Check out these photos for yourself. WARNING: NSFW.

Via: Playboy


She Even Has Red Shoes! ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Burlesque [NSFW]

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(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Every Halloween college girls around the nation blend something childlike with a twist of smut to turn every male into a drooling buffoon (and that’s before the alcohol). Well burlesque dancer Ginger La Rouge (rawr) took “The fastest thing Alive” and made him, now her (not that I’m complaining) into a classy act.

This is a NSFW video, so just put the kids outside for a few minutes (or till you done hitting play):

Nice touch with the chaos emeralds, real crowd pleaser. Still would have liked to seen Tails tease the crowd though.

Comic-Con Girls (California Gurls Parody)

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Greeting fan boys and geek girls. Roll that 18 sided day. We’re gonna embark on a master quest“. That is the opening lyric to “Comic Con Girls, a “California Gurls” by Katy Perry parody (wow, say that 3 times fast). It’s all about a geek’s favorite type of girl…Comic-Con Girls. And, it is by far the best Comic-Con vid on YouTube. Fun video, great costumes, good singing and great play on lyrics. Oh, and did we mention BABES?!?! It was put together by the hilarious bastards from ScreenTeam and Filmbadgers.

You know you love those Comic Con Girls. What better way to celebrate them than with a Katy Perry/Snoop Dogg parody?

source: blacknerdcomedy